Monday, August 08, 2011

Everything we tried to avoid is happening

Who knew? Who knew that the US was on such shaky ground that even after trading 2.7 trillion in immediate new debt for the same amount in cuts over ten years S&P would still downgrade the US credit rating to AA+? Well the Tea Party knew. That’s why a majority of the Tea Partiers didn’t vote for the debt increase that is now pretty clear was nothing more than Wash. D.C. hocus pocus.

But being right isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. Being right didn’t stop Cambodian war hero John François Kerry from labeling the S&P action, “the Tea Party downgrade…because a minority of people in the House of Representatives countered even the will of many Republicans in the United States Senate who were prepared to do a bigger deal.”

It’s not surprising that this wedge type tool is so wrong. Hey dooffus! The Tea Party didn’t vote for the crummy bill that raised the debt ceiling. The Tea Party wanted 4 trillion in immediate cut and a balanced budget agreement. How do think S&P would have reacted to that deal if the Tea Party had gotten its way?

But how did this happen? We were assured by Tiny Timmy Geithner that the US credit rating would not be downgraded if the deal were made to raise the debt ceiling. We were told by Tiny that the stock market needed the confidence that a higher debt ceiling would bring. The stock market is plummeting and the S&P has downgraded. How did that happen when we did what Tiny asked us to do to avoid all of this?

Now Tiny Timmy and his know nothing boss are blaming the downgrade on S&P for making a “terrible judgment.” You go from 14 trillion in debt to 17 trillion in debt with not one real dollar in immediate cuts; your budget process insures deficits as far as the eye can see increasing debt over ten years to 27 trillion dollars and Tiny Timmy claims it’s S&P that has bad judgment. It’s a bizzaro world.

S&P is warning of further downgrades if the situation is not improved. Want to bet if Wash. D.C. starts to take the hint?

One thing is for certain. Had the Republicans stuck to their guns, doing nothing, and held out for a better deal, the MSM and lemming Demo-Dopes would be blaming all of this on them. As it turns out, it’s the jug eared clueless boob occupying the White House who doubled the debt in just 2 years who is to blame for this debacle.


The helicopter crash that killed 20 Navy SEALs is another national disaster. Prayers for those lost and their families. This is why anyone celebrating the killing of UBL by the SEALS made a mistake. One Ted Baxter-like Fox News opinion talker even offered up T-shirts that read SEALS 1 OSAMA 0. What are those T-shirts going to read this morning Ted?

War ebbs and flows. It’s best to just keep your shoulder to the wheel and save the gloating and celebrations for when the whole thing is done. Unless you’re a Demo-Dope of course. Then you demonize your own troops.

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