Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The mighty P-BO strikes out, again and again and again and again and....

The P-BO has to be wondering WTF – win the future. The here to fore affirmative action pass through can’t seem to get a pass any more. He needed a budget deal and couldn’t get the one he wanted. Then S&P came out and, in spite of all of the P-BO’s assurances, downgraded the US credit rating. It’s like the night he need to finish a 23 page paper but was only able to get a three page triple spaced outline done on time.

Not to worry Barry. Professor Roach from our affirmative action board has looked over the outline and determined that based on the content of that outline and the three drug runner’s telephone numbers penciled in on the margin and using the Rorschach method on the pizza stain in the middle of page two, your paper would have been a triple A. Ahh, but sadly for the P-BO, Professor Roach doesn’t do pass throughs at S&P.

The P-BO and his boys have been left on their own, and they are managing to screw it up royally. First, they blame the credit agency. Good strategy. America loves nothing better than a batter whining at the ump on a called third strike. The only thing is that the pitcher told the batter he was in trouble and that the pitch would be a fastball over the heart of the plate. The manager also told the batter to protect the plate and swing at anything close.

The batter had been told since little league that he was the best ever. And even tough he’d never really ever gotten a hit, that didn’t stop people from heaping great praise on him. He got passed through the various leagues in record time even though he couldn’t hit or even make a descent honorary throw from the pitcher’s mound.

Then, there he was in the big leagues standing at the plate with the count 0-2. The pitcher has telegraphed his pitch.  The manager has told him to swing away, but he just stands there and watches a called strike three. Furious the no talent pass through begins screaming at the umpire.

Then the no talent dope batter tells the manager that he, the manager, struck out. He begins calling it the manager’s strike out. Had the manager and the pitcher just worked a bit with him, they could have set the ball on a batting tee and maybe the no talent pass through could have made contact. Channeling AlGore now, BS!

So yesterday the P-BO goes out to make a statement. The market is down 400. By the time the whining know nothing is done reading the teleprompter, the market is down 600. We gotta hope that his staff puts him on the golf course at the opening bell this morning. If he golfs anything like he throws a baseball, that should keep him busy until after closing. The last thing we need is for His Royal @$$bag to make another statement today.

Then there’s this. The Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette and its few readers are in tiff over the P-BO confusing – or maybe not – the words “unalienable” and “inalienable.” As you might expect, when readers took the P-BO to task for his ignorance – or maybe not – people rallied around the former law professor insisting the words mean the same thing. Lex joined the fray:

Well, well, well, who would have thought that the JG and some of its readers would try to cover up for and gloss over another fundamental mistake by our struggling president. Whatever Merriam-Webster, this president, and certain JG readers think, unalienable and inalienable are not interchangeable any more than the words “their” and “there” are.

The words mean two different things. Unalienable rights are those that cannot be transferred or surrendered, like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Inalienable rights can be transferred with the consent of the owner.

It is not surprising that a president who continually conflates the words “revenues” and “taxes” is also incapable of distinguishing between man’s God given rights and those on loan from the government.

What is a bit surprising is that an institution that makes its reputation on the accurate use of words, like the JG, would buy into this rubbish.

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