Wednesday, August 31, 2011

If the P-BO is the smart one, I'll take the dummy

The MSM continues its meme of what a super hyper genius the P-BO is. Anyone who would think differently, because there is no evidence of intellect, is of course a racist, Holocaust denying redneck. I suppose the argument could go like this: Not even a dumb@$$ like George Bush could wreck the country as fast as the P-BO has. It takes a true genius to allow the country to spiral this low this quickly. OK. That makes sense.

Of course the corollary to the P-BO is soooooooo smart, is anyone that oppose him is dumb. Enter the Republican presidential field. One nanosecond after a Republican candidate gains the slightest bit of traction, enter the MSM with the, “are they smart enough” BS.

Really, how smart do have to be. Harry Truman wasn’t even a college grad. Maybe our problem is that we get these pointy headed dopes who think all the answers are in a book somewhere. “Honey, have you seen that 12 step volume on what to do when North Korea is working Iran on proliferating nuclear weapons?” Or “Where’s that damned ‘Getting out of 14 Trillion Dollars of Debt for Dummies” book?” Sometimes the answer is obvious. In the latter case, stop spending so damned much money.

But that, it seems, is not sophisticated enough. You need the Slowest of all Joe’s “we have to spend money to save money” theory here. It’s so counter intuitive. No one could be that dumb. It must be genius.

Well sometimes the obvious answer is the correct answer, and in Slow Joe's case, he keeps plumbing new depths of stupidity. I was taking a tactical test once. I was given a simple objective and whole mess of stuff, more than what was required, to complete it. I saw a simple answer. But I convinced myself simple wasn’t good enough. Why would I have all of this stuff if it were that simple? So I created a complex solution to a simple problem that used all of the stuff. During the critique, when the instructor’s first words were, “Sometimes the obvious answer is the correct one,” I knew I was in trouble.

Maybe the Ivy Leaguers we hired to run the country for the last 6 presidential terms eschew common sense for sophisticated hare brained Harvard models that don’t work. Maybe we need common sense president who can say, “Hold on there Joe. We can’t spend any more money, because we don’t have it.” It’s pretty obvious. Maybe it’s too obvious. It can’t be that simple. If it were that obvious we wouldn’t need a bunch of Ivy Leaguers with hands softer than a kitten to figure it out for us.  They've done a heck of job so far. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That old black magic

Rush Limbaugh’s favorite liberal tweek, the song parody Barack the Magic Negro, may be truer than you think. The guy is magic.

When a black LA Times correspondent referred to then candidate B-HO as a magic negro because he made guilty white people feel good about voting for a black, uh make that half black, man. That was all Limbaugh’s pal, the hysterically funny and talented Paul Shanklin, needed to pen “Barack the Magic Negro” a song parody done to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon. But here’s the kicker. The whole tune is sung by Shanklin impersonating the voice of Rev? Al notso SHARPton, as if he were singing through a bullhorn. Still, funny as it can be.

As predictable as the sun rising in the east, the MSM called Limbaugh a racist, even though it was black guy from LA who coined the term. So Limbaugh recycles the tune every so often when some half wit says something like, “Oh Limbaugh, he called the P-BO a magic Negro.” No he didn’t. Limbaugh aired a brilliant piece of satire mocking guilty whites.

Anyhoo, the song is true to this extent. The P-BO can magically cause things to disappear. For instance, where have all of the war protestors gone. It's a damn shame and embarrassment to the liberal left when the most prominent war protestor is a libertarian, Republican representative from Texas, Ron Paul.

The P-BO can also cause hysteria about $4 a gallon gasoline to disappear as the lead in every MSM newspaper and newscast across America. GWB was dogged when gas got a penny over $2.50. Now the MSM appears to be OK with the idea of $5 a gallon gas as long as there’s a Demo-Dope in the White House. People are no longer hurting because of the rise in gas prices it seems. It’s just the way things are now the P-BO has his boney hand on the tiller of state. The dope even got credit for flushing tens of 1,000s of barrels of cheap oil from the strategic petroleum reserve down the crapper, latter to be replaced at today’s inflated prices. Who could make buying high and selling low look so attractive? A magic Negro, that’s who.

Who could take a once proud leader of the auto industry and turn it into a laughing stock whose signature car is more like a golf cart and sells an unbelievably low – even for as bad as the car is – 125 units in one month? That’s a job for a magic Negro.

Who else could pile up so much debt so quickly? It has to be magic, a magic Negro, that is.

So as you listen to Shanklin’s parody, remember it’s no parody at all. It’s the truth. Our country is disappearing before our very eyes.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Storm hype, warm-mongering, union thugery

Conspiracy theory #5

Flood-i-cain Irene is all but washed up. The sheer size of the storm gave reasonable people cause for concern. The path of the storm across heavily the populated eastern seaboard put 10’s of millions in its path. But in the end, the storm never hit with the predicted cat 3 force. It was cat one based when it made land fall and then soon after, quickly was diminished to tropical rain storm category.

Given the pre-hype, the during hype and now the post hype, you’d think Irene was a Katrina type blow. It wasn’t. It wasn’t not even close to the cat 5 behemoth. But somehow the MSM dopes working in their digs about how much better FEMA is doing this time around. Yeah, duh. Katrina served a purpose other than exposing the negligence of 5 generations of LA Demo-Dope politicians, it served as evidence that these storms are to be taken seriously. Eastern pols and people learned and adjusted.

So here’s the conspiracy. Hype the Irene storm to no end. Then when it’s downgraded to a tropical storm with comparatively few of the consequences of a direct hit by a cat 5, give all of the credit to the P-BO, after all he’s no George Bush.

But only Demo-Dopes and public school drop outs are buying it. Irene is to Katrina what a paddle boat is to the BB USS New Jersey. Don’t buy into the hype. The P-BO had as much to with the successful response to Irene as a rooster does with the sun coming up.

AlGore sets new standard for jackassery

Not content with referring to skeptics of his global warm-mongering hoax as Holocaust deniers, Internet inventor AlGore is now comparing climate change skeptic to the segregationist of the 50s. That’s impossible Al. If we were the segregationist of the 50, & 60s, the vast majority of us would be Demo-Dopes.

That small bit reality aside, AlGore is now talking about how to “win the conversation” on global warm-mongering. So, “the debate is over” is out and “win the conversation” is in for the warm-mongering crowd.

Rick Perry ought take the sultan of assbaggery up his offer. A 30 minute debate mano y mano. Live on pay per view with proceeds going to each man’s favorite charity. For AlGore, that’d be himself. For Perry, it’d be the NRA.

Then we could spend the next 30 days watching AlGore squirm to get out of it. He won’t even to talk to anyone who not 100% inve$ted (literally invested like himself) in warm-mongering. He’s been challenged to debates 100s of times. He refuses, because he knows he can’t win. That’s where the “the debate is over” BS mantra came from. After all, there’s no need to debate if the debate is over.

