Thursday, August 04, 2011

The news today

The P-BO

The P-BO turns 50 today and the world wonders how someone so old and yet so unaccomplished can be running the greatest nation in the world. He’s running it into the ground, that’s how.

The “deal”

Lex has yet to comment on the deal. The fact that few of the Tea Party reps voted for it is probably an indication that it doesn’t do enough. The fact that it calls for 50% of the triggered cuts to come from defense when defense spending is about 20% of the total budget is warning sign. The fact that Boehner and the Republicans spent months compromising with themselves to get this deal gives Lex cause for worry.

I’d have let the whole thing go until the dopes agreed to cut spending to 2008 levels. But what do I know. As much as the P-BO for certain, but sadly that’s not saying much.

Watch the next debate on the continuing resolution. If Boehner can’t get a clear win there, we’re in serious do-do.

The next president

The next Republican presidential candidate needs to be:

Tough, enough of the worldwide azzkising tours, enough of Scrawny Harry Reid and Demo-Dope scare tactics. The Pres will have to be able to stand up and say go pound sand. I liked Palin’s, the Tea Party is not a terrorist organization or the P-BO would paling around with us line. We’ll need a lot of that.

Savvy, the P-BO and his @$clown menagerie have dug quite a hole and show no signs of putting the shovel down before Jan 2013. It’s going to be a mess. Rolling back the dumb@$$ regulations will be a 24/7 job for an entire regiment of staff and lawyers.

Positive, with the exception of detailing what an utter failure and disaster for the nation P-BO has been, the president needs to be unfailingly positive about our future.

Innovative, no more rearranging the chairs on the on the Titanic, no more musical chairs with predictable cabinet and other presidential appointments. New blood new ideas. Why is it when one these government “commissions” is established they go out and find retired politicians who were as responsible as anyone for the mess they supposed to be fixing? Why not business men? Why not Ned the wino from under the E St. bridge?

Able to win, no more McCains, or Dole’s because it’s “their turn.”

And the winner is (and as we know from last election, this will be the kiss of death): Mitt Romney. A Romney-Rubio ticket would kick the P-BO’s skinny worthless arugula eating @$$ all the way back to Chicago where the no count loser belongs. Rubio is tough and can say what has to be said in an articulate civil way. The Rubio Biden debate will be Godzilla vs Bambi or better yet Einstein vs Snooky. Mitt whatever else he is, is savvy guy who can work complex problems. He always positive and smiling. And it’s unlikely that they will find out that he plagiarized some limey Bit labor pols socialist ideas and words.

The Volt

Those Government Motors green turds are flying off the lot. 125 were sold last month alone. By comparison Ford only sold 49,000 F-series pick ups in July. Given his trend toward total @$$baggery, this is the kind of evidence that the P-BO will use to prove that Americans desperately want to drive over priced electric cars.

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