Monday, August 01, 2011

Damn that irrelevant Tea Party, They changed everything!

The Big Winners

Recall when the Tea Party first surfaced? EVRYBODY dismissed it. The media maligned it as a bunch of old white people. Demo-Dopes called them Nazis, racists and homophobes. The cool hipsters in Hollywood referred to them as a gay sex act. Through it all the symbol of the Tea Party, the Gadsden flag, only got more popular.

Somehow, with EVERYBODY calling them names and insisting that they were a flash in the pan, here today gone tomorrow, they never backed down. They never lost their cool. They showed up at town hall after town hall creating one viral You Tube video after another by asking Dope pols easy questions.

Then election day rolled around. The Tea Party handed the Demo-Dopes the biggest @$$ whippin’ in political history. Still, the MSM, Demo-Dopes and Hollywood insisted that the Tea Party would be the demise of the Republican Party. Too radical, too ridged, too ideological they all claimed. The Republicans would have to teach the Tea Party “how things get done in D.C.” or the party would go the way of the Dodo bird.

Then the debt crisis rolled around. The P-BO insisted on straight up or down vote on a clean bill. The Tea Party told him and the Dopes that they could shove their clean bill up their butts. Then, at the last possible moment, P-BO got involved in the negotiations. He insisted on the “balanced approach” of higher taxes, uh, er, more “revenue” immediately along budget cuts over a 50 to1,000 year period. Just as the Dopes and Repbli-rats were about sign the deal, The Tea Party told them to pound sand.

Then the Republican wise men, McCain and the Wall Street Journal turned on the Tea Party calling them Hobbits. The Tea Party did something all of the Republi-Rats have refused to do. They hung tough and said no thank you to more BS political deals. They couldn’t be bought off with cushy jobs or promises of boat loads of campaign cash. They stuck to their gun and the entire political process moved in their direction.

The Big Loser

The P-BO has been stripped naked by a backward bunch of grannies and grand pas dressed in red white and blue wearing funny hat and carrying clever signs. The once unassailable P-BO has been laid to waste by the Tea Party. The myth of his coolness was destroyed with one bizarre press conference when the affirmative action pass through demonstrated for the world what would have happened had even one of his professors challenged him. Gone, the myth of his superior intellect. When John Boehner said he was done with a double dealing jello like White House, all that was left was for the White House cleaning staff was to clean up the jello mess. He had nothing to do with the process, save screwing it up, yet last night the wretch came out and was talking about how he and Slow Joe Shovel Ready Biden had saved the day by working the phone. BS. As Peggy Noonan put it, the American people saw the P-BO for what he really is – a loser.

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Anonymous said...

So far it looks like the Wash pols can't buy off, corrupt, or intimidate the Tea Party. The Wash pols are lost. That is how the pols handle most things. People with principles just mystify the existing fed power base. I am pulling for the Tea Party. Their plan is to be re-elected by doing the right things. Now that is different. I will contribute to their candidates.
The Griffin.