Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Debt is the perfect issue for the next election

Let’s take a balanced approach this morning. “Balanced approach” must be the new poll tested phrase that the assclowns who load the P-BO’s teleprompter have stumbled upon to galvanize American opinion to favor tax hikes. They programmed the P-BO to use the term 7 times in 15 minutes last night.

I suspect this morning that many Americans are more in favor of “balancing” the debt teeter-totter with a cut, cap and balance approach in the form of Chris Christie on one side and a hey let’s raise taxes approach in the form of little Timmy Geithner on the other. That would be a decidedly unbalanced approach. You can just see little Timmy trying to climb down off of his raised end as Chris eats a ham sandwich and chugs a Coke at his end.

The P-BO has golfed, shot hoops and vacationed for over two years while this “crisis” brewed. After two years of squat, The Scrawny one, Pelooser and the P-BO are suddenly engaged in the work that they couldn’t be bothered with for over 800 days. Dare I say it? Yes. It’s like AlGore warning of the end of the Earth in ten years if we don’t change our ways, while he himself refuses to change his ways. So, if that (g)assbag actually believes his own BS but won’t change his life style, why in the hell should someone like me when I don’t buy into his BS?

The creepy Demo-Dopes couldn’t find the spine or time to turn out a budget that dealt with the debt in 800 days. Now they tell us certain death and calamity will occur on Aug 2, if we don’t do something. Excuse if I don’t believe them. Remember, unemployment wouldn’t get over 8% if we passed the stimulus bill. If the debt ceiling were that important, why didn’t the Dopes tend to it when they owned the House, Senate and White House?

Now we have to do something by Aug 2nd or the world will end. If P-BOcare is any indication, that something will be something that’s stupid and illegal, done in haste, in the middle of the night, likely to make the problem worse and no one will really understand exactly what has been done as they grin and grip at the photo shoot in Rose Garden at the signing ceremony.

Boehner should tell the P-BO and the Scrawny one, here’s the deal, cut, cap and balance. Take it or there will be a short term bill that will lay this issue in your laps next fall just before the election.

Besides, I just do not see how raising the debt limit does anything to calm the markets. “Oh good. The US is going another 2.7 TRILLION in debt. Now I don’t have to worry about them defaulting. Bankrupt in another 6 months sure, but default? No. Never.”

Then there’s this.  The Dopes from the P-BO on down keep talking about “shared sacrifice,” no doubt another poll tested phrase.  But how can there be shared sacrifice when Demo-Dopes have invited 46% of Americans to ride in the wagon and are making no sacrifice at all?  Is the “shared sacrifice” the P-BO and his ass clown administration keep referring to a sacrifice shared among the 54% who are actually contributing to the economy and pulling the wagon?  Shared sacrifice is a flatter fairer tax system that keeps 80% of Americans puling the wagon.

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Anonymous said...

Compromise, balanced approach, everyone gets a trophy BS. We are broke. Our government has no leader and is financially dysfunctional. We will not get an agreement on Aug 2nd and if we do it will not be worth a damn. Nothing of real financial consequence will happen until after next year's election.This president will not be re-elected. He will not be remembered as good for America. He will be remembered for the color of his skin.
The Griffin.