How convenient would that be for your favorite team? “Look the debate is over. We’re declaring ourselves league champions. We’re just going to sit and wait for our state play off seed to come in. Come to think of it. We’re declaring ourselves state champions. Where do we pick up our trophy?”

US Vs. Them

This about sums the whole thing up.  Watch the video.  Why do these union thugs hate black children so much?  Why aren't they at work?  Who is the red headed creep?  Cheers for Brother Bob.  As for the union thug's, "Why are you blaming the vandalism on us?" BS, because there has been no vandalism at this school for 11 years.  Now, the day you creepy bastards show up, some one vandalises the school.  Your union may be populated with idiots, but the rest of us can add 2+2 and get 4 every time.  It almost make you want to write a check for $1,000 to the school.  I'm putting the Griffin on that one. 

Friday, August 26, 2011

Third time's charm

We’re in a mess. The Bernank is talking today about what can be done to turn things around. Many expect that he’ll commit treason and print more money. Although some think that there aren’t enough presses for the job the Bernank wants done. Besides, haven’t we been down that road…twice…already?

Then the P-BO will enlighten us by screwing up another night of tv with his new…no, wait, newer economic plan. Recall his budget in Feb received almost one vote in the Demo-Dope controlled senate? Then in keeping with the affirmative action model that gave us this pass through president, he took another shot at it in Apr in speech where he boldly declared that he’d cut 4 trillion from the budget, but didn’t say where or how. When asked to score the P-BO’s new plan, the CBO replied, “we don’t score speeches.”

So, now after Labor Day the P-BO will release his newer plan. The plan will be long on words like “balanced approach” and “investments in infrastructure” blah, blah, blah. It will not have one thing new in it. Just like the Bernank, the P-BO will be gathering spaghetti off the floor that didn’t stick to the wall the first two times he threw it and will be giving it a third toss.

In this great article, Victor Davis Hanson had this to say about the administration’s approach:

No matter: The administration still adheres to the logical fallacy that the toxic medicine cannot be proven to be useless or harmful, because there was supposedly never enough of it given. And the proof is that the worsening patient is still not quite dead.

So expect the P-BO to try to finally kill the patient off with his post Labor Day speech. Sort of like the “bring out your dead” scene in Monty Python. When the old man insists he’s not dead, the son says “yes you are.” “No I’m not” the old man replies. “Well you’re really, really sick,” the son insists. “I’m feeling better,” the old man retorts. At that point, the son clubs the old man over head. Expect the P-BO to take a club to the American economy in Sept.

Warren makes money

A day after a telephone call with the P-BO about “economics,” Warren Buffet dumped 5 billion into Bank of America and made 400 million dollars in one day.

First, a discussion about economic…with the P-BO? While he’s on vacation? Pul-eeezzzzz. That’s like trying to explain the infield fly rule to your 9 year old daughter and 5 of her friends at a sleep over during a Justin Bieber video marathon. Nothing is getting through.

Martha Stewart has got to be fuming this morning. She did time for insider trading. Had her inside info come from the P-BO, she could have avoided all of the ankle jewelry. But seriously, how is it OK for the P-BO to tell Buffet to dump 5 billion into BoA and make 400 million in day? No doubt Warren has written a check to the federal treasury for every penny of profit on that deal, because after all he doesn’t think he’s paying enough in taxes.

Al let’s go burn down Freddy’s Fashion Mart Sharpton get Pmsnbc gig

If you’ve forgotten what vile pig Al Sharpton is, Jay Nordlinger recaps dumb Al’s biggest hits here.

He’ll fit in perfectly on Pmsnabc. Sad to say Fox News regularly gave this disgusting waste of flesh a platform on the O’Really and Hannity shows. That is reason enough to tune them out for good. Anyone who would treat this criminal buffoon seriously shouldn’t be taken seriously themselves.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The royal slowness strikes again

Short post due to some funky illness.

The slowest of all Joes told the ChiComs he “understands their one child policy” and that he was “not second guessing” that policy. Well, not second guessing it until staffers with brains massaged the royal buffoon’s - I understand and I’m not second guessing – into, “The Vice President believes such practices are repugnant.” Anyone can see how those two statements are almost exactly the same and that the whole thing was probably some miscommunication lost in translation.

China’s one child policy will have long and irreversible consequences for that nation and depending on how they chose to deal with problems arising from the idiocy, the rest of the world. China’s population is now so out of skew with regard to the ratio of male to female births, one wonders what kind trouble a nation of lonely horny bachelors might cause. If I were running Korea, Vietnam or any other bordering nation to China, I’d be war gaming the problem. No doubt the sex trade in these neighboring counties will explode at some point.

Slow Joe box of rocks shovel ready Biden a humongous d-bag on his best day has really out done himself. But we knew this happen didn’t we?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NATO, we have prblems & Scheduling

Problems in Libya? What problems?

- Uh oh, One day after the P-BO declared that Qadaffy was no longer running Libya, it appears that no one else is either. That wouldn’t be much of a problem except for the 100s of tons of biological and chemical weapons lying around the country. There are also all kinds of tactical weapons that could be used to bring down airlines in the country. Who is in charge of securing all of this stuff? As Slow Joe might say, “this is a big f&%king deal.”

- Operationally, the poorest place for our rebel “friends” to pick a fight with Qaddafy is inside a built up urban area. The rebels have heretofore relied upon 5,300 plus NATO air strikes to support their advance. Once inside the Tripoli, those air strikes become a bit more difficult to pull off.

- Where have the Qadaffy forces gone? Are they laying back to mount some war ending counterattack once a sufficient number of rebels have entered Tripoli dancing in the streets and firing valuable ammo into the night sky? Or have they melted away in order to fight a long war insurgent’s war?

- Either way it’s not good news for NATO. As long as Qadaffy forces are fighting, the risk of the use of or pilfering of Libya’s WMD stockpiles goes up. Ground forces to secure the WMD are needed but will never be sent in. So we didn’t find the WMD in Iraq and we are failing to secure the WMD in Libya. Which is worse?

- When the cries of bringing democracy to the Middle East went up in the halls of Central Command, the wise heads would always counter with, be careful what you ask for. So what kind of representative government are we going to find in Libya if the rebels manage to root Qadaffy out? Hard to say. If Egypt is any clue, it’ll be more Islamic, anti-Israel and anti-Western.

But, hey, none of this is the P-BO’s problem. He decided early on to let the Brits and French use our war men and material to execute the UN, NATO inspired plan. He took great pride in relinquishing US leadership in this matter – sort like voting “present” during a council of war. Most call it cowardice, the P-BO machine calls it smart politics.

