Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The royal slowness strikes again

Short post due to some funky illness.

The slowest of all Joes told the ChiComs he “understands their one child policy” and that he was “not second guessing” that policy. Well, not second guessing it until staffers with brains massaged the royal buffoon’s - I understand and I’m not second guessing – into, “The Vice President believes such practices are repugnant.” Anyone can see how those two statements are almost exactly the same and that the whole thing was probably some miscommunication lost in translation.

China’s one child policy will have long and irreversible consequences for that nation and depending on how they chose to deal with problems arising from the idiocy, the rest of the world. China’s population is now so out of skew with regard to the ratio of male to female births, one wonders what kind trouble a nation of lonely horny bachelors might cause. If I were running Korea, Vietnam or any other bordering nation to China, I’d be war gaming the problem. No doubt the sex trade in these neighboring counties will explode at some point.

Slow Joe box of rocks shovel ready Biden a humongous d-bag on his best day has really out done himself. But we knew this happen didn’t we?

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