Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy, Happy, Happy New Year!

Proof positive God has a sense of humor
In an effort to convince us that the world is ending due to global warming, a bunch global warm-mongers headed to Antarctica to record what was supposed to be the massive ice loss in that region.  Guess what?  The ship that they were aboard to make their survey got stuck in record amounts of ice.  Two rescue ships – ironically icebreakers - are also having trouble reaching the first ship.  Warm-mongers are blaming “climate change” for the record ice.  You seriously cannot make this stuff up.  The Onion or People’s Cube wouldn’t even attempt something so down right ironic.

The usual:

Lose 15 poun, uh make that 20 poun, OK,OK, OK 30 lbs.

Stop cussing

Read the Bible

And for the 150,001 time raise the discussion on this page from about the 8th grade level to at least a sophomoric level.  The way this page works is that I get up turn on the coffee pot and computer and turn to Breitbart, Drudge, Townhall, Twitchy, Hot Air etc. until I find something that suites me.  Once found, I tap out a stream of consciousness on that subject for about 20 minutes.  If the whole thing takes more than an hour, I’m OP’d at myself.  The key to this timeline is not to vacillate too much over the choice of words.  So whatever pops into my juvenile mind is what I generally go with.  Much of that is crude.

I’ve often wondered, what if one Lex Jr’s teachers or friend’s parents, or God forbid Father Dan stumble upon the page?  It’d be a bit embarrassing.  So I resolve to dedicate a full 62 minutes to each post to scrub out some of the more biting sarcasm and name calling.  This approach generally works for about a week.  So, we’ll see.

And the winner is…
Lex, of course, dominated the voting for Lex’s man of the year, but being a humble sort, I’ve decided to pass my win onto the runner up which is - Phil Robertson.  The Pope it seems has already won two major awards, Time’s Man of the Year and he also made the “best dressed list” which is weird because the Pope’s get up hasn’t changed since I can remember.

Phil does such a great and unrepentant job of tweaking Libs it’s fun to watch.  Way to go Phil.  You are of course invited to the compound to receive your award.

I give this advice at the beginning of every New Year and it has always worked out well.  I get a lot of complements on how very wise this advice is and how much trouble and waste it saves.  I’ve been considered for a Nobel Prize for this one bit life changing advice.  So here goes:

Do this right now while you’re thinking about it.  Mark the first 10 checks in your checkbook “2014.”  Do it right now, and thank me later.  I have once again saved banks millions by not having to deal “year old” checks in the system.

Cheers and a Happy, Happy, Happy (a little Phil Robertson lingo there) New Year to all.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Lex’s finalists for 2013 Man of the Year

Ted Cruz.  He is POing all the right people.  Rats do not like him because he’s NOT a go along get along while stuffing your own pockets from the treasury kind of guy.  Rats: “Don’t rock the boat Ted.  We don’t have the votes. So, we should do nothing except grab what we can for ourselves until we can win an election.”  Ted:  “How do you expect to ever win an election if you do not stand for anything?”

Dopes don’t like him because he’s an effective voice of principle.  Notice, it’s not one of the Rat leadership, Boehner, McConnell, Ryan, etc. or any other entrenched Rat like McCain, Grhamnesty, Hatch etc. that have the Dopes’ panties in a wad.  It’s Cruz, Paul and Lee that have America talking about real hope again.

For clearly articulating that hope and not caving to the withering fire from Dopes and their MSM lapdogs all while being stabbed in the back by Rats like Pete King. Ted Cruz is a finalist.  Sniping Rats are on the short list for Lex's Richard Cranium of the year award.

Pope Francis.  It’s refreshing to hear the Pope say, “I’m not a Marxist.” That statement was made necessary after Francis condemned “unfettered capitalism.”  First, unless you’ve borrowed money from the Mob, there’s no such thing as unfettered capitalism.  I think what the Pope was getting at was that it’s our responsibility to help the poor.  That said, I’m still waiting for the first homily that tells Catholics paying your taxes and voting for Dopes is not what Jesus was talking about when He encouraged us to help the poor.

But much of what this Pope does and says is being misinterpreted by the media for their own purposes.  So they say the Pope moving into the Vatican hotel instead of living in the palatial Papal Apartment shows what a down to Earth guy Francis is.  Well, I’ve never been there but have read where the Papal Apartment is in fact a modestly appointed apartment.  I assume that description means “modest” by Vatican standards.  Not that it’s like the 400 square foot 2 bedroom Apts found at the Arlington Arms on the south side of Ft. Wayne.  But one would also have to think that the Pope’s suite at the Vatican hotel is pretty nice and not a Motel 6 set up.  One of the stated reasons for the Pope moving into the hotel was that he was a “people person” and did not want to be isolated in the apartment.

I dunknow.  The Papal Apartment is a sunk cost for the Vatican, so it’s not as if Francis is saving anyone any money by staying at the hotel.  In fact it probably incurs additional cost.  So money is not the answer here.  Appearance?  Probably in part.  He’s a good example.  And notice the media do not transfer the Pope’s humble home and means of transportation onto our own king’s lavish life-style flying hither and yon on separate aircraft.

The media and Hollywood crowd make a big deal about the Pope encouraging Catholics not to obsess on abortion and homosexuality.  Yea, for the Pope!  He told those Neanderthals.  The same crowd that cheers the Pope’s words of warning on those subjects some how ignore the Pope’s ABSOLUTE teaching that abortion is a mortal sin and marriage is inviolably an institution for one man and one woman, and that the Church’s position on those two subjects WILL NEVER CHANGE.   Uh Oh, how do they square that circle?  Isn’t the Pope’s position on homosexuality more in line with Phil Robertson’s (minus the talk of lady parts and men’s butts) than Time magazine’s who named Francis “Person of the Year?”