Let’s take two cars

We’ve all been there when schedules just don’t match up sufficiently to make it practical for a couple to ride together to the dinner party. So the decision is made reluctantly to drive two cars.

What if the company chartered an aircraft for employees and their families to go on vacation, say in Martha’s Vineyard. The wife wants to get her vacation started 6 hours earlier so she proposes buying her a separate ticket. “What? Are you nuts?” That’s pretty much the universal answer. Not in this White House of country that is dead broke.

Moochell hopped a separate government flight to get to M’sV 6 hours ahead of the P-BO’s official flight.

She should be made to reimburse the taxpayers for cost of that unnecessary flight by working it off at a local McDonald’s cleaning the bathrooms at minimum wage.

What a self centered cow.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Kaddafyduck and Tea Party going to hell?

As you recall Lex supported the NATO action in Libya. The only problem I had was the namby pamby BS from the Commander in Chief who clearly said he was interested in government reform not the killing of Kaddaffyduck. The entire mission should have revolved around killing that murdering bastard, his worthless off spring and the Lockerbie bomber.

Oh then there was the whole, we’ll turn the mission over to NATO. That’s leadership? Oh, Oh, and then the was the justification for the action because NATO, the UN and the African congress said it was OK. That’s disturbing. The obvious question is, if it was the right thing to do and the African Congress said no, what would you have done?

Now this thing appears to wrapping up and watch the Demo-Dopes rush to nearest mic to proclaim they were the smart ones and the P-BO is hero. Well excuse me if I pour cold water on their gallop to snatch credit. First, and this is very important, the P-BO extricated himself from a leadership role ASAP. Now that the dirty work is done, he wants to claim credit? No. It doesn’t work that way. Next, the devil we knew may be better than the devil we get Libya. Just like in Egypt, who knows how things are going to unfold? But, as long as the new bunch has the sense not to blow up American planes and GIs, it’ll be an improvement. Next, is the oil, what will the new government do with it? If they follow OPEC's lead there won’t be much new on that front.

But all in all it’s a good day.  Another scum bag and associates are on their way to hell. Bassar Assad, the Iranian theocracy and the kings, sultans, emirs and other face cards running the Middle East should make sure their private planes are gassed up and ready to go and start planning their exits.

Last, I’m fairly certain there’s post somewhere under about George Bush playing “long ball.” That the Iraqi invasion was as much about creating conditions for representative government in the Middle East as it was about WMDs. In fact I’m pretty sure the post was a contrast between GWB’s philosophy of screw the polls, let’s make history and Billbo Lewinski, uh sorry, Clinton’s philosophy of let’s make history by being slaves to the polls.

This “Arab spring” is as much a residue of the Afghan and Iraq wars as anything. Still, we do not know what the final outcome will be. Palestinians elected Hammas to run things and the only thing they running is their little patches of land into the ground and a low grade war against Israel, who will end up some day pushing them into the sea.

Maxi Dope Waters

Alleluia! The Demo-Dopes have taken Lex’s advice and have made the Maxi Dope the spokesdope for all things Tea Party. Maxi Dope said the Tea Party could go straight to hell. Here’s the note Lex fired off to the Maxi Dope:

I take great pride and comfort in being part of a movement that has loud but none the less ignorant and ill-spoken people such as you so flummoxed. Who knew all it took was a funny hat and hand crafted sign pleading for our government to live within its means to push unhinged representatives like you over the edge? Please continue to speak as loudly and ignorantly about us as your “go straight to hell” comment. It serves to push more and more concerned and thoughtful Americans our way.

Yeah, I know. The form requires a CA address. I used my address and zip and hit send. It went through.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Phraseology "affirmative action pass through" gaining traction

For those few who chose to stay on the cutting edge by opening this page everyday you are rewarded with misspelled words, broken grammar, and half dozen missing articles (the, to, and, this etc.) in each and every posting. You probably often cringe at the hyperbole found on this page. Calling the President of the United States an affirmative action pass through is not taken lightly, even if it’s true, even if only a handful will ever read that characterization of the “leader” of the greatest nation ever.

I’ve often wondered what the reaction would be of certain people if they ever stumbled upon this page. Lex jr’s teachers would immediately notify child protective services after reading just a post or two. Monsignor John would call and want a word. The euchre club would stop calling with the date for the next meeting. Wait, come to think of it, they haven’t called in months.

You suffer thorough opening this page because once in a very long while there is something useful. Toady is one of those days. VINDICATION!

First, I don’t put anything on this page that I don’t actually believe at the time of the posting. I was once given a choice assignment in the Marine Corps. As the assignment guy told me, “There’s no one better for this than you. We’d send you tomorrow if we could.” After he snatched that lucrative assignment from me, I reminded the guy what he had told me just a day or so earlier. He replied, “That was the truth then. This is the truth now. You’re not going.” So we know the truth can change.  But it changes for good reason and new evidence.  The only new evidence we find in the P-BO's case affirm the original conclusion, he's an affirmative action pass through.

So, I actually believe that the P-BO is a man totally unqualified for anything much above community organizing, running Ponzi scheme, washing cars or selling shoes. That is not just an indictment on the P-BO, it’s an indictment on 53% of the American people who voted for this know nothing, do nothing, be nothing president, making the accusation all the more difficult to assert.

There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING in this goof ball’s history that recommends him for any job that requires thought or any other kind of real work. As the Griffin puts it, “the P-BO likes the job of being president. It’s the work he can’t stand and won’t do.”

So here’s the vindication. After years of worrying that perhaps Lex is being a bit too harsh on the heretofore lay about president we elected, a couple of great thinkers, the incomparable Norman Podhoretz and Matt Patterson, jumped on the Lex band wagon. Check this out from Patterson:

Unfortunately, minorities often suffer so that whites can pat themselves on the back. Liberals routinely admit minorities to schools for which they are not qualified, yet take no responsibility for the inevitable poor performance and high drop-out rates which follow. Liberals don't care if these minority students fail; liberals aren't around to witness the emotional devastation and deflated self esteem resulting from the racist policy that is affirmative action. Yes, racist. Holding someone to a separate standard merely because of the color of his skin -- that's affirmative action in a nutshell, and if that isn't racism, then nothing is. And that is what America did to Obama.

True, Obama himself was never troubled by his lack of achievements, but why would he be? As many have noted, Obama was told he was good enough for Columbia despite undistinguished grades at Occidental; he was told he was good enough for the US Senate despite a mediocre record in Illinois; he was told he was good enough to be president despite no record at all in the Senate. All his life, every step of the way, Obama was told he was good enough for the next step, in spite of ample evidence to the contrary. What could this breed if not the sort of empty narcissism on display every time Obama speaks?

