Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NATO, we have prblems & Scheduling

Problems in Libya? What problems?

- Uh oh, One day after the P-BO declared that Qadaffy was no longer running Libya, it appears that no one else is either. That wouldn’t be much of a problem except for the 100s of tons of biological and chemical weapons lying around the country. There are also all kinds of tactical weapons that could be used to bring down airlines in the country. Who is in charge of securing all of this stuff? As Slow Joe might say, “this is a big f&%king deal.”

- Operationally, the poorest place for our rebel “friends” to pick a fight with Qaddafy is inside a built up urban area. The rebels have heretofore relied upon 5,300 plus NATO air strikes to support their advance. Once inside the Tripoli, those air strikes become a bit more difficult to pull off.

- Where have the Qadaffy forces gone? Are they laying back to mount some war ending counterattack once a sufficient number of rebels have entered Tripoli dancing in the streets and firing valuable ammo into the night sky? Or have they melted away in order to fight a long war insurgent’s war?

- Either way it’s not good news for NATO. As long as Qadaffy forces are fighting, the risk of the use of or pilfering of Libya’s WMD stockpiles goes up. Ground forces to secure the WMD are needed but will never be sent in. So we didn’t find the WMD in Iraq and we are failing to secure the WMD in Libya. Which is worse?

- When the cries of bringing democracy to the Middle East went up in the halls of Central Command, the wise heads would always counter with, be careful what you ask for. So what kind of representative government are we going to find in Libya if the rebels manage to root Qadaffy out? Hard to say. If Egypt is any clue, it’ll be more Islamic, anti-Israel and anti-Western.

But, hey, none of this is the P-BO’s problem. He decided early on to let the Brits and French use our war men and material to execute the UN, NATO inspired plan. He took great pride in relinquishing US leadership in this matter – sort like voting “present” during a council of war. Most call it cowardice, the P-BO machine calls it smart politics.

Let’s take two cars

We’ve all been there when schedules just don’t match up sufficiently to make it practical for a couple to ride together to the dinner party. So the decision is made reluctantly to drive two cars.

What if the company chartered an aircraft for employees and their families to go on vacation, say in Martha’s Vineyard. The wife wants to get her vacation started 6 hours earlier so she proposes buying her a separate ticket. “What? Are you nuts?” That’s pretty much the universal answer. Not in this White House of country that is dead broke.

Moochell hopped a separate government flight to get to M’sV 6 hours ahead of the P-BO’s official flight.

She should be made to reimburse the taxpayers for cost of that unnecessary flight by working it off at a local McDonald’s cleaning the bathrooms at minimum wage.

What a self centered cow.

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