Last, is Phil Robertson.  Phil did more to expose the left for the intolerant hate mongers that are than anyone I can recall.  How did he do it?  First he spoke the truth.  Crudely, but none-the-less the truth.  Phil’s position on homosexual relationships are pretty much the same as Pope Francis’s.  Francis was named “Person of the Year” by Time Magazine.  Phil was excoriated.  No one has asked why that is.

Not only did Phil expose the left and their intolerance, he beat them like a drum.  He whipped the lapdog MSM.  He whipped the Hollywood know-nothings.  He whipped A&E.  He whipped Cracker Barrel.  He whipped Rev? Jesse Jackson and the race baiting industry.  He whipped GLAAD like an egg white omelet.

How did whip all those people?  Listen up Republi-Rats.  He did it by not bending his principle to accommodate those attacking him.  He told the truth and stood by it.  Anyone in the Rat Party doing that these days?  Oh yeah, Ted Cruz.

So, I’ll tabulate the votes today and announce the winner at the top of tomorrow’s post.

Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas continues for some

I got Grinched.  It’s all UPS’s and FedEx’s fault.  All I wanted for Christmas was this Mercedes Benz.  Mrs. Lex says she ordered one, but UPS failed to deliver it.  I’m outraged.  
How'd we go from the guy on the left to the "guy" on the right in one generation?

What a bunch of punks we’ve become.  First, we’re too lazy to go the mall, so we order on line.  Then we complain about delivery problems.  Then we demand some kind of payback because we ordered too late and/or were too cheap to buy next day delivery.  It’s going to ruin it for everyone.  Next year you’ll have to order by Nov 1st to guarantee delivery by Christmas.  That’ll force more people into the mall.  It’ll be nuts.  Besides, who doesn’t want to be the guy that gets to extend Christmas a day or two?  I stood in the driveway all day yesterday in excited anticipation for my car to arrive.  I get to do it again today.  It also provides perfect cover for the guy who forgot something.  And let’s face it’s always a guy.  Stereotypes become sterotypes for a reason.  But now because of the foul up you can get on line and order it and when it comes in the middle of Jan, you blame UPS.
2014 predictions:
Republi-Rats will cave.  That’s a prediction?  Why not predict that sun will rise in the east?  OK here’s the list of things they will cave on 1) Debt ceiling – Reps will get NOTHING.  2) Minimum wage.  It’ll be $10 before you know it.  3)  Immigration “reform.”  Don’t know what it’ll look like but 4) it won’t include a fence and 5) you’ll hear that Rep can’t win with out Hispanic support. 6) After reform, Republican support from Hispanics in the mid term election will be as dismal as ever. 7) It will be more important to Rats to alienate the Tea Party than it is for them to beat Demo-Dopes. 8)  Because of #7 Dope midterm losses will not be nearly as bad as they could be.
Demo-Dopes will create a crisis to avert everyone’s attention from what a dismal failure Robertscare is – possibly a war – no I do not put it past this bunch to get young people killed to cover their worthless butts.
The 4 team college playoff system will cause as much controversy as the BCS.  The 5, 6, 7, 8th place teams will all say they got screwed.  If by some act of fate a 2 loss team makes the playoffs, it’ll be back to the drawing board.
Last best hope?
Read this for one guy’s take on how to get this country back on track.  Love the part where the Pols all head north to avoid the advancing army.  I’ll bet money John Boehner and Harry Reid were in the same car.
Cops are turning into paramilitary
Other than sheriffs, I don’t trust most cops.  I’m not to the point that would say that they act stupidly, but I think they need daily reminders that they exist to “protect and serve” not to harass and intimidate.  Watch this.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Dealing with Phil Robertson

Saw Bill last Fri night when he waded into the Duck Dynasty fiasco again.  As usual, it seemed to me that Bill tried to split the baby and prove himself above the fray by deeming both sides wrong.  And both sides right.  My sense was that he criticized Robertson for “judging” homosexuals.  Jesus, says O’Reilly, would never do that.  So “condemning homosexual behavior” was Phil’s big mistake.

I’ve looked at Phil’s comments.  He certainly expresses a personal opinion on the nature of man, but aside from that, Phil said, we’re all sinners.   He goes on to say, it’s not for him but rather God to judge.  So I think Bill got it a bit wrong.

Besides, I’m pretty sure, while Jesus told us not to judge, he did not forbid us to warn.  Isn’t that what the disciples and apostles of Christ have been doing for 2,000 years?  Isn’t that what evangelization all about?  Didn’t Matthew offer this warning in 7:13-14:  “Enter by the narrow gate, since the road that leads to destruction is wide and spacious, and many take it; but it is a narrow gate and a hard road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  Couldn’t that be construed as a warning against today’s hedonistic anything goes lifestyle?

Clearly Phil, in his own way, was warning not judging.  How selfish would you be if you knew the way to eternal life and happiness but refused to share your knowledge of the path?  It seems to me society is on a pretty wide path.  Anyone who warns of this fact is labeled a racist, bigot, homophobe, woman hater anything to get them to shut up.  In short, they are treated like Phil is being treated.

Many apologize 10,000 times and try to get on with their lives.  But not Phil.  When asked to apologize, he refused.  He said in essence, you can read it in the Bible or hear me say it.  Then paraphrasing a former Secretary of State asked, what’s the difference?  I think Phil and other Christians are living out Jesus’ warning in Matthew 10:22: You will be hated by all because of my name…” The good news is that the verse goes on: “whoever endures to the end will be saved.”

