Thursday, August 18, 2011

Solving problems, exposing idiocy, warning the masses, issuing awards

Military Pensions

There is a move a foot to revamp the military retirement system. As a military pensioner since 1999, I’m all for it. However I think the 401K idea is foolish. The only thing that needs to be done is for active duty members to adopt what the reserve forces already have. If you choose to retire at 20 years, fine and dandy and thanks for your service. You are now entitled to 50% of the base pay of the last rank you held for at least two years – here’s the kick – after turning age 60, or if you want to be really generous age 55.

The 401K idea is a bad one. The services already offer a thrift savings plan in addition to retirement. But the entire military retirement solution should not be tied up in one enchilada subject to market whims which are subject to some jack@$$ Commander in Chief’s BS economic policies. Any changes will have to be grandfathered for those who have already signed up under the old agreement.

Problem solved. Next

Welfare as an economic stimulus

First it was the Grand Fran Nan Pelooser and the teleprompter’s press secretary Jay the carney caller Carney telling us that unemployment checks are a great way to stimulate the economy. Now the P-BO’s blockhead ag sec Tom Vilsack(of crap) telling us that food stamps are an economic stimulus as well.

Gee, I never thought of it that way. My speech at the dinner table tonight:

Honey I have a great plan. Using the information provided by great government thinkers’ like Peloosr, Carney and Vilsack, we will soon be millionaires. From this point forward we pay jr. $1,500 a week for doing nothing. (Note: Up to 99 weeks. After all, let’s be reasonable.) In addition to that, we will pay him a weekly stipend to eat all of his meals outside the home. Soon our family economy will be so stimulated we’ll be rolling in so much cash we won’t know what to do with it all.

Sure jr. is going to use the $1,500 to drag a bunch of stuff we don’t need into the home, but soon we’ll be broke. And after 99 weeks of doing nothing, how hard do suppose it’ll be to get jr to start cutting the grass again?

Idiocy exposed. Next.

Lex as seer of future

Yesterday’s post was a conspiracy theory that posited that the Demo-Dopes would use their union thug army to perpetrate violence that would then be blamed on Tea Part terrorists. Never happen, right? Wrong!

Verizon union thugs are advocating an in your face harassment of non-union Verizon workers and managers here. Here a union thug vandalizes and shoots non-union electrical contractor.

Oh, and who is the most frequent visitor to the White House? AFL-CIO strongman Richard the Dick Trumka.

You been warned. Next.

Fracture in the Congressional Black Caucus

Scroll down to the awe inspiring Allen West interview here. Now, who is the measured well spoken and reasonable one? Allen West calls Babs Lee, Maxi Waters and Revs? Jesse and Al black “overseers” installed by white liberal plantation owners (aka Lib pols) to keep the black vote in line.  If it were not true, it could be laughed off.  Nobody is laughing this morning. 

For that Col. You get the Lex, Large and Brass Ones, award for courage. I’m happy to note that I supported West and Tim Scott. Best $20 ever spent on Pols.

Award issued. Done.

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