Read the whole thing here. It’s the last thing you’ll ever need to know about the P-BO.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Solving problems, exposing idiocy, warning the masses, issuing awards

Military Pensions

There is a move a foot to revamp the military retirement system. As a military pensioner since 1999, I’m all for it. However I think the 401K idea is foolish. The only thing that needs to be done is for active duty members to adopt what the reserve forces already have. If you choose to retire at 20 years, fine and dandy and thanks for your service. You are now entitled to 50% of the base pay of the last rank you held for at least two years – here’s the kick – after turning age 60, or if you want to be really generous age 55.

The 401K idea is a bad one. The services already offer a thrift savings plan in addition to retirement. But the entire military retirement solution should not be tied up in one enchilada subject to market whims which are subject to some jack@$$ Commander in Chief’s BS economic policies. Any changes will have to be grandfathered for those who have already signed up under the old agreement.

Problem solved. Next

Welfare as an economic stimulus

First it was the Grand Fran Nan Pelooser and the teleprompter’s press secretary Jay the carney caller Carney telling us that unemployment checks are a great way to stimulate the economy. Now the P-BO’s blockhead ag sec Tom Vilsack(of crap) telling us that food stamps are an economic stimulus as well.

Gee, I never thought of it that way. My speech at the dinner table tonight:

Honey I have a great plan. Using the information provided by great government thinkers’ like Peloosr, Carney and Vilsack, we will soon be millionaires. From this point forward we pay jr. $1,500 a week for doing nothing. (Note: Up to 99 weeks. After all, let’s be reasonable.) In addition to that, we will pay him a weekly stipend to eat all of his meals outside the home. Soon our family economy will be so stimulated we’ll be rolling in so much cash we won’t know what to do with it all.

Sure jr. is going to use the $1,500 to drag a bunch of stuff we don’t need into the home, but soon we’ll be broke. And after 99 weeks of doing nothing, how hard do suppose it’ll be to get jr to start cutting the grass again?

Idiocy exposed. Next.

Lex as seer of future

Yesterday’s post was a conspiracy theory that posited that the Demo-Dopes would use their union thug army to perpetrate violence that would then be blamed on Tea Part terrorists. Never happen, right? Wrong!

Verizon union thugs are advocating an in your face harassment of non-union Verizon workers and managers here. Here a union thug vandalizes and shoots non-union electrical contractor.

Oh, and who is the most frequent visitor to the White House? AFL-CIO strongman Richard the Dick Trumka.

You been warned. Next.

Fracture in the Congressional Black Caucus

Scroll down to the awe inspiring Allen West interview here. Now, who is the measured well spoken and reasonable one? Allen West calls Babs Lee, Maxi Waters and Revs? Jesse and Al black “overseers” installed by white liberal plantation owners (aka Lib pols) to keep the black vote in line.  If it were not true, it could be laughed off.  Nobody is laughing this morning. 

For that Col. You get the Lex, Large and Brass Ones, award for courage. I’m happy to note that I supported West and Tim Scott. Best $20 ever spent on Pols.

Award issued. Done.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Conspiracy theory #4

It’s been awhile. It’s time for another conspiracy theory.

Why have Demo-Dopes taken to calling Tea Partiers terrorist and hostage takers? Well yeah, there’s the obvious. As a group, Demo-Dopes are a callous bunch of self-absorbed nitwits who will do and say ANYTHING to win an election. I present Chuckels Schumer as exhibit A.

This new theory presents the possibility that the Demo-Dopes know exactly what they are doing when calling the Tea Party terrorists. It's calculated.  They are preparing the ground for future events. They call the Tea Party terrorists because they intend to allow a terrorist act to be perpetrated against the US and then blame that event on the Tea Party as an October surprise. “After all,” you can just hear the Slowest of all Joes opine, “we knew that they were terrorists for some time and have tried to warn the American people."

This is the dumbest conspiracy I’ve ever heard. Real conspirators know that the rather than just letting an event occur, Demo-Dopes will perpetrate the event themselves.

Now if you are of the mind that this just could never happen, consider these points:

Consider Fast and Furious

Did you ever consider that the US government would be selling guns to Mexican narco terrorists?

Did you ever consider that the US government would deny victim status to a Border Patrol Agent murdered with one of the illegal weapons?

Did you ever consider that the government would use its own stupidity as a reason for the congress and the DOJ to make another run at the 2nd Amendment? Talk about a self licking ice cream cone.

Did you ever consider that three supervisors directly involved in this hare brained scheme would be promoted?

Consider border security

Did you ever consider the federal government suing several of the states solely because those states have decided to protect their state’s border which happens to be contiguous with Mexico?

Did you ever consider that the federal government is more concerned about what you might be carrying across a state border than what an illegal alien carries across our international border?

Did you ever consider that a US administration would be more concerned with military veterans as terrorists than the ones coming across our open borders?

Did you ever consider that Demo-Dope mayors in this nation would declare their cities open to illegal aliens?

Did you ever consider that Demo-Dopes in certain states offer in state tuition to illegal aliens while your own kids would have to a pay much higher out of state tuition to attend?

Did you ever consider a federal government that would hail illegal aliens for doing work Americans won’t do when REAL unemployment is about 15% and after issuing 99 weeks of unemployment checks?

Did you ever consider any of the following;

A president who would intervene militarily in Libya citing the approval of UN and African National Congress as justification rather than our own congress and people.

A government that would forego prosecuting thugs to standing outside a polling place with clubs to intimidate white voters.

A government that wants control every aspect of your life through taxation or criminal law from the oil you cook with to the type of light bulbs you put into your lamp.

A government more concerned with equal outcome than equal opportunity.

Ooops just slipped over to page two. This could go on for quite awhile. So if you think this government of power hungry @$$clowns isn’t capable of having their army of union thugs blow up a couple of post offices and recruiting centers and then blame the Tea Party, guess again.

NOTE: Yeah, I saw it. One week after Lex endorses Mitt, he’s down double digits to Perry. The curse holds.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Slow Joe lies, the P-BO swears to it

Slow Joe Shovel Ready Biden is off to China. You can bet everyone at the White House is holding their collective breaths while gaffe a minute Joe gone. You almost expect this gigantic buffoon to get off of the plane and complain, “I just flew in from D.C. Boy, are my f&%king arms tired.” Then make some off color Chinese joke like, “I’m just over here to get their SLANT on things. Get it? Slant? You know how their eyes slant. Get it? Common guys. Lighten up for Christ’s sake.” Then he’ll try to make up for it by claiming that Hop Sing was always his favorite character on the hit tv show, Bonanza. He’ll end the tour by complaining that the Chinese laundry down the street won’t give him his shirts back. "Chin Lo say", now slipping into his hilarious Chinese accent, “Ah, so sorly Joe. Ahh, no ticky, ahh no shirty.”

