Friday, August 12, 2011

Race riots in WI the wad, Rev Al nowhere to be found

Many cities are experiencing troubles brought about by liberal social policy. Out of other people’s money, liberals are at a loss how to handle the problem.

In America, WI officials will not be prosecuting black thug hoodlums attacking white people at the WI State Fair as “hate crimes.” No $h!t. After all, these are Eric the wad Holder’s people. The black animals who exclusively attacked white people are clearly the real racists in America so better to turn a blind eye to the whole the thing. It makes much more sense for the wad and his minions to look into Tea Party activist for cleaning up the national mall after a rally than to bother themselves with New Black Panther voter intimidation creeps and wild black teenagers beating white people. The civil right division inside the wad’s DOJ might as well have a sign on the door Blacks ONLY.

Rather odd when you think of it. After all, wasn’t it the wad himself who said that “America is a nation of cowards” because we won’t confront racial issues. Well here’s one right down the wad’s alley. A federal hate crime if ever there were such a thing.

No, I don’t believe in hate crimes. I’d just like to see these worthless oxygen thieves rounded up and held to account. I’d like to see their parents, or is the case with all bastards, parent held responsible as well. But if the government does believe in hate crimes, the wad needs to swoop down into WI with a task force and start arresting his own people, charging them and locking them up for extended periods of time. If they don’t, it seems to that next white guy charged with a “hate crime” has an equal protection case for the Supreme Court.

Lex has noted on this page many times that the liberal do-gooders who come up with extra constitutional BS like hate crimes do a disservice to the exact people that they are intending to protect. By a wide margin, most interracial crime is committed by blacks on whites. WI is another perfect example of liberal @$$backward thinking. By any standard, the black scum involved in the organized beat down of whites at the WI State Fair ought to be rounded up by the feds and when prosecuted and found guilty given the stiffer prison terms and larger fines that hate crime legislation calls for.

And where is that race baiting grease ball Rev Al? Having dinner with O’Really in Harlem? That fat effing race hustler is nowhere to found, sort of like the wad, when his own people are the civil rights violators.

The Debate

Only saw the end. My man Mitt was the clear winner for this line: “To be able to create jobs, first you have to have had one.” Brilliant.

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