The left’s plan for dealing with the Bible is becoming clear as well.  Like everything they disagree with they lie about it.  “Everything with Robertscare is going just as expected.”’  “We didn’t know a thing about ­­­­­_____________ (fill in the scandal) until we saw it in the news.  We’re just as upset about it as the American people.”  And the mother of all lies “If you like your healthcare plan you can keep it.”

With that in mind watch the fast talking Mark Lemont Hill try to twist the Bible.  Fortunately, he’s schooled by a Biblical scholar.  But Lamont Hill’s approach falls in line with other ignoramuses in the media claiming that the Bible says the earth is but 6,000 years old.  The Bible makes no such claim.  A 12th Century theologian counted back the genealogy found in Genesis, and not accounting for skipped generations, arrived at the 6,000 year mark.  God made a covenant with man for 1,000 generations so that would put man’s existence on the planet at about 50,000 years, so.  Even our self proclaimed King has entered into the debate saying once that the Bible forbids eating shellfish.  Not so.  Genesis 9:3 says, “Every moving thing that lives shall be food for you.”

So this is the plan.  Make stuff up at the rapid rate and move along before anyone can say, “Hold on there Skippy.  I think you’ve got that a bit wrong.”

Phil Robertson - by plan or accident - has done more to expose the left as the intolerant hypocrites that they are than anyone in long time.  Now as debate rages over his remarks, he’s exposed the left’s plan for dealing with the Bible.  One word: Lie.

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Nothing is funny

Marines are funny people.  No!  Strike that.  Marines are hilarious people.  We were on a week long field shoot one time when the “I’ll hit you so hard, when you wake up….” game started.  I think one Gunnery Sergeant Dombrowski got it started during a formation when he light-heartedly told a certain Lance Corporal that if he did straighten out the Gunny would hit him so hard he’d be out for so long that when he finally came to he’d find out he’d been passed over for Sergeant Major.  Hint:  It takes a looooooong time for a Lance Corporal to rise to the rank of Sergeant Major.

So it took off from there.  I’ll hit you so hard you’ll think your wife is good looking.  I’ll hit you so hard you’ll think the Cubs won the World Series.  I’ll hit you so hard you’ll think you’re making good money.  I’ll hit you so hard you’ll WANT to eat at the chow hall.  And on, and on, and on.

Then there was this one that brought the house down.  Jones says to Smith: “Smith, I’ll hit you so hard when you come to you’ll want to f*&k men.”  Smith without missing a beat replies:  “Yeah Jones, well I’ll hit you so hard when YOU come to you’ll want to f&5K women.”  It doesn’t look so funny when you type it out.  But trust me, in the moment, it was a gut wrenching belly laugh.  Sadly, in today’s Marine Corps some puke diversity officer would probably have both Smith and Jones courts martialed for their failure to conform to Commandant’s letter on tolerance and diversity.

Even in today’s hyper sensitive world, I see not one thing wrong with Smith and Jones’s exchange.  That demonstrates what a Neanderthal Lex is.  The exchange is an age old comic device whereby someone’s well known preferences are swapped for the exact opposite.  They make movies about these things.  But unless you are ribbing Christians you are likely to run afoul of the homo police, religion of peace police, or the more generic speech police.

AF Bro once told me, “It doesn’t matter how insensitive something is as long as it’s funny.”   That is totally out the window.  No one has a sense of humor anymore.  We have become a totally humorless bunch walking on eggshells for fear of offending someone.  There was a time when the Poles knew all the Pollock jokes, Irish knew all the Irish joke and the Catholics knew all the Catholic jokes.  Now everyone’s too offended to laugh at a good joke.

But if you really want to PO someone try what Phil Robertson did - aka speak the truth.  There is no simply no defense for that these days.  You can’t even say, “Hey I was just joking.  10,000 apologies and I’ve signed myself in for alcohol rehab and sensitivity re-education.”  We have become Animal Farm where all the animals are equal, only some are more equal than others.  Blacks, Islamist and homosexuals have militant thought and speech police patrolling the net looking for anything, no matter how benign, that can be turned into a spiked club with which to beat the offender and intimidate anyone else from speaking his mind.  And as always truth is no defense.

Hey, did you hear the one about the black guy, the Jew and the Priest on a raft…naaa forget it.  It’s not worth it.

Hey merry Christmas to all.  This video went viral a year ago thought you might enjoy it again.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Let's get guns back into schools

Liberal logic, such as it is, goes like this: you cannot stop kids from having sex, so you must educate them about it.  That’s why reading, writing and arithmetic have taken a back seat to sex ed, gender bending, and diversity studies in American schools.

OK fine.  There are somewhere between 80 and 100 million gun owners and 275 to 300 million guns in America.  We have a second amendment that isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.  So if kids are going to be around guns, shouldn’t we educate them on the safe handling, cleaning and firing of the weapons that are likely to come into contact with?  I mean really, we teach them how to use a condom in school, which probably won’t kill them, shouldn’t we take a few hours out of every school year to teach them respect for and the safe handling of one of the most inherently dangerous things they are likely to encounter?

