Tuesday, August 30, 2011

That old black magic

Rush Limbaugh’s favorite liberal tweek, the song parody Barack the Magic Negro, may be truer than you think. The guy is magic.

When a black LA Times correspondent referred to then candidate B-HO as a magic negro because he made guilty white people feel good about voting for a black, uh make that half black, man. That was all Limbaugh’s pal, the hysterically funny and talented Paul Shanklin, needed to pen “Barack the Magic Negro” a song parody done to the tune of Puff the Magic Dragon. But here’s the kicker. The whole tune is sung by Shanklin impersonating the voice of Rev? Al notso SHARPton, as if he were singing through a bullhorn. Still, funny as it can be.

As predictable as the sun rising in the east, the MSM called Limbaugh a racist, even though it was black guy from LA who coined the term. So Limbaugh recycles the tune every so often when some half wit says something like, “Oh Limbaugh, he called the P-BO a magic Negro.” No he didn’t. Limbaugh aired a brilliant piece of satire mocking guilty whites.

Anyhoo, the song is true to this extent. The P-BO can magically cause things to disappear. For instance, where have all of the war protestors gone. It's a damn shame and embarrassment to the liberal left when the most prominent war protestor is a libertarian, Republican representative from Texas, Ron Paul.

The P-BO can also cause hysteria about $4 a gallon gasoline to disappear as the lead in every MSM newspaper and newscast across America. GWB was dogged when gas got a penny over $2.50. Now the MSM appears to be OK with the idea of $5 a gallon gas as long as there’s a Demo-Dope in the White House. People are no longer hurting because of the rise in gas prices it seems. It’s just the way things are now the P-BO has his boney hand on the tiller of state. The dope even got credit for flushing tens of 1,000s of barrels of cheap oil from the strategic petroleum reserve down the crapper, latter to be replaced at today’s inflated prices. Who could make buying high and selling low look so attractive? A magic Negro, that’s who.

Who could take a once proud leader of the auto industry and turn it into a laughing stock whose signature car is more like a golf cart and sells an unbelievably low – even for as bad as the car is – 125 units in one month? That’s a job for a magic Negro.

Who else could pile up so much debt so quickly? It has to be magic, a magic Negro, that is.

So as you listen to Shanklin’s parody, remember it’s no parody at all. It’s the truth. Our country is disappearing before our very eyes.

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