Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Now that everything is fine, let's talk about Casey

OK, since the debt crisis has been solved, unemployment is back under 4% and gas is back to 35 cents a gallon, I guess we can cover the Casey Anthony verdict. That’s what you’d think if you just got back from the Jupiter last night after 3 years away. You’d have to conclude, given the way media was acting since 2:15pm yesterday, that there was absolutely NOTHING else of import going on in the entire world.

First what we know. Caylee is dead. Young Caylee had been dead for over 30 days before Casey Anthony notified authorities. Casey’s story about the disappearance of Caylee changed more times than a chameleon strolling across a Dali painting.

What Lex thinks. Casey Anthony knows exactly what happened to young Caylee. As “one of the usual suspects” for any high jinx occurring in a small town and even smaller high school, I’m kind of glad that the crime must somehow be proven.

Yeah, sure about 99.9999% of us think that Casey had something to do with Caylee’s death. But what? Did the child have an accident? Did the mother have an accident? Did the mother kill Caylee? That’s where the prosecution’s case fell apart. I hope we wouldn’t want to send someone to the gallows due to an accident.

Casey’s actions after the disappearance of Caylee are by anyone’s standards weird. But once you chose to go down a road of deception, these things happen. If you happen to know that your toddler is dead and you’ve tried to cover it up, that might cause you to make several bad judgments. It doesn’t mean you’re a murderer. Trying to cover up something like this would have to take a tremendous emotional toll. Who knows how one would act? Well I guess we know how Casey would act. Like most lies, one leads to another and another. The lies get bigger as you go. Lying is not murder.

The prosecution fouled up. In a case like this, if you cannot show how the victim died, how can you prove murder – even if Caylee was indeed murdered, which I contend no one outside the Anthony family knows for sure?

Last word on this sad case. Billybo O’Really was trying to equate this to the OJ Simpson case. He’s an idiot for trying. There were two dead bodies with slit throats proving a murder had been committed. There was OJ’s DNA at the murder cite. There was a bloody path that led back to OJ. There was an absolute motive in the case.

With the exception of a dead body, none of this exists, as far as I can see, in the Anthony case.

Let me make this clear, wait that sounds like the P-BO. My gut tells me Casey is in this cover up, up to her eyeballs. But I can’t say it’s murder. There were 100s of pranks that the town elders and school administrators knew that we had to have been involved in. Most of the time, they were correct. But we did not paint the water tower. Burden of proof and reasonable doubt set us apart.

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