The left will reject this idea out of hand because they are for the most part hypocrites.  The right will probably reject it as well by asking, who’s going to teach this class?  That’s a good question.  I’d say police officers, but with the exception of sheriffs who are elected, I have less and less respect for police in cities and towns.  I’d say the military, but as many know, I am not thrilled with what passes for leadership at the highest levels there either.  I’d say the NRA – which IS the most legitimate choice – but if the left agreed to the training program in principal they’d go apoplectic if the NRA were to be let into American schools.  They simply would NEVER let that happen.  They’ve worked too hard to expunge everything with a hint of Americana and the founding of this country from the schoolhouse to allow the NRA to be welcomed across the threshold.

A couple of posts under Lex supported the idea of “Constitutional Carry.”  That is the idea that second amendment provides all the “right to carry” a concealed weapon one needs in America.  If this idea is to gain steam, people have to have trust that the citizenry is well-versed in gun culture and has a minimum understanding of gun safety.  First and foremost is the idea that there are no mulligans on a round once the trigger is pulled.  You had better know what you are aiming at and what’s behind it.

This is not a fantasy.  I truly believe that we should teach every kid in America, hands-on, about guns – hand guns in particular.  It should start out with 3 simple rules for K until about 4 or 5th grade.  If you see gun, don’t touch it, leave the room, get an adult.  As the kids get older in each grade, the American gun culture and second amendment are taught.  Then gun safety is taught with replica guns.  Then the safe cleaning and storage of weapons is taught.  Last, the safe, accurate, firing of rifles and handguns is taught.  I haven’t heard the NRA or anyone else call for such a program in schools.

I think this is important.  Kids grow up “pulling the trigger” 10s of thousands of times in video games and no one ever gets hurt.  It’s time to teach them the reality of what they are doing.

White Santa
I didn’t comment on this because it was such a dopy easily proven thing it didn’t make any sense to have an argument about it.  St. Nicholas – Santa Claus’s prototype – is from what is now Turkey.  I’ve been to Turkey.  I’d describe the people there as “white Euro-Asians.”   Hey, hey, hey, if we can have “white Hispanics” we can have white Euro-Asians.  Also most historic pictures of Nicholas portray him as white.  But painters of the time did tend to whiten people a bit in portraits.

That said, I don’t care what color your Santa is.  My father in law (RIP) collected Christmas ornaments.  We have a black Santa ornament on our tree.  Until now, no one has said a word about it.  This is not about what color Santa is.  You can look that fact up.  This is all about raising a ruckus with Fox News and Megyn Kelly.  That’s it.  Period.

In other news Jon Stewart and MessNBC are declaring snowmen to be racist symbols designed to hold the multi-cultural community back and that the Pillsbury Doughboy was actually born of two African parents.  He has that Michael Jackson disease that turned his skin white over time.  It makes about as much sense doesn’t it?

The Dynasty strikes back
I love it when people don’t just sit down and say, “OK we’ll shut up, because ours, though the majority of thought, is not politically correct thought.”  I have said over and over on this page that the true haters, bigots and least tolerant among us are all on the left.

It is true.  This Duck deal proves it.  And check this out from a homosexual guy.

It’s the left trying to shut people up about what the Bible says.  You are expected to accept and encourage every aberrant behavior that comes out of the left.  Any mention of right and wrong or – excuse the pun – God forbid mention of the Bible will get you crushed in the media.

Well the Robertson’s are not taking it.  They are prepared to tell A&E to take a hike.  Good for them.  I’m beginning to think that Phil is a genius.  He set this whole thing in motion by doing an interview that he had to know was not going to be friendly to him or his world view.  He – forgive the pun – waded in anyway.  If he doesn’t win out right, he will have exposed the intolerant left and militant homosexuals in a big way for what they are: anti-Christian bigots and bullies.

UPDATE:  Two Americas

Click this link for the funniest damn thing today

If these two opposite endders wear it, everyone, I suppose, is wearing red plaid this year.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Once again, the truth is no defense

Phil, the Duck Commander at Duck Dynasty is in trouble with the ever so tolerant left for speaking plainly about his beliefs about homosexuals.  Phil, Phil, Phil you know you cannot express your opinion on homosexuals unless that opinion conforms to the leftist BS “thinking” on the subject.  Oh, and if you dare to base your opinion on the Bible, well that makes it all the worse.  Shame on you.

Meanwhile the same GLAAD crowd blasting Phil says NOT A WORD about the religion of peace’s stand on homosexuals.  They will try to ruin a man for speaking the truth from the Bible, love the sinner but hate the sin, but cannot muster a  single word of condemnation for an entire religion that encourages stoning homosexuals.  Weird huh?  When you come to know leftist loons, no, it’s really not weird at all.  Let's face it's much safer to take on Phil Robertson than lunatic Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  Phil probably won't blow you up in your car or issue a fatwa on your scurvy a$$.

Now whoever was doing the interview has to know that the plain spoken Robertsons are devout Christians.  So why ask that question?  Because, it will cause trouble for the Christians.  That’s why, duh.  And A&E plays right along saying, “We support Phil’s right to speak his mind blah, blah, blah, but we are suspending him for speaking his mind.”  So A&E, you don’t really support Phil’s right to speak his mind.  “Uh, no.  We don’t.  Not at all.  Not unless it comports to our way of thinking.”

I suppose the business side of A&E thought they had to do something lest they rile one of the Duck Dynasty’s major target audiences – the homosexual community.  Yessiree homosexuals across America have their DVRs set to record Duck Dynasty just in case they're out shopping on Tues at 8pm.  Well maybe the Robertsons could self-produce and self-syndicate their product.  Screw A&E.