This guy is the biggest dope ever. And that’s saying a lot given the 20,000 acre field of dopes that populate Demo-Dope politics. But like being half black worked out for the P-BO in the post under, being a colossal dope has worked out well for Slow Joe. Being an unusually dopey dope is his only qualification to occupy the VP’s house at the Naval Observatory.

If he had half a brain, he’d still be ripping off British labor speeches while misrepresenting the people of Delaware in the senate. The P-BO’s teleprompter loaders needed a dope of extraordinary magnitude to some how make the P-BO appear to be presidential by comparison. Professor Erwin Corey turned the gig down, so Slow Joe was offered the job. Homer Simpson was reportedly next in line had the slow one taken a pass.

One of Slow Joe’s hit parade of gaffe’s caught up with the P-BO yesterday. A man asked the P-BO about Slow Joe calling the Tea Party terrorists. The P-BO was left to stick with Slow Joe’s lie. He never said it.

Ahh but it was rather mater of factly reported by the MSM sighting “several sources.” So who you going to believe, those lying Demo-Dopes or that lying Demo-Dope? P-BO defended his sack of crap VP, “Hey look, if the quote had been, ‘them Tea Party f#$king sons of bitches is nuttin but terrorists,’ I might believe it was Joe who said it.”

So now the nation’s most famous mental cripple is off to China. You can bet military leaders have secretly moved to DefCon 1 in anticipation of some monumental screw up by His Slowness.

I bring the Slow Joe terrorist comment up because it is again topical, and I ran across an interesting conspiracy theory Sun that involved that accusation. I’ll share that theory tomorrow. I wanted the incident to be fresh in the mind of both daily readers of Lex before doing so.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Let's face it. It's because he's black.

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D- [for dumb@$$] Texas) let loose this string of colossal idiocy from the House floor:

"I do not understand what I think is the maligning and maliciousness [toward] this president. Why is he different? And in my community, that is the question that we raise. In the minority community that is question that is being raised. Why is this president being treated so disrespectfully? Why has the debt limit been raised 60 times? Why did the leader of the Senate continually talk about his job is to bring the president down to make sure he is unelected?

"I am particularly sensitive to the fact that only this president — only this one, only this one — has received the kind of attacks and disagreement and inability to work, only this one… Read between the lines. What is different about this president that should put him in a position that he should not receive the same kind of respectful treatment of when it is necessary to raise the debt limit in order to pay our bills, something required by both statute and the 14th amendment?"

Obviously, Mzzzz. Lee thinks the P-BO is treated differently because he is black. I have to agree. He has been treated differently his entire unaccomplished life for one reason and one reason only – he is black, or at least half-black.

The P-BO probably wouldn’t have made it to his fancy dancy college prep high school were it not for the fact that he was half black. If he were some below average white kid, would the P-BO have even gotten into Columbia and Harvard let alone graduate? He wouldn’t have been elected president were he a white cracker with not one ounce of experience or even the barest of qualifications for the job. Here’s a scary thought. Had the P-BO been a white guy, John Edwards might be being impeached right now.

Let’s face it Mzzzz. Lee, were the P-BO a white guy with his particular set of skills or lack thereof, he is likely as not to have turned out to be some dope smoking, glad handing, unemployed, Hawaiian tour guide collecting his 99th week of unemployment and bitching about how the government is screwing him. There is no way in hell this slack jawed, sail eared, know nothing, waste of spermicidal tissue would be President of the United States of America were he not half black.

So yeah, Mzzzzz. Lee you can say all of the “maligning and maliciousness” of poor baby P-BO is because he’s half black. But then, he’d never be where he is today were he not half black. So it’s kind of a wash for poor baby P-BO. Don’t you think? An unqualified half black man rises to the office of the president. And then, for the first time in his life, he has to perform without an endless number of affirmative action mulligans.

The only racists involved here are the ones in this administration’s DOJ civil rights branch and those like Mzzzz. Lee who insist on labeling anyone who tries to stop or even slow down the dive to the bottom this boob has put the country in.

Believe me Mzzzz. Lee, I’d love to see where we’d be today had poor baby P-BO been born white. I’m thinking it’d be sort of a “It’s a Wonderful Life" in reverse. The angel would be taking Barry around, “Look Barry, unemployment would be a scant 6% if you had been born white. Look, world leaders actually fear and respect America without you in the White House. Here, S&P never down graded the US credit score. We’re still AAA. None of this would be happening if you’d been born half black. See, you have made a difference.”

Friday, August 12, 2011

Race riots in WI the wad, Rev Al nowhere to be found

Many cities are experiencing troubles brought about by liberal social policy. Out of other people’s money, liberals are at a loss how to handle the problem.

In America, WI officials will not be prosecuting black thug hoodlums attacking white people at the WI State Fair as “hate crimes.” No $h!t. After all, these are Eric the wad Holder’s people. The black animals who exclusively attacked white people are clearly the real racists in America so better to turn a blind eye to the whole the thing. It makes much more sense for the wad and his minions to look into Tea Party activist for cleaning up the national mall after a rally than to bother themselves with New Black Panther voter intimidation creeps and wild black teenagers beating white people. The civil right division inside the wad’s DOJ might as well have a sign on the door Blacks ONLY.

Rather odd when you think of it. After all, wasn’t it the wad himself who said that “America is a nation of cowards” because we won’t confront racial issues. Well here’s one right down the wad’s alley. A federal hate crime if ever there were such a thing.

No, I don’t believe in hate crimes. I’d just like to see these worthless oxygen thieves rounded up and held to account. I’d like to see their parents, or is the case with all bastards, parent held responsible as well. But if the government does believe in hate crimes, the wad needs to swoop down into WI with a task force and start arresting his own people, charging them and locking them up for extended periods of time. If they don’t, it seems to that next white guy charged with a “hate crime” has an equal protection case for the Supreme Court.

Lex has noted on this page many times that the liberal do-gooders who come up with extra constitutional BS like hate crimes do a disservice to the exact people that they are intending to protect. By a wide margin, most interracial crime is committed by blacks on whites. WI is another perfect example of liberal @$$backward thinking. By any standard, the black scum involved in the organized beat down of whites at the WI State Fair ought to be rounded up by the feds and when prosecuted and found guilty given the stiffer prison terms and larger fines that hate crime legislation calls for.

And where is that race baiting grease ball Rev Al? Having dinner with O’Really in Harlem? That fat effing race hustler is nowhere to found, sort of like the wad, when his own people are the civil rights violators.

The Debate

Only saw the end. My man Mitt was the clear winner for this line: “To be able to create jobs, first you have to have had one.” Brilliant.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Look who is on the committee

Cambodian War Hero John Fran├žois Kerry wants the media to stop covering the Tea Party. The medal a minute winner said:

"The media has got to begin to not give equal time or equal balance to an absolutely absurd notion just because somebody asserts it or simply because somebody says something which everybody knows is not factual, it doesn't deserve the same credit as a legitimate idea about what you do.”

