Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Conspiracy theory #4

It’s been awhile. It’s time for another conspiracy theory.

Why have Demo-Dopes taken to calling Tea Partiers terrorist and hostage takers? Well yeah, there’s the obvious. As a group, Demo-Dopes are a callous bunch of self-absorbed nitwits who will do and say ANYTHING to win an election. I present Chuckels Schumer as exhibit A.

This new theory presents the possibility that the Demo-Dopes know exactly what they are doing when calling the Tea Party terrorists. It's calculated.  They are preparing the ground for future events. They call the Tea Party terrorists because they intend to allow a terrorist act to be perpetrated against the US and then blame that event on the Tea Party as an October surprise. “After all,” you can just hear the Slowest of all Joes opine, “we knew that they were terrorists for some time and have tried to warn the American people."

This is the dumbest conspiracy I’ve ever heard. Real conspirators know that the rather than just letting an event occur, Demo-Dopes will perpetrate the event themselves.

Now if you are of the mind that this just could never happen, consider these points:

Consider Fast and Furious

Did you ever consider that the US government would be selling guns to Mexican narco terrorists?

Did you ever consider that the US government would deny victim status to a Border Patrol Agent murdered with one of the illegal weapons?

Did you ever consider that the government would use its own stupidity as a reason for the congress and the DOJ to make another run at the 2nd Amendment? Talk about a self licking ice cream cone.

Did you ever consider that three supervisors directly involved in this hare brained scheme would be promoted?

Consider border security

Did you ever consider the federal government suing several of the states solely because those states have decided to protect their state’s border which happens to be contiguous with Mexico?

Did you ever consider that the federal government is more concerned about what you might be carrying across a state border than what an illegal alien carries across our international border?

Did you ever consider that a US administration would be more concerned with military veterans as terrorists than the ones coming across our open borders?

Did you ever consider that Demo-Dope mayors in this nation would declare their cities open to illegal aliens?

Did you ever consider that Demo-Dopes in certain states offer in state tuition to illegal aliens while your own kids would have to a pay much higher out of state tuition to attend?

Did you ever consider a federal government that would hail illegal aliens for doing work Americans won’t do when REAL unemployment is about 15% and after issuing 99 weeks of unemployment checks?

Did you ever consider any of the following;

A president who would intervene militarily in Libya citing the approval of UN and African National Congress as justification rather than our own congress and people.

A government that would forego prosecuting thugs to standing outside a polling place with clubs to intimidate white voters.

A government that wants control every aspect of your life through taxation or criminal law from the oil you cook with to the type of light bulbs you put into your lamp.

A government more concerned with equal outcome than equal opportunity.

Ooops just slipped over to page two. This could go on for quite awhile. So if you think this government of power hungry @$$clowns isn’t capable of having their army of union thugs blow up a couple of post offices and recruiting centers and then blame the Tea Party, guess again.

NOTE: Yeah, I saw it. One week after Lex endorses Mitt, he’s down double digits to Perry. The curse holds.

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