Besides, this whole homosexual thing is a ruse.  Almost nobody cared what homosexuals did until they had to get all up in your face about it and demand that you condone their activity.  Well I do not.  And until Lex jr turned 16, I did not want him, uh, exposed to such things.  I would think that in free country that would be my right not to associate with prostitutes, thieves, drunks, liars, or any class of people I choose not to expose myself or young son to.  When it comes to homosexuals these days not only do you have to associate with them, you must condone and encourage their life style.

The biggest trick the devil plays on us is to convince us that he does not exist, that there are no standards, there is no right and wrong, that everything has to be accepted and encouraged.  I think the father of lies is doing a pretty good job of that in Hollywood, with the lapdog media and in the faculty lounges.  As Phil found out, it’s difficult to tell the truth when ol’ speck has his well placed legions ready to descend upon you and destroy you for doing so.  But they can only destroy you if you let them.

I doubt Phil has changed his thinking one bit.  He’s probably out hunting today.  If you asked him about this little dust up he’d probably say, “Hey, all I did was tell the truth.  Them’s the one’s who got all bent outta shape bout it.  Bout what?  Bout the truth?  I can’t do nuthin bout that.  Truths the truth.  Let’s hunt.”

Oh, and what Christian is taking Bible lessons from GLAAD?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Constitutional Carry

I saw Joe Manchin on Special Report last night.  Manchin plays a good fiscal conservative game but don’t forget he was also a co-sponsor to pointless gun grabbing legislation after Sandy Hook.  With regard to military retirees taking the ONLY hit in the most recent budget deal, Manchin said straight faced, “We’re all against it.”  Uh, no you are most certainly not “all” against it.  It passed in both houses.  Not a single Democrat voted against the deal in the senate.  Which leads to another point about Manchin, how many times has he broken with “his” party?  Not very many.  But in today’s world, Manchin seems to be an old time Democrat.  That would be one who actually loved the country as founded.

Speaking of gun control, the three people familiar with this page know that Lex believes the second amendment gives him all the “right to carry” that he needs.  “The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed” is pretty clear.  Under that clear language in the constitution, I have the right to carry a weapon on my person without filing papers with the state or paying an onerous fee, both of which are pretty clear “infringements.”

That is why I have resisted applying for a concealed carry permit here in Indiana, which is a must issue state.  That means that you register with your local police department and pay your fee and you are a concealed carrier in the state.  I don’t want to apply for and pay for a right granted me under the constitution.

I think there is something called abandonment in the law.  I had a janitor that worked in a government building I was responsible for.  I should say, I had a janitor who didn’t work in a building I was responsible for.  As a result, the Marines had to pick up the slack.

When I started paperwork to terminate the janitor I was dumbfounded to find out that because we did the work the janitor was supposed to have done, the janitor was in compliance with his contract.  YGBSM.  No it’s true.  By doing the work ourselves, we had apparently abandoned the expectation that the janitor was going to do it.

I do not want to abandon my right to keep and bear arms by complying with a clearly unconstitutional law.  What if the state decides there are too many permits.  To reduce the number, the state raises the concealed carry fee to $10,000?  Once you've agreed that the state has a right to charge a fee, you've pretty much abandoned your expectation to be able to defend yourself with a firearm without first filing papers with and paying that fee to the state.  Besides, I concur with the unmistakable logic that if it’s truly concealed nobody will know you are carrying a gun.

The rub comes in if you have to use that gun.  At that point, I think I throw myself on the mercy of the court and claim it was him or me.  Look how well that worked out for white Hispanic George Zimmerman.

So GOOD NEWS.  More and more states are coming around to Lex’s way of thinking.  The Lex position on the right to bear arms is appropriately enough termed “Constitutional Carry.”  That is, the constitution IS my concealed carry permit.  Constitutional Carry is the law in VT, WY, AK, AR and AZ.  It’s in the news today because legislators in the state of OH have introduced a bill to make Constitutional Carry the law in that state.

I think a nationwide Constitutional Carry would pretty much put an end to the brutal knockout crime (it’s no game), car jackings, motorcycle gangs terrorizing families in SUVs etc.  Someone once quipped, an armed society is a polite society.  I believe that to be true.  Author and statistician John Lott wrote an entire book on the subject, More Guns, Less Crime. 

Can purple OH pull this off?  I don’t know.  Good luck Buckeyes.  Oh, and why isn’t TX on the list of Constitutional Carry states?

Today’s feel good video
This is pretty neat.  I bought this on i-tunes.  The video is much cooler.  Somebody told me this was acapella.  I said that’s BS.  They ain’t got no instruments. 

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Last bummer post before the New Year

The Sinkhole isn’t done destroying the country
If you think Prince Sinkhole caving on the budget is as bad is it will get before the midterm, guess again.  The prince no doubt will take up amnesty in the summer, just after the primary filing deadline, and in his usual fashion he will give the Dopes everything they want in exchange for some small favor to be paid back in 2058.  Then he’ll go to the mic praising the deal and the length he and his minions went to get any deal at all.  In doing so he’ll act as if we’re all as brain-dead as he is.

There’s also another raising of the debt ceiling that will need to be done before the next election.  What will the Rats get out of that negotiation?  I’m betting on Prince Sinkhole extracting exactly NOTHING in exchange for another rise in the debt ceiling.

Let’s face it.  Whatever hopes we had for Prince Sinkhole being a strong leader are gone.  He is at best a backbench warming, chain smoking, Dope pleasing, wine guzzling crybaby.

Ryan’s deal
Paul Ryan, the Rat co-standard bearer in the last election, is proof why NO elected official can be trusted - Dope or Rat.  Ryan has served up a steaming plate of bovine excrement in this budget deal and is passing it off as a “good deal.”  Hey Paul!  BS is still BS.  Just because you’re serving up the latest round of it on a fine china plate doesn’t change the recipe.

