Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Funny hats and clever signs are terrorist tools now

By several Demo-Dope accounts, Slow Joe Shovel Ready Biden likened Tea Partiers to terrorists. Slow Joe denied the accusation, releasing this statement:

What do you expect from a lying bunch of Demo-Dope weasels? I never said it. I don’t care how many people in the room heard me say it. I didn’t say it. Who are you going to believe? A bunch of lying Demo-Dope bastards out to destroy the country? Or, me, a lovable buffoon? And if I did say it, I was only plagiarizing what others in the room had already said.

OK yeah, that’s believable. If Slow Joe had an ounce of sense, him calling American citizens “terrorists” would be a concern.  Mind you, citizens whose weapons of mass destruction are funny hats and clever signs to reduce the size government and whose ONLY crime is not supporting the P-BO's destruction of the American culture.   He doesn’t have the sense God gave a sewing thimble. So for ol’ Slow Joe this is just one more J-O-B-S is a three letter word moment.

What these classless career creeps on both sides have haven’t gotten through their power grabbing muddled little minds is that the Tea Party is here. It’s here to stay, and they couldn’t care less what the Slowest of all Joes, the meanest snarkiest of all McCainiacs, the most liberal writers at the failing NY Times or anyone for that matter says about them.

They will rally against government spending and leave the area cleaner than when they arrived. They will show up at Town Halls and flummox the most polished career pol by asking what for the constitutional authority for P-BO care. And what really scares the pants off the Slow Joe types is that no matter how rude he is to them, they thank him and remind him that an election is coming up. They vote.

But Lex calls Demo-Dopes dopes for a reason. They apparently are not capable of learning. The Tea Party didn’t succumb to all of the left’s name calling before the election. Does brain dead Slow Joe think that they are of a mind to think, “OK we really showed them. Let’s go home and never vote again”? Every time one of the loony left (ever so close to becoming a set of the whole) does something like call the Tea Party terrorists or other inaccurate vile names, more people are chased to the movement. My fondest wish is that Demo-Dopes make Maxine ethics is a four letter word Waters their spokesperson for all things Tea Party.

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