Friday, August 05, 2011

A couple of dumb@$$es doing serious work

Recall just after 9-11 when a huge sigh of relief went up from all quarters, Demo-Dopes included, that we didn’t elect AlGore president? Well the stock market plunged 512 points yesterday and the fear and concern among the chattering class was palpable. Part of the reason for the hysteria no doubt is because we did elect the P-BO, a know nothing moron, as president.

It’s like the famous Laurel and Hardy movie where the two are hired to paint a house. Every imaginable paint mishap occurs in the following 45 minutes. And that ladies and gentlemen is what happens when you hire dumb#$$es to do serious work. Here’s our movie trailer:

See the hilarious smash hit, “The P-BO and Slow Joe run America.” Watch as the wacky duo try end the recession by raising taxes, printing money and funniest of all 800 BILLION in stimulus money. His Slowness is at his all time funniest. He calls Tea Partiers terrorist and welcomes Gabby Giffords to the “cracked head society.  Slow Joe recalls how his own head was cracked open at birth when a Dr. dropped His Slowness while trying to show a nurse how to catch a football. It’s either hilarious or a horror show of the first order.

Asian markets are down 4% today, the worst drop in two years. Who knows what this portends for the US markets later. Could it be another black Friday? “Black Friday,” is that racist?

Still, the P-BO is focused like a laser. Yesterday he demanded that employers pay for female workers’ contraceptives, including the morning after pill. Yeah, that is sure to get this economy moving. All of this was done under the guise of protecting women’s health. How are we going to pay off this debt if the Demo-Dopes insist on killing off so much of the next generation?

And what should you do if you are a socialist flop.  Start rounding up the dissidents.  Well, if you can't do that, at least try to squelch everything negative said about you.  A University of Tennessee bookstore ran afoul of some lame brained state Rep for selling DissapointMINTS.

The mints had a likeness of the dope on the tin that resembled his campaign posters, with the words “This is change?” DissapointMINTS. Some slack jawed over sensitive state Rep trained to be offended at nearly anything and everything, named Joe Armstrong, had the DissapointMINTS pulled from the university bookstore.

Way to go Joe. Now the DissapointMINTS are sure to go national. Why should UT kids be having all of the fun? These mints should be in every CVS and Walgreen’s in the country. Thanks Joe. Your hyper sensitivity has done the nation a great service. You have single handily made DissapointMINTS a new sensation that is certain to sweep the nation.

But going broke may be a blessing in disguise. The FAA had to layoff 1,000s of non-essential personnel because congress got in a spat over card check union organizing rules. First, if they are non-essential, why were they hired in the first place? But not to worry congress fixed the problem and all of the non-essential workers are back on the job doing…what? Non-essential work?

Seems to me congress may have unintentionally swerved into something here. Cut every office in the federal government by 25%. When non-essential workers are laid off, fire them and restore that portion of the budget that didn’t include the non-essential personnel and their non-essential labor.

Hey we’re in a big mess. We’ve got a clueless buffoon running things. That buffoon has surrounded himself with bigger buffoons, like His Slowness Joe shovel ready Biden, for the sole purpose of making the clueless buffoon smarter than he is.

The only question is, will there be enough of the country left after the 2012 election? Will anyone be able to put Mr. America back together again?

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Anonymous said...

BsNBC Pissy Mathews said yesterday that he counted the number of times P-BO said he was pivoting to focus like a laser on jobs. Hardball's Big Number Seven times in 2 1/2 years P-BO has announced a jobs pivot. Pissy and and his guests have thrown in the towel. Pissy said he does not see how P-BO will win in 2012. He and his panel looked whipped. I want them to have some sliver of hope. Some fight left in them before they get the a**whopping they deserve.
The griffin.