There are any number of things to be PO’d about this “deal.”  First and foremost is the promise of budget cuts 10 years after the latest congressional spending binge is approved in the deal.  Note to America:  THE CUTS NEVER EVER COME.

Then there’s the cut to military retired pay to help pay for this monstrosity.  That cut Mr. & Mrs. America hits Lex right where he lives.  Not to worry though.  I’m happy to do my part.  What really aggravates me though is that while military retired pay is cut, the ruling class in Caligula D.C. gets through unscathed.  It seems to me it is our congress that got us into this mess.   As such, it is they who should be the first ones to feel the pain of their malfeasance.  Ah, but the last thing the ruling class lords will do is inflict the slightest bit of pain on themselves.  You see they believe that they are all special people.  Way, way better, and more important than any mere commoner.  D.C. truly is just like the capitol city in the movie Hunger Games.  Populated by a bunch of out of touch swells who actually look down upon the rest of us.

As noted in a post under, we cannot count on the Republi-Rats.  They have more in common with the Dopes than do with any of us.

Anyone who twitters can send their objections on military pay cuts to D.C. at #KeepYourPromise.

Tis the season to be jolly
Or as Andy Williams put it – It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  And so it is.  Christmas is upon us!  So we’ll have to let Caligula D.C. and the swamp rats that infest that region go for a bit.  We shouldn’t let the clueless bastards who compose our Ruling Class ruin our season.  So, this page will be dedicated to a more positive message from this point to the New Year when we’ll return the petty, childish, 8th grade name calling.

Here’s your first installment.
This is the best 5 minutes you’ll spend before Christmas.  My new most favorite Christmas Carol.  Skip past the ad after about 5 seconds.  It opens with the Linus’s soliloquy from a Charlie Brown Christmas.  If your toes ain’t a tappin by about the 2 minute mark – check your pulse, call a Dr, because something is definitely wrong with you.

If you liked that, check this out.  It’s the artist telling how the song came to be.  Good stuff very uplifting for this season.  I don't know this guy at all, but I'll bet he'd be a fun guy to have come fix your plumbing, or go fishing with or Bar-B-Q with or drive to Cleveland with.    

Monday, December 16, 2013

All hail and rejoice in the efforts of Prince Sinkhole

Prince Bologna and Prince Sinkhole
Lex’s one word descriptor for King Sphincter of Rectum, is punk.  Given that, how can anyone be surprised by what the punk does?  Selfies at a funeral?  What else would a punk do?  That is as predictable as sundown.  After all it has been, is and always will be about our narcissist punk king.
It’s like our when phony bologna next in line to the throne shows up in aviator sunglasses to prove he’s a tough guy; or to prove his “common man” bona fides starts talking about “always” having lunch a Kate’s Diner which just closed...a scant 10 years ago; or talks excrement about home defense as if he doesn’t have a platoon of secret service protecting his and his family’s worthless a$$es; or when he tries to convince you that he’s smarter than you, yeah, that really happened.  Oddly, that’s a conversation Lex has NEVER entered into with anyone.  Truly smart people do in fact know how dumb they are. Given that, I swear I get "smarter" every day.
Aside:  In keeping with Lex’s royalty theme when referring to the Caligula D.C. crowd, slow Joe will now be known as Prince Phony of Bologna on this page.
Second in line to the throne is our own Suntan John Boehner.  The pic at the top comes out whenever Suntan John acts according to his true political shading which is to grab as much for himself as possible while watching the ship of state gather speed as it heads toward the rocks.  Anyone who gets in the way of one of these establishment pols lining their own pockets, i.e. primary challengers, Tea Party, etc. becomes the enemy.  Screw the Dopes.  These Rats have way more in common with the Dopes than they do with the Tea Party.  That’s why Suntan John, after caving like a FL sinkhole on the latest budget deal, blew up at the Tea Party for criticizing the crappy deal instead of blaming recalcitrant senate Dopes who haven’t produced a budget in over 4 years and who have NO interest what-so-ever in reducing deficits that will be the ruin of this once great nation.  Way to go Johnny.  You’re doing a heck of a job.
We all knew sinkhole Rats had no stomach for a fight with the Dopes.  We knew they would be deploying TOSU defensive strategy of bend, bend, bend again then break or bend over which ever floats your boat.  We knew that was going to happen.  What I didn’t expect is the sinkhole Rats to come out lambasting their own base for not being thrilled with the outcome.  I’d expect a tone along the line of, “Hey we did the best we could.  Dopes would rather wreck the country than get serious about entitlement reform before a midterm election.  They elected to the kick the can down the road to tune of another 7 TRILLION DOLLARS OF DEBT we cannot afford.”  Instead, sinkhole John goes all redneck on the base.  You see we just do not understand how tough sinkhole John has it, what with his 6 figure income, premium healthcare, three day work week, 51 and half weeks of vacation, special perks for being Speaker of the House etc. etc. etc.  This is the best he could do, and we as mere commoners are expected to rejoice at his efforts rather the fruits of those efforts – the country be damned.
Aside:  Suntan John Boehner will now be known as Prince Sinkhole, because he is second in line to the throne, and we know he will always cave in spectacular fashion taking with him everything in his path.

Friday, December 13, 2013

Cambodian war hero Lord Horseface's story much like Robertscare

Cambodian war hero Lord Horseface, King Airhead’s Minister of Foreign Capitulation (aka John Kerry), once said on the floor of the senate that it was “seared, seared” into his mind, such as it, being ordered into Cambodia by President Nixon.  He carried a black barrette of a fallen comrade to remind him of the fateful Cambodian missions.

