Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The P-BO opts to pay the UN, let seniors eat cake

Warning: Extra strong P-BO bashing follows.

The P-BO can not ensure seniors will get their social security checks in Aug if Republicans don’t roll over and play dead like he demands. In other news, he thinks so highly of himself, the P-BO can not ensure that 2+2 will always equal 4.

If you ever needed more proof of what a callous self serving $h!t for brains this buffoon is, you don’t any more. SFB will cut off social security before he cuts off PBS, the UN, Endowment for no talent artists who can’t sell their crap, 800 billion to study the breading habits of the Kennedy family, and score upon score of other useless wastes of taxpayer money.

No, SFB goes right for social security. What a creepy effing loser. Call the d-bag’s bluff. Let ‘em eat cake. It’ll prove once and for all that you cannot trust the government for anything, particularly when a lying, know nothing, do nothing, be nothing, waste of flesh, affirmative action pass through is running things.

The most qualified man to be president in the current field, which includes SFB, Newt Gingrich offered Republicans a plan last night. And it wasn’t Lex’s 2009 Man of the Year Mitch McConnell’s we surrender proposal. Mitch’s award is officially rescinded. Newt said the Republicans should simply send the SFB in chief monthly budgets with the cuts they want until the nation finally rids itself of the louse next Nov.

Then it’s all on the slim, narrow, weak shoulders of the d-bag in chief and Demo-Dope cronies whether or not to start letting seniors eat cat food. That sounds like a reasonable plan.

In other news of the weak and spineless the incandescent light bulb ban repeal went down to defeat yesterday, because 138 Demo-Dopes and 10 Republi-Rats thought that they knew better than you what kind of light bulbs you should be using in your home. And that’s where we are in America today. The government is passing laws telling us what kind of light bulbs we should have in our closets. BS.

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