Monday, August 22, 2011

Kaddafyduck and Tea Party going to hell?

As you recall Lex supported the NATO action in Libya. The only problem I had was the namby pamby BS from the Commander in Chief who clearly said he was interested in government reform not the killing of Kaddaffyduck. The entire mission should have revolved around killing that murdering bastard, his worthless off spring and the Lockerbie bomber.

Oh then there was the whole, we’ll turn the mission over to NATO. That’s leadership? Oh, Oh, and then the was the justification for the action because NATO, the UN and the African congress said it was OK. That’s disturbing. The obvious question is, if it was the right thing to do and the African Congress said no, what would you have done?

Now this thing appears to wrapping up and watch the Demo-Dopes rush to nearest mic to proclaim they were the smart ones and the P-BO is hero. Well excuse me if I pour cold water on their gallop to snatch credit. First, and this is very important, the P-BO extricated himself from a leadership role ASAP. Now that the dirty work is done, he wants to claim credit? No. It doesn’t work that way. Next, the devil we knew may be better than the devil we get Libya. Just like in Egypt, who knows how things are going to unfold? But, as long as the new bunch has the sense not to blow up American planes and GIs, it’ll be an improvement. Next, is the oil, what will the new government do with it? If they follow OPEC's lead there won’t be much new on that front.

But all in all it’s a good day.  Another scum bag and associates are on their way to hell. Bassar Assad, the Iranian theocracy and the kings, sultans, emirs and other face cards running the Middle East should make sure their private planes are gassed up and ready to go and start planning their exits.

Last, I’m fairly certain there’s post somewhere under about George Bush playing “long ball.” That the Iraqi invasion was as much about creating conditions for representative government in the Middle East as it was about WMDs. In fact I’m pretty sure the post was a contrast between GWB’s philosophy of screw the polls, let’s make history and Billbo Lewinski, uh sorry, Clinton’s philosophy of let’s make history by being slaves to the polls.

This “Arab spring” is as much a residue of the Afghan and Iraq wars as anything. Still, we do not know what the final outcome will be. Palestinians elected Hammas to run things and the only thing they running is their little patches of land into the ground and a low grade war against Israel, who will end up some day pushing them into the sea.

Maxi Dope Waters

Alleluia! The Demo-Dopes have taken Lex’s advice and have made the Maxi Dope the spokesdope for all things Tea Party. Maxi Dope said the Tea Party could go straight to hell. Here’s the note Lex fired off to the Maxi Dope:

I take great pride and comfort in being part of a movement that has loud but none the less ignorant and ill-spoken people such as you so flummoxed. Who knew all it took was a funny hat and hand crafted sign pleading for our government to live within its means to push unhinged representatives like you over the edge? Please continue to speak as loudly and ignorantly about us as your “go straight to hell” comment. It serves to push more and more concerned and thoughtful Americans our way.

Yeah, I know. The form requires a CA address. I used my address and zip and hit send. It went through.

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