Had the media taken John the fraud’s advice, they wouldn’t give the lying sack of crap one second’s notice. As you recall, Johnny horse face claims to have been ordered into Cambodia on Christmas of 1968 by “President” Nixon. There are just a few things with Johnny’s fantasy that we all know are "not factual."

The navy has no record of any such mission. OK well, the mission was so super secret that even Johnny war hero is not allowed to discuss the half dozen Medals of Honor he put himself in for, for his actions during the hair raising mission. Well, ahh, John, there’s the slight problem that Nixon wasn’t the president in Dec of 1968. Nixon wasn’t inaugurated until Jan 1969. Oh, yeah, well, umm, look when the president-elect illegally orders you into Cambodia on Christmas day of 68, you don’t ask questions. You load your boat full awards recommendations and set sail. And last Johnny I skinned my knee three times, you have a duty to first question and then, if necessary, refuse illegal orders. Oh Yeah, well you try refusing an order when you’ve already put yourself in for a half dozen awards for valor in your first two weeks in country and have collected two Purple Hearts for scratches you received in separate whore house incidents

John his royal arrogance Kerry, like other Demo-Dope leaders - the P-BO, Madame Frank, R.C. Turdbin, Grand Fran Pelooser and scrawny Harry – is a dower lying pant load. But hey, there’s good news. The scrawny one has assigned His Royal @$$holiness to the super committee to save the world. Upon hearing the news, His arrogance put himself in for a Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The mighty P-BO strikes out, again and again and again and again and....

The P-BO has to be wondering WTF – win the future. The here to fore affirmative action pass through can’t seem to get a pass any more. He needed a budget deal and couldn’t get the one he wanted. Then S&P came out and, in spite of all of the P-BO’s assurances, downgraded the US credit rating. It’s like the night he need to finish a 23 page paper but was only able to get a three page triple spaced outline done on time.

Not to worry Barry. Professor Roach from our affirmative action board has looked over the outline and determined that based on the content of that outline and the three drug runner’s telephone numbers penciled in on the margin and using the Rorschach method on the pizza stain in the middle of page two, your paper would have been a triple A. Ahh, but sadly for the P-BO, Professor Roach doesn’t do pass throughs at S&P.

The P-BO and his boys have been left on their own, and they are managing to screw it up royally. First, they blame the credit agency. Good strategy. America loves nothing better than a batter whining at the ump on a called third strike. The only thing is that the pitcher told the batter he was in trouble and that the pitch would be a fastball over the heart of the plate. The manager also told the batter to protect the plate and swing at anything close.

The batter had been told since little league that he was the best ever. And even tough he’d never really ever gotten a hit, that didn’t stop people from heaping great praise on him. He got passed through the various leagues in record time even though he couldn’t hit or even make a descent honorary throw from the pitcher’s mound.

Then, there he was in the big leagues standing at the plate with the count 0-2. The pitcher has telegraphed his pitch.  The manager has told him to swing away, but he just stands there and watches a called strike three. Furious the no talent pass through begins screaming at the umpire.

Then the no talent dope batter tells the manager that he, the manager, struck out. He begins calling it the manager’s strike out. Had the manager and the pitcher just worked a bit with him, they could have set the ball on a batting tee and maybe the no talent pass through could have made contact. Channeling AlGore now, BS!

So yesterday the P-BO goes out to make a statement. The market is down 400. By the time the whining know nothing is done reading the teleprompter, the market is down 600. We gotta hope that his staff puts him on the golf course at the opening bell this morning. If he golfs anything like he throws a baseball, that should keep him busy until after closing. The last thing we need is for His Royal @$$bag to make another statement today.

Then there’s this. The Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette and its few readers are in tiff over the P-BO confusing – or maybe not – the words “unalienable” and “inalienable.” As you might expect, when readers took the P-BO to task for his ignorance – or maybe not – people rallied around the former law professor insisting the words mean the same thing. Lex joined the fray:

Well, well, well, who would have thought that the JG and some of its readers would try to cover up for and gloss over another fundamental mistake by our struggling president. Whatever Merriam-Webster, this president, and certain JG readers think, unalienable and inalienable are not interchangeable any more than the words “their” and “there” are.

The words mean two different things. Unalienable rights are those that cannot be transferred or surrendered, like life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Inalienable rights can be transferred with the consent of the owner.

It is not surprising that a president who continually conflates the words “revenues” and “taxes” is also incapable of distinguishing between man’s God given rights and those on loan from the government.

What is a bit surprising is that an institution that makes its reputation on the accurate use of words, like the JG, would buy into this rubbish.

Monday, August 08, 2011

Everything we tried to avoid is happening

Who knew? Who knew that the US was on such shaky ground that even after trading 2.7 trillion in immediate new debt for the same amount in cuts over ten years S&P would still downgrade the US credit rating to AA+? Well the Tea Party knew. That’s why a majority of the Tea Partiers didn’t vote for the debt increase that is now pretty clear was nothing more than Wash. D.C. hocus pocus.

But being right isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Being right didn’t stop Cambodian war hero John Fran├žois Kerry from labeling the S&P action, “the Tea Party downgrade…because a minority of people in the House of Representatives countered even the will of many Republicans in the United States Senate who were prepared to do a bigger deal.”

It’s not surprising that this wedge type tool is so wrong. Hey dooffus! The Tea Party didn’t vote for the crummy bill that raised the debt ceiling. The Tea Party wanted 4 trillion in immediate cut and a balanced budget agreement. How do think S&P would have reacted to that deal if the Tea Party had gotten its way?

But how did this happen? We were assured by Tiny Timmy Geithner that the US credit rating would not be downgraded if the deal were made to raise the debt ceiling. We were told by Tiny that the stock market needed the confidence that a higher debt ceiling would bring. The stock market is plummeting and the S&P has downgraded. How did that happen when we did what Tiny asked us to do to avoid all of this?

Now Tiny Timmy and his know nothing boss are blaming the downgrade on S&P for making a “terrible judgment.” You go from 14 trillion in debt to 17 trillion in debt with not one real dollar in immediate cuts; your budget process insures deficits as far as the eye can see increasing debt over ten years to 27 trillion dollars and Tiny Timmy claims it’s S&P that has bad judgment. It’s a bizzaro world.

S&P is warning of further downgrades if the situation is not improved. Want to bet if Wash. D.C. starts to take the hint?

One thing is for certain. Had the Republicans stuck to their guns, doing nothing, and held out for a better deal, the MSM and lemming Demo-Dopes would be blaming all of this on them. As it turns out, it’s the jug eared clueless boob occupying the White House who doubled the debt in just 2 years who is to blame for this debacle.


