Friday, August 26, 2011

Third time's charm

We’re in a mess. The Bernank is talking today about what can be done to turn things around. Many expect that he’ll commit treason and print more money. Although some think that there aren’t enough presses for the job the Bernank wants done. Besides, haven’t we been down that road…twice…already?

Then the P-BO will enlighten us by screwing up another night of tv with his new…no, wait, newer economic plan. Recall his budget in Feb received almost one vote in the Demo-Dope controlled senate? Then in keeping with the affirmative action model that gave us this pass through president, he took another shot at it in Apr in speech where he boldly declared that he’d cut 4 trillion from the budget, but didn’t say where or how. When asked to score the P-BO’s new plan, the CBO replied, “we don’t score speeches.”

So, now after Labor Day the P-BO will release his newer plan. The plan will be long on words like “balanced approach” and “investments in infrastructure” blah, blah, blah. It will not have one thing new in it. Just like the Bernank, the P-BO will be gathering spaghetti off the floor that didn’t stick to the wall the first two times he threw it and will be giving it a third toss.

In this great article, Victor Davis Hanson had this to say about the administration’s approach:

No matter: The administration still adheres to the logical fallacy that the toxic medicine cannot be proven to be useless or harmful, because there was supposedly never enough of it given. And the proof is that the worsening patient is still not quite dead.

So expect the P-BO to try to finally kill the patient off with his post Labor Day speech. Sort of like the “bring out your dead” scene in Monty Python. When the old man insists he’s not dead, the son says “yes you are.” “No I’m not” the old man replies. “Well you’re really, really sick,” the son insists. “I’m feeling better,” the old man retorts. At that point, the son clubs the old man over head. Expect the P-BO to take a club to the American economy in Sept.

Warren makes money

A day after a telephone call with the P-BO about “economics,” Warren Buffet dumped 5 billion into Bank of America and made 400 million dollars in one day.

First, a discussion about economic…with the P-BO? While he’s on vacation? Pul-eeezzzzz. That’s like trying to explain the infield fly rule to your 9 year old daughter and 5 of her friends at a sleep over during a Justin Bieber video marathon. Nothing is getting through.

Martha Stewart has got to be fuming this morning. She did time for insider trading. Had her inside info come from the P-BO, she could have avoided all of the ankle jewelry. But seriously, how is it OK for the P-BO to tell Buffet to dump 5 billion into BoA and make 400 million in day? No doubt Warren has written a check to the federal treasury for every penny of profit on that deal, because after all he doesn’t think he’s paying enough in taxes.

Al let’s go burn down Freddy’s Fashion Mart Sharpton get Pmsnbc gig

If you’ve forgotten what vile pig Al Sharpton is, Jay Nordlinger recaps dumb Al’s biggest hits here.

He’ll fit in perfectly on Pmsnabc. Sad to say Fox News regularly gave this disgusting waste of flesh a platform on the O’Really and Hannity shows. That is reason enough to tune them out for good. Anyone who would treat this criminal buffoon seriously shouldn’t be taken seriously themselves.

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