Thursday, July 21, 2011

Make the P-BO an offer he'll probably refuse

Lex’s rule of the day: Don’t approve anything worked out by “a gang,” particularly a gang that includes RC Turdbin. Ever since Spanky busted up “Our Gang,” the term “gang” has had a pejorative connotation. The Crips, Bloods, drug and motorcycle gangs have pretty much ruined the term for those who remember telling mom and dad that they were headed down to the corner to hang out with the gang. Sort of like the word “gay” in the Flintstone’s theme song, “we’ll have a gay ol’ time.” Nobody says that anymore. Who wants to “have a gay ol’ time? Gays. That’s who.

So when the gang of six came out with a trillion dollars in immediate tax hikes wrapped in 3.7 trillion in cuts over ten years, my first reaction was, do the cuts now. We’ll see if we need the new taxes in 10 years.

Here’s what Republicans in the house ought to do. Pass a bill that cuts 500 billion now and raises the debt ceiling high enough to see the government through until Jan 2013. Then tell the P-BO, “Mr. Doofus this is as good as it’s going to get. These are weighty decisions that you are clearly unqualified to deal with. We will leave the issue to the American people. You think that “cut, cap and balance” is a “gimmick.” You go ahead and run on that notion. You think that the government should be allowed to continue to spend uncontrollably. You go ahead and run that notion. If the American people agree, you can have your way. Now, King SFB, you can sign this bill and keep the government running through the election that will allow the American people to decide how they think the country ought to run its finances, or you can shut the government down. It’s your decision.”

Given that choice, the P-BO’s handlers wouldn’t know whether to put taking the deal in the telepromter or try to formulate some new demagogic BS to deal with the proposal.

West Vs. DW (Dim Wit) Shultz

DWS, like most Demo-Dope spokes people, is a lying sack of crap. She raised the ire of Rep Allen West by speaking ill of him on the floor of the House after he’d left the room. Dim Wit said that the Cut, Cap and Balance bill would hurt Social Security or Medicare recipients. It’s BS. “Cut, Cap and Balance” makes no changes to those programs.

So West unloaded on her. Now the Demo-Dope hag caucus is calling West all sorts of names, misogynist, sexist etc. etc. the usual blather that comes from women who demand to be treated like men then whine like little girls who get their pig tails pulled in school when they get what they supposedly wanted. In DWS’s case we’re not sure that she doesn’t have an actual pig’s tail protruding from somewhere on her dumpy body.

West’s real crime was telling the truth in plain language. No life-time politician can stand that kind of heat so they get on their high horse and talk about “civility.” The last thing pols want is the bald faced truth about their character and motives to come out. So the Madame Barney Franks, Chas no taxes Rangel, Alcee I’ve only been impeached once Hastings, Slow Joe shovel ready, someone loaded Neal Kinick’s speech in to my teleprompter Biden, John François Nixon sent me to Cambodia Kerry and on and on cry “civility” when someone tells the unpleasant truth about them. As a class, pols are the trash that needs to dumped ever 2-4 or 6 years. But like most kids whose job it is to take out the trash, they let it pile up too long. As a result the house begins to smell like garbage.

Well we’ve let our garbage pile up for way too long. When a new guy comes in and tells the truth.  The house stinks. The old guard closes ranks and shames him into an apology so that they can continue the stupid game. Double down Allen. Tell the hag caucus if they can’t stand to be treated like men as they demand to be, go home, kick off your shoes, get pregnant and make dinner.

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