Wednesday, August 03, 2011

His Slowness, coward or liar? Yeah, probably both.

There have been harsh words here on Lex for Demo-Dopes of all stripes, save the sincere liberals who practice what they preach. That list includes Ed Bagley jr., Dennis Kucinich and, uh, give me a second. Hmmm. Well there have to be a few more. The rest can’t be a bunch of brain dead hyperventilating hypocrites.

Lex has had harsh words for the Dopes. But Lex has never called them “terrorists.” Anti-American, yes, because they are. D-bags, yes, because in the slang use of the word they are. Liars and hypocrites, yes, because they are politicians. But not terrorists. Except for Maj Hassan. Whatever the rest of his 12th century beliefs, he no doubt shares the lib hatred of a successful and exceptional America.

So yeah, Lex goes over the top 2-3 times a week, OK 3-4 times a week, bashing the party of brain dead, America hating tax and spenders. But Lex doesn’t call them terrorists. So however far over the line this page goes from time to time in describing the sail eared, affirmative action pass through in the White House and the biggest dope since Homer Simpson he picked as his running mate, they are not terrorists blowing up pizza shops and tall buildings. Terror enablers? Uh, the jury is still out on that one.

The VP of the US called a significant group of Americans terrorists, for no other reason than they disagreed with him politically. And don’t even try to give me the, “Well, you know, we have to give him the benefit of doubt. After all, he said he didn’t do it.” BS! He’s a lying plagiarist. Who are you going to believe, the “several sources” who were in the room, or the lying sack of crap VP trying to save his worthless lying azz?

And if he didn’t say it, what did he say to people who were saying it? Nothing. That means he’s either a coward for not standing up to them – which he no doubt is but for other reasons – or he’s a lying sack of crap. Which is it your slowness?

And this is the VP of the US. This isn’t some guy with a cup of coffee tapping out 300 words for a blog only the few most enlightened will read. And the remarks are not directed other pols or public figures. They are directed at average Americans fed up with their government. No doubt Eric the wad Holder is taking the accusation seriously. He’s probably set up a special task force to round up granny and grandpa at the next bingo night and ship them off to G’itmo, which by the way IS STILL OPEN.

Slow Joe needs to be stripped naked. He needs a hot poker run up his butt. He needs to be tarred with scalding hot tar applied with coarse brooms, have a dozen down pillows broken over his bald plugged up head and horse whipped out of town. When that happens, your slowness, you can call us terrorists, because no matter how richly you deserve it, it won’t happen.


Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Slow Joe did not call the Tea Party nappy-haired terrorists. Or mukaka terrorists. He could have been fired! The Griffin.

Lex E. Libertas said...