The helicopter crash that killed 20 Navy SEALs is another national disaster. Prayers for those lost and their families. This is why anyone celebrating the killing of UBL by the SEALS made a mistake. One Ted Baxter-like Fox News opinion talker even offered up T-shirts that read SEALS 1 OSAMA 0. What are those T-shirts going to read this morning Ted?

War ebbs and flows. It’s best to just keep your shoulder to the wheel and save the gloating and celebrations for when the whole thing is done. Unless you’re a Demo-Dope of course. Then you demonize your own troops.

Friday, August 05, 2011

A couple of dumb@$$es doing serious work

Recall just after 9-11 when a huge sigh of relief went up from all quarters, Demo-Dopes included, that we didn’t elect AlGore president? Well the stock market plunged 512 points yesterday and the fear and concern among the chattering class was palpable. Part of the reason for the hysteria no doubt is because we did elect the P-BO, a know nothing moron, as president.

It’s like the famous Laurel and Hardy movie where the two are hired to paint a house. Every imaginable paint mishap occurs in the following 45 minutes. And that ladies and gentlemen is what happens when you hire dumb#$$es to do serious work. Here’s our movie trailer:

See the hilarious smash hit, “The P-BO and Slow Joe run America.” Watch as the wacky duo try end the recession by raising taxes, printing money and funniest of all 800 BILLION in stimulus money. His Slowness is at his all time funniest. He calls Tea Partiers terrorist and welcomes Gabby Giffords to the “cracked head society.  Slow Joe recalls how his own head was cracked open at birth when a Dr. dropped His Slowness while trying to show a nurse how to catch a football. It’s either hilarious or a horror show of the first order.

Asian markets are down 4% today, the worst drop in two years. Who knows what this portends for the US markets later. Could it be another black Friday? “Black Friday,” is that racist?

Still, the P-BO is focused like a laser. Yesterday he demanded that employers pay for female workers’ contraceptives, including the morning after pill. Yeah, that is sure to get this economy moving. All of this was done under the guise of protecting women’s health. How are we going to pay off this debt if the Demo-Dopes insist on killing off so much of the next generation?

And what should you do if you are a socialist flop.  Start rounding up the dissidents.  Well, if you can't do that, at least try to squelch everything negative said about you.  A University of Tennessee bookstore ran afoul of some lame brained state Rep for selling DissapointMINTS.

The mints had a likeness of the dope on the tin that resembled his campaign posters, with the words “This is change?” DissapointMINTS. Some slack jawed over sensitive state Rep trained to be offended at nearly anything and everything, named Joe Armstrong, had the DissapointMINTS pulled from the university bookstore.

Way to go Joe. Now the DissapointMINTS are sure to go national. Why should UT kids be having all of the fun? These mints should be in every CVS and Walgreen’s in the country. Thanks Joe. Your hyper sensitivity has done the nation a great service. You have single handily made DissapointMINTS a new sensation that is certain to sweep the nation.

But going broke may be a blessing in disguise. The FAA had to layoff 1,000s of non-essential personnel because congress got in a spat over card check union organizing rules. First, if they are non-essential, why were they hired in the first place? But not to worry congress fixed the problem and all of the non-essential workers are back on the job doing…what? Non-essential work?

Seems to me congress may have unintentionally swerved into something here. Cut every office in the federal government by 25%. When non-essential workers are laid off, fire them and restore that portion of the budget that didn’t include the non-essential personnel and their non-essential labor.

Hey we’re in a big mess. We’ve got a clueless buffoon running things. That buffoon has surrounded himself with bigger buffoons, like His Slowness Joe shovel ready Biden, for the sole purpose of making the clueless buffoon smarter than he is.

The only question is, will there be enough of the country left after the 2012 election? Will anyone be able to put Mr. America back together again?

Thursday, August 04, 2011

The news today

The P-BO

The P-BO turns 50 today and the world wonders how someone so old and yet so unaccomplished can be running the greatest nation in the world. He’s running it into the ground, that’s how.

The “deal”

Lex has yet to comment on the deal. The fact that few of the Tea Party reps voted for it is probably an indication that it doesn’t do enough. The fact that it calls for 50% of the triggered cuts to come from defense when defense spending is about 20% of the total budget is warning sign. The fact that Boehner and the Republicans spent months compromising with themselves to get this deal gives Lex cause for worry.

I’d have let the whole thing go until the dopes agreed to cut spending to 2008 levels. But what do I know. As much as the P-BO for certain, but sadly that’s not saying much.

Watch the next debate on the continuing resolution. If Boehner can’t get a clear win there, we’re in serious do-do.

The next president

The next Republican presidential candidate needs to be:

Tough, enough of the worldwide azzkising tours, enough of Scrawny Harry Reid and Demo-Dope scare tactics. The Pres will have to be able to stand up and say go pound sand. I liked Palin’s, the Tea Party is not a terrorist organization or the P-BO would paling around with us line. We’ll need a lot of that.

Savvy, the P-BO and his @$clown menagerie have dug quite a hole and show no signs of putting the shovel down before Jan 2013. It’s going to be a mess. Rolling back the dumb@$$ regulations will be a 24/7 job for an entire regiment of staff and lawyers.

Positive, with the exception of detailing what an utter failure and disaster for the nation P-BO has been, the president needs to be unfailingly positive about our future.

Innovative, no more rearranging the chairs on the on the Titanic, no more musical chairs with predictable cabinet and other presidential appointments. New blood new ideas. Why is it when one these government “commissions” is established they go out and find retired politicians who were as responsible as anyone for the mess they supposed to be fixing? Why not business men? Why not Ned the wino from under the E St. bridge?

Able to win, no more McCains, or Dole’s because it’s “their turn.”

And the winner is (and as we know from last election, this will be the kiss of death): Mitt Romney. A Romney-Rubio ticket would kick the P-BO’s skinny worthless arugula eating @$$ all the way back to Chicago where the no count loser belongs. Rubio is tough and can say what has to be said in an articulate civil way. The Rubio Biden debate will be Godzilla vs Bambi or better yet Einstein vs Snooky. Mitt whatever else he is, is savvy guy who can work complex problems. He always positive and smiling. And it’s unlikely that they will find out that he plagiarized some limey Bit labor pols socialist ideas and words.

The Volt

Those Government Motors green turds are flying off the lot. 125 were sold last month alone. By comparison Ford only sold 49,000 F-series pick ups in July. Given his trend toward total @$$baggery, this is the kind of evidence that the P-BO will use to prove that Americans desperately want to drive over priced electric cars.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

His Slowness, coward or liar? Yeah, probably both.

There have been harsh words here on Lex for Demo-Dopes of all stripes, save the sincere liberals who practice what they preach. That list includes Ed Bagley jr., Dennis Kucinich and, uh, give me a second. Hmmm. Well there have to be a few more. The rest can’t be a bunch of brain dead hyperventilating hypocrites.