The only problem with Lord Horseface’s heroic stories is THEY ARE NOT TRUE.  That’s it.  One problem.  Only one.  The stories are pure fabrication.  Yet they are seared in Lord Horseface’s memory.  What does that tell about Lord Horseface?  Well let’s give him the benefit of the doubt.  All of memories fade a bit, and we tend to place ourselves in the best possible light.  No one brags about the fight they lost.  But the loss over time becomes a draw, and after a few beers before you know it you were kicking that poor SOB’s a$$.

Then you sober up and remember what you said. Ooops.  I can only assume that Lord Horseface was not drunk on the floor of the senate when he told his story.  But who knows?  Well, we can be sure if he was drunk, it wasn’t on beer.  Lord Horseface would have raided the wine cellar of his wife’s dead husband and taken the best three bottles available.

But even the drunk at the bar doesn’t make up stuff that can so easily be proven false.  Lord Horseface is not as clever as the drunk at your local bar.  Lord Horseface said it was seared into his memory being sent into Cambodia by Richard Nixon during Christmas of 1968.  That’s a BIG problem Horseface.  Nixon won election in 1968, but he wasn't inaugurated until Jan 1969. So.

At that point the rest of story falls a part pretty quickly.  Research of Horseface’s navy unit’s records indicate no such missions occurred and oddly no missions whatsoever on Christams of 1968.  So.  It pretty clear Horseface a lying POS.

Lex, we knew all of this.  Besides, Horseface is a Demo-Dope so the assumption is he’s always lying.  Why are we dragging up this ancient history?

Well one wonders why a liar, and such a poor liar at that, is running the Ministry of Capitulation.  When Lord Horseface shows up somewhere to give away some key component of US foreign policy, are people laughing at him?  Korean Dictator:  “Hey Horseface, I have things ‘seared’ into memory too, like when I de-pantsed you in front of world on nuke deal.  Only difference, my memory true! Ha,ha, ha, ha, ha.!  Come over here you big knucklehead.  You know I love you.  Now, give me next shipment of free food for making fool of you or I restart nuke processing plant, which we both know has been running since your last payment, but I tell world if you don’t pay up.  When we done here, I promise to listen to your ‘Cambodian war’ exploits.  Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.”

But Lord Horseface’s “Cambodian war” exploits seem to me parallel the Dope strategy on Robertscare.  There are about a dozen as easily proven falsehoods in Robertscare as Horseface’s claim that Nixon sent him into Cambodia a month BEFORE Nixon was inaugurated.  But as lies mount up, the story doesn’t change, because it’s seared into Dope’s heads.  The lapdogs play along with the Dopes on Robertscare just like they played along with Horseface.  They never questioned him – even about the easily proven falsehood of Nixon being the culprit for ordering the fake excursions into Cambodia.

The “You can keep your plan if you like your plan. Period” is the Nixon sent me to Cambodia in 1968, part of the Robertscare lie.  It is so easily proven to be false that no sane person can believe it anymore.  So the adjusted lie is, King SFB didn't know it was a lie and only “substandard plans were cancelled.”

Like Horseface’s story though, once the premise upon which it was built is proven to be false, everything else begins to fall apart.  Like Hoseface’s story, the lapdog media who once fawned over Horseface’s “heroics” before they were proven to be fabrications, now simply say, “Never mind” and ignore the fact that the guy telling the story over and over is a bold faced liar.  Even worse the liar goes from being one of 100 liars in the House of Lords to being a one of one liar as the Minister of Capitulation where he can lie not just to us but to the entire world.

Like Horseface, everyone associated with the Robertscare debacle is immune from criticism from the lapdogs.  Like Horseface people who should be shunned for their lies and incompetence are hailed as great the heroes of the kingdom.  Idiot Dutchess Sebelius actually is calling for a GAO investigation into what went wrong with the Robertscare website roll out.  Lemmee guess, some video by a guy we never heard of cause the site to crash.  Look in the mirror IDIOT.

Just one question, why would anyone believe anything that Lord Horseface or this administration ever says again?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Can we talk? No.

With Brain:  Can we talk honestly about King Dope?

W/out Brain:  No.  That, I’m afraid, would be racist.

With Brain:  But it’s all true and based in fact.

W/out Brain:  That makes no difference.  Speaking the truth about King Douche would be disrespectful, and the fact that what might be said happens to be the absolute truth is even more disrespectful to our grand and glorious king and as such is racist.

With Brain:  So, if I say that King MacDoofus is a half-black, dope smoking, under achieving, affirmative action pass through that’s racist?  Even if King Jackazz admits that his dad was black his mother was white; that he was choom gang dope smoker who was by his own admission was an underachiever and a recipient of affirmative action that allowed him to slip through without the rigor required of others – that’s still racist?

W/out Brain:  Yes.

With Brain:  But King Jugears admits to all of it.

W/out Brian:  That doesn’t matter.  The truth is no defense when it comes to King Halfwit.  All that matters is that the king be placed in the best possible light so not to become unpopular with the Twerking crowd.

With Brain:  But that’s pure propaganda.

W/out brain:  Yes it is.  And damn effective propaganda.  We can shut anyone up simply by leveling a charge of racism at them, even if they are telling the absolute truth.  See nobody wants to be called a racist these days.  It’s almost better to be a convicted pedophile than have Rev? Al NotsoSharpton, who is ironically a racist himself, label you a racist for saying Robertscare is an expensive unholy FUBAR – which is undeniably true.  But because it makes King Stupid look, um, well, stupid, that clearly is a racist statement.

