Monday, August 29, 2011

Storm hype, warm-mongering, union thugery

Conspiracy theory #5

Flood-i-cain Irene is all but washed up. The sheer size of the storm gave reasonable people cause for concern. The path of the storm across heavily the populated eastern seaboard put 10’s of millions in its path. But in the end, the storm never hit with the predicted cat 3 force. It was cat one based when it made land fall and then soon after, quickly was diminished to tropical rain storm category.

Given the pre-hype, the during hype and now the post hype, you’d think Irene was a Katrina type blow. It wasn’t. It wasn’t not even close to the cat 5 behemoth. But somehow the MSM dopes working in their digs about how much better FEMA is doing this time around. Yeah, duh. Katrina served a purpose other than exposing the negligence of 5 generations of LA Demo-Dope politicians, it served as evidence that these storms are to be taken seriously. Eastern pols and people learned and adjusted.

So here’s the conspiracy. Hype the Irene storm to no end. Then when it’s downgraded to a tropical storm with comparatively few of the consequences of a direct hit by a cat 5, give all of the credit to the P-BO, after all he’s no George Bush.

But only Demo-Dopes and public school drop outs are buying it. Irene is to Katrina what a paddle boat is to the BB USS New Jersey. Don’t buy into the hype. The P-BO had as much to with the successful response to Irene as a rooster does with the sun coming up.

AlGore sets new standard for jackassery

Not content with referring to skeptics of his global warm-mongering hoax as Holocaust deniers, Internet inventor AlGore is now comparing climate change skeptic to the segregationist of the 50s. That’s impossible Al. If we were the segregationist of the 50, & 60s, the vast majority of us would be Demo-Dopes.

That small bit reality aside, AlGore is now talking about how to “win the conversation” on global warm-mongering. So, “the debate is over” is out and “win the conversation” is in for the warm-mongering crowd.

Rick Perry ought take the sultan of assbaggery up his offer. A 30 minute debate mano y mano. Live on pay per view with proceeds going to each man’s favorite charity. For AlGore, that’d be himself. For Perry, it’d be the NRA.

Then we could spend the next 30 days watching AlGore squirm to get out of it. He won’t even to talk to anyone who not 100% inve$ted (literally invested like himself) in warm-mongering. He’s been challenged to debates 100s of times. He refuses, because he knows he can’t win. That’s where the “the debate is over” BS mantra came from. After all, there’s no need to debate if the debate is over.

How convenient would that be for your favorite team? “Look the debate is over. We’re declaring ourselves league champions. We’re just going to sit and wait for our state play off seed to come in. Come to think of it. We’re declaring ourselves state champions. Where do we pick up our trophy?”

US Vs. Them

This about sums the whole thing up.  Watch the video.  Why do these union thugs hate black children so much?  Why aren't they at work?  Who is the red headed creep?  Cheers for Brother Bob.  As for the union thug's, "Why are you blaming the vandalism on us?" BS, because there has been no vandalism at this school for 11 years.  Now, the day you creepy bastards show up, some one vandalises the school.  Your union may be populated with idiots, but the rest of us can add 2+2 and get 4 every time.  It almost make you want to write a check for $1,000 to the school.  I'm putting the Griffin on that one. 

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