Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Slow Joe lies, the P-BO swears to it

Slow Joe Shovel Ready Biden is off to China. You can bet everyone at the White House is holding their collective breaths while gaffe a minute Joe gone. You almost expect this gigantic buffoon to get off of the plane and complain, “I just flew in from D.C. Boy, are my f&%king arms tired.” Then make some off color Chinese joke like, “I’m just over here to get their SLANT on things. Get it? Slant? You know how their eyes slant. Get it? Common guys. Lighten up for Christ’s sake.” Then he’ll try to make up for it by claiming that Hop Sing was always his favorite character on the hit tv show, Bonanza. He’ll end the tour by complaining that the Chinese laundry down the street won’t give him his shirts back. "Chin Lo say", now slipping into his hilarious Chinese accent, “Ah, so sorly Joe. Ahh, no ticky, ahh no shirty.”

This guy is the biggest dope ever. And that’s saying a lot given the 20,000 acre field of dopes that populate Demo-Dope politics. But like being half black worked out for the P-BO in the post under, being a colossal dope has worked out well for Slow Joe. Being an unusually dopey dope is his only qualification to occupy the VP’s house at the Naval Observatory.

If he had half a brain, he’d still be ripping off British labor speeches while misrepresenting the people of Delaware in the senate. The P-BO’s teleprompter loaders needed a dope of extraordinary magnitude to some how make the P-BO appear to be presidential by comparison. Professor Erwin Corey turned the gig down, so Slow Joe was offered the job. Homer Simpson was reportedly next in line had the slow one taken a pass.

One of Slow Joe’s hit parade of gaffe’s caught up with the P-BO yesterday. A man asked the P-BO about Slow Joe calling the Tea Party terrorists. The P-BO was left to stick with Slow Joe’s lie. He never said it.

Ahh but it was rather mater of factly reported by the MSM sighting “several sources.” So who you going to believe, those lying Demo-Dopes or that lying Demo-Dope? P-BO defended his sack of crap VP, “Hey look, if the quote had been, ‘them Tea Party f#$king sons of bitches is nuttin but terrorists,’ I might believe it was Joe who said it.”

So now the nation’s most famous mental cripple is off to China. You can bet military leaders have secretly moved to DefCon 1 in anticipation of some monumental screw up by His Slowness.

I bring the Slow Joe terrorist comment up because it is again topical, and I ran across an interesting conspiracy theory Sun that involved that accusation. I’ll share that theory tomorrow. I wanted the incident to be fresh in the mind of both daily readers of Lex before doing so.

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