With Brain:  How is that truism racist?

W/out Brain:  Well it doesn’t pass the one step test.  Does the statement make King SFB look bad?  If the answer is yes, then it’s racist.  Period.  By contrast if you say something demonstrably false like, “King SFB didn’t know about the IRS targeting conservative groups, Fast and Furious, NSA surveillance program, DoJ wiretapping etc.” or “Benghazi was the result of a video” or “if you like yur healthcare plan you can keep it” or “if you like your Dr. you can keep him” or “people will save $2,500 dollars with Robertscare” even though it's total BS, well you sir then are not only NOT a racist but can be counted among the truly enlightened.

With brain:  Well who gets to decide all of this?

W/out Brain:  Mainly our lapdog press, but anyone can shutdown a conversation that is making King Richard look bad by leveling the racism charge at the guilty party.  The Oprah, Henry Belafonte, John Lewis etc. etc.  do it all of the time with great effect.  But, even commoners can shut down debate with charges of racism.  Suppose you’re home for Christm…uh make that ‘the holidays’ and your mom tells you that her healthcare insurance went up a 140% due Robertscare.  You say, “Now mom, don’t go all racist, redneck, bitter clinging to your Bible on me.  You know your healthcare plan that covers maternity care, lactose services, drug and alcohol rehab, sex change operations, free abortions, contraceptives, and many other critical services for an 80 year old woman is much better than that bare bones policy you had.”  It’s important for your mom to know that, while what she is saying is the absolute truth, she’s a racist for saying it and should cease and desist immediately with reporting the truth about her healthcare.  It doesn’t make King SFB look good so it’s racist. Period.

With Brain:  But my mom isn't a racist!

W/out Brain:  It doesn't matter.  Remember, the truth is no defense when dealing with King Dopes-a-lot.  All that matters is if what is being said places King Numbskull in a bad light.  Remember it's a ONE step process, and unlike Robertscare there are NO WAIVERS.  If you speak ill of the king - true or not - YOU ARE A RACIST!

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Rats run for cover in budget talks with Dopes

Paul Ryan gave away part of the farm in budget negotiations with Dope Senator Patty Murray.  As usual, Republi-Rats fell for the ol’ increased spending now for the promise of deep cuts later.  Wimpey’s standard line in the Popeye cartoons comes to mind, “I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.”  Or better yet, “I’d like to invite you to a duck dinner.  You bring the duck.”

As near as I can tell from the double speak coming from the Republi-Rats today, they are hailing $23 billion in cuts over TEN YEARS after freeing up $65 BILLION from the sequester for the crooks in Caligula D.C. to buy votes (i.e. spending) prior to the midterm.  The $23 billion in cut “supposedly’ comes without any increase in taxes but does include increases in “fees.”

Hmm, so when I pay the “fee” for my driver’s license, that’s not a tax?  I see. So when the thieves in D.C. decide to add a “fee” for property ownership, that won’t be a tax either, right?  Or when they claim that a tax is really a “mandate” to get Robertscare passed through congress and then claim that the “mandate” is actually a tax so that the load of BS will pass constitutional muster at the Supreme Court, we aren’t supposed call FOUL but rather just sit and marvel at the ease with which they lie their worthless azzes off.

I’d really like to get all worked up over this and would except for two things.  One, it’s the Christmas season and really try enjoy this time of year by tuning out most of the noise coming out of Caligula D.C.  Two, did anyone expect the Rats to be able to get a better deal?  We were screwed when the Rats kicked the can down the road during the last shutdown.  The way budget negotiations in D.C. go is that the Rats are left to negotiate with themselves until they arrive at the Dope position, then it’s problem solved.

Well it’s not as if King Douche was out shaking the blood drenched hand of a commie dictator bastard while attending another commie’s funeral.  That’d be really disgusting, and if it weren’t so predictable, so would this.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013


Some complete azzbag on MessNBC – I know, who isn’t a complete azzbag on MessNBC – said that referring to the Affordable Care Act as Kingazzwipecare or its more common euphemism – Obamacare - is racist.  Well what does that make King SFB then?  He himself has referred to it as Kingazzwipecare.  He used to brag that they would change the name when it began to work and people loved it.  Who knew King SFB himself is a racist?  Well Lex of course, but who else?

It’s good to know however that Lex is not being lumped into the racist category with the rest of you Neanderthals who insist on calling the ACA the same thing as King Azzwipe calls it.   Lex, being a renaissance (that goodness Bill Gates knows how to spell that word) man, has referred to the ACA as Robertscare after Chief Justice of the Supreme Court John Roberts who rewrote the law from the bench to meet constitutional muster.  Ironically, that is an act that in and of itself, of course, is unconstitutional.

So, as the last guy with an opportunity to run a stake through the heart of 2,700 pages of undecipherable BS, and having failed to do so, and having done that in a manner inconsistent with the constitution, John Roberts owns the ACA (aka Robertscare, at least on this page ).  I’m sure though that because I disagree with someone who agrees with King Azzwipe, in Melissa Harris Perry Gonzales Jimenez Garcia Torres Zimmermann Smith Johnson’s eyes I’m still a raaaaaaaaacist, even though I refer to the ACA as Robertscare, who the last I knew was, a rich white guy.

In that sense the left is very much like the Islamo-Terror-Fascists.  You cannot sooth the anger of people in perpetual outrage – even by agreeing with them.  They are both, as classes of people, inconsolable creepy bastards.