Friday, July 01, 2011

What if...

This is conspiracy theory #1. The economy is in shambles. America is becoming a laughing stock around the world. The dollar is about to lose its status as the world’s currency. We’re 14 trillion in debt. We have 9.1% unemployment. We’re no closer to a sustainable energy policy than we were 30 months ago. The P-BO is on the wrong side of social issues – gay marriage, immigration, abortion - that polls indicate don’t break in his favor. America ain’t buying the, “It’s all Bush’s fault” meme any more. Given all of this, there is no reasonable way the P-BO could expect to be re-elected.

This is where conspiracy theory #1 comes into play. Facing certain defeat at the polls, what if unions - public and private – went on a nation-wide strike a week before the election? What if illegal immigrants staged a “brown out” at the same time?

The country could come to a screeching halt. What if the union thugs, illegal aliens, gay pride losers, college know nothings, all took to the streets across America and in Madison, WI fashion violently shut everything down?

The P-BO could be interviewed from the club house at Meadow Springs Golf Club as he makes the turn on his 900th game of golf for 2012, and declare martial law, or suspend elections until calm is restored over the pandemonium he created. The compliant media assures us it’s only temporary and given the anarchy in the nation’s streets, is the only reasonable thing to do. And you can bet there would be a certain number of “moderate” Republicans that would go along with it giving the P-BO top cover.

If the martial law and suspension of elections theory is a bridge too far for you, what if the thugs just show up at the polls with clubs in hand and in New Black Panther mode chase anyone without a union card, pierced nose or who has recently showered away from the polling place? We know that’s possible, because it has already happened. And we also know that the current administration under the leadership of the Linkster-in-Chief and Erik the wad Holder don’t have a problem with voter intimidation as long as it’s “their people” doing it.

30 months ago this theory would have been unthinkable. Today, I’m not so sure. It is like when the Deep Water Horizon Oil Well blew up. Previous to that incident, you might never have considered the government being involved in creating an “accident” like that. But now, given their greeny leanings, you’re not so sure. The fact that administration officials showed more concern over some pelicans than the 11 human souls lost in the “accident” only stoked my suspicion.

I don’t want to go all Dale Dribble on you – for the unwashed, Dale’s the conspiracy nut on King of the Hill – but this ain’t mom and dad’s America anymore. This theory may be over the top. What is not over the top is the fact that right now these weasels are conniving – conspiring if you will – a way to stay in power. Given the mess they have created in just 30 months, that’s a tall order. Given their odds today, they have to be considering some underhanded tactics. How far do you think they are willing and capable of going toward achieving their end? I think they are capable of a damn site more than we’ve ever seen before.


Smeggy said...

Lex, do you think Soros and his effort to promote state attorney generals, may have something to do with it? The AGs will establish what can, and cannot, be done in regard to controlling voters, voting booths, and vote counts. You don't you?

Smeggy said...

Sorry, I meant Secretary of State, not AG. Gomen asai.