Lex has had harsh words for the Dopes. But Lex has never called them “terrorists.” Anti-American, yes, because they are. D-bags, yes, because in the slang use of the word they are. Liars and hypocrites, yes, because they are politicians. But not terrorists. Except for Maj Hassan. Whatever the rest of his 12th century beliefs, he no doubt shares the lib hatred of a successful and exceptional America.

So yeah, Lex goes over the top 2-3 times a week, OK 3-4 times a week, bashing the party of brain dead, America hating tax and spenders. But Lex doesn’t call them terrorists. So however far over the line this page goes from time to time in describing the sail eared, affirmative action pass through in the White House and the biggest dope since Homer Simpson he picked as his running mate, they are not terrorists blowing up pizza shops and tall buildings. Terror enablers? Uh, the jury is still out on that one.

The VP of the US called a significant group of Americans terrorists, for no other reason than they disagreed with him politically. And don’t even try to give me the, “Well, you know, we have to give him the benefit of doubt. After all, he said he didn’t do it.” BS! He’s a lying plagiarist. Who are you going to believe, the “several sources” who were in the room, or the lying sack of crap VP trying to save his worthless lying azz?

And if he didn’t say it, what did he say to people who were saying it? Nothing. That means he’s either a coward for not standing up to them – which he no doubt is but for other reasons – or he’s a lying sack of crap. Which is it your slowness?

And this is the VP of the US. This isn’t some guy with a cup of coffee tapping out 300 words for a blog only the few most enlightened will read. And the remarks are not directed other pols or public figures. They are directed at average Americans fed up with their government. No doubt Eric the wad Holder is taking the accusation seriously. He’s probably set up a special task force to round up granny and grandpa at the next bingo night and ship them off to G’itmo, which by the way IS STILL OPEN.

Slow Joe needs to be stripped naked. He needs a hot poker run up his butt. He needs to be tarred with scalding hot tar applied with coarse brooms, have a dozen down pillows broken over his bald plugged up head and horse whipped out of town. When that happens, your slowness, you can call us terrorists, because no matter how richly you deserve it, it won’t happen.

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Funny hats and clever signs are terrorist tools now

By several Demo-Dope accounts, Slow Joe Shovel Ready Biden likened Tea Partiers to terrorists. Slow Joe denied the accusation, releasing this statement:

What do you expect from a lying bunch of Demo-Dope weasels? I never said it. I don’t care how many people in the room heard me say it. I didn’t say it. Who are you going to believe? A bunch of lying Demo-Dope bastards out to destroy the country? Or, me, a lovable buffoon? And if I did say it, I was only plagiarizing what others in the room had already said.

OK yeah, that’s believable. If Slow Joe had an ounce of sense, him calling American citizens “terrorists” would be a concern.  Mind you, citizens whose weapons of mass destruction are funny hats and clever signs to reduce the size government and whose ONLY crime is not supporting the P-BO's destruction of the American culture.   He doesn’t have the sense God gave a sewing thimble. So for ol’ Slow Joe this is just one more J-O-B-S is a three letter word moment.

What these classless career creeps on both sides have haven’t gotten through their power grabbing muddled little minds is that the Tea Party is here. It’s here to stay, and they couldn’t care less what the Slowest of all Joes, the meanest snarkiest of all McCainiacs, the most liberal writers at the failing NY Times or anyone for that matter says about them.

They will rally against government spending and leave the area cleaner than when they arrived. They will show up at Town Halls and flummox the most polished career pol by asking what for the constitutional authority for P-BO care. And what really scares the pants off the Slow Joe types is that no matter how rude he is to them, they thank him and remind him that an election is coming up. They vote.

But Lex calls Demo-Dopes dopes for a reason. They apparently are not capable of learning. The Tea Party didn’t succumb to all of the left’s name calling before the election. Does brain dead Slow Joe think that they are of a mind to think, “OK we really showed them. Let’s go home and never vote again”? Every time one of the loony left (ever so close to becoming a set of the whole) does something like call the Tea Party terrorists or other inaccurate vile names, more people are chased to the movement. My fondest wish is that Demo-Dopes make Maxine ethics is a four letter word Waters their spokesperson for all things Tea Party.

Monday, August 01, 2011

Damn that irrelevant Tea Party, They changed everything!

The Big Winners

Recall when the Tea Party first surfaced? EVRYBODY dismissed it. The media maligned it as a bunch of old white people. Demo-Dopes called them Nazis, racists and homophobes. The cool hipsters in Hollywood referred to them as a gay sex act. Through it all the symbol of the Tea Party, the Gadsden flag, only got more popular.

Somehow, with EVERYBODY calling them names and insisting that they were a flash in the pan, here today gone tomorrow, they never backed down. They never lost their cool. They showed up at town hall after town hall creating one viral You Tube video after another by asking Dope pols easy questions.

Then election day rolled around. The Tea Party handed the Demo-Dopes the biggest @$$ whippin’ in political history. Still, the MSM, Demo-Dopes and Hollywood insisted that the Tea Party would be the demise of the Republican Party. Too radical, too ridged, too ideological they all claimed. The Republicans would have to teach the Tea Party “how things get done in D.C.” or the party would go the way of the Dodo bird.

Then the debt crisis rolled around. The P-BO insisted on straight up or down vote on a clean bill. The Tea Party told him and the Dopes that they could shove their clean bill up their butts. Then, at the last possible moment, P-BO got involved in the negotiations. He insisted on the “balanced approach” of higher taxes, uh, er, more “revenue” immediately along budget cuts over a 50 to1,000 year period. Just as the Dopes and Repbli-rats were about sign the deal, The Tea Party told them to pound sand.

Then the Republican wise men, McCain and the Wall Street Journal turned on the Tea Party calling them Hobbits. The Tea Party did something all of the Republi-Rats have refused to do. They hung tough and said no thank you to more BS political deals. They couldn’t be bought off with cushy jobs or promises of boat loads of campaign cash. They stuck to their gun and the entire political process moved in their direction.

The Big Loser

The P-BO has been stripped naked by a backward bunch of grannies and grand pas dressed in red white and blue wearing funny hat and carrying clever signs. The once unassailable P-BO has been laid to waste by the Tea Party. The myth of his coolness was destroyed with one bizarre press conference when the affirmative action pass through demonstrated for the world what would have happened had even one of his professors challenged him. Gone, the myth of his superior intellect. When John Boehner said he was done with a double dealing jello like White House, all that was left was for the White House cleaning staff was to clean up the jello mess. He had nothing to do with the process, save screwing it up, yet last night the wretch came out and was talking about how he and Slow Joe Shovel Ready Biden had saved the day by working the phone. BS. As Peggy Noonan put it, the American people saw the P-BO for what he really is – a loser.