Friday, July 29, 2011

Boehner, debt and sacrifice

Boehner holds strong hand

This many not sound right, but John Boehner has maneuvered himself into a pretty good position. He has a bill that he’s not sure he can get out of the house, that the scrawny old bastardly sack of crap who runs a senate that can’t pass a budget in going on 900 days says will never pass in the senate and Standard & Poors indicates won’t avert a credit downgrade anyway.

All of this puts Boehner in the perfect position. He needs to stroll out of his office at 10:30 this morning and issue this statement:

“Look, we tried to compromise. There is a dope in the White House, who knows so little about so much, doesn’t have a plan of his own – surprise - and can’t keep his word on a deal worked out by others. The POS over in the senate is like the neighborhood’s cranky old bastard who sits on a cinder block in the sweltering 90 degree sun all day in his own waste just to make sure none of the neighborhood kids sets foot on his dump like crabgrass infested lawn.

“We’ve been compromising with ourselves for the last three weeks and we’re not getting anywhere. Now we’re days away from what fear mongers call a ‘meltdown,’ and S&P tells us that neither of the two plans currently being considered is going to avert what we’ve been working to avert anyway. So, I think it’s time for us to put Cut, Cap and Balance back on the table. That’s our final offer. Call us when you get serious.”

What’s good enough for Chrysler ought to be good enough for the ChiComs

When the P-BO took over General Motor and Chrysler, the government financial plan left Chrysler’s bondholders unpaid and out in the cold. Why not use that same strategy with government bondholders like China? In Chrysler like fashion, give ‘em the finger and say, “So sad. Too effing bad.”

Well you don’t do that for couple of reasons. First off, it’s crude, immoral and illegal. Next, if you’re the P-BO, you know you can get away with being a classless, lawless, bully to your own people but not the ChiComs. Chrysler bondholders won’t shoot a missile over your head or try to assassinate you. The Godless ChiComs will. Given the spineless nature of the P-BO and the 535 who make up our congress, most of whom are themselves invertebrates, it is unlikely that they will use the Chrysler plan to restructure the national debt.

Shared Sacrifice?

When it comes to his oft used “shared sacrifice” meme, there are some who the P-BO doesn’t expect to share the sacrifice. His wife for one. The first old bag spent 242,000 taxpayer dollars for her vacation in Spain. Accounts are still adding zeros to the total for the India trip.

According to the P-BO, college kids don’t need to share the sacrifice, especially if they are minos on a government ride. You simply cannot expect kids today, especially mino kids, to work their way through college.

People who have been collecting unemployment for the last 99 weeks cannot be expected to share the sacrifice and pick up a part time job.

Welfare recipients can’t be expected to do with ten cents less.

The 49% who pay no federal income tax can’t be asked for ten bucks each to off set their use of national roads and other national services.

Federal workers and state union workers cannot be asked to restructure their contracts until the crisis passes.

The P-BO’s own endless list Czars and their staffs cannot be let go.

The only people expected to share the sacrifice in the P-BO’s world are the people currently pulling the wagon. And what else would you expect from an affirmative action pass through who has been riding in the wagon his entire life? He sits back in the comfort of the wagon and wonders why the people pulling the wagon can’t pull faster and give him a softer cushion to sit on. That is all he knows. That is his total life’s experience.

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Anonymous said...

The Tea Party exists because Washington pols use payola to buy votes, shamelessly borrow the money, and have no clue on spending responsibly. So we have hit our credit limit and the kleptocrats blame the Tea Party for the financial crisis. The Tea Party was born three years ago and its' parents are American pragmatisim and common sense.They will continue to grow. They will not flinch. They are looking to get a majority of Tea Party thinking people into office. I admire them and have to hand it to them. The Washington establishment will not be able to buy them off.
The Griffin