Friday, September 23, 2011

The P-BO: Not so fast on that Palestinian state I advocated for last year

In a stunning bit of success, the P-BO administration is on the verge of scoring a huge victory in the UN. Through the tireless efforts of the Shrilldabeast and the P-BO, the Palestinians are finally and at long last ready to ask the UN to recognize Palestine as a state member. As GWB might say, “Way to go Barry. You’re doing a hecuva job.”

Conspiracy theory #6

This was all according to plan. The Palestinians would ask for statehood, just as the P-BO said they would when he spoke at the UN a scant year earlier. The administration would publicly wring its hands, then say, “Well a two state solution is the only answer anyway, so we might as well get on with it. It’s sort of like P-BOcare, the stimulus, and gays in the military. It’s going to happen anyway, so let’s have an orderly transition”

Then NY 9 raised its ugly head. Ooops. NY 9 indicates the Jews don’t particularly care for the P-BO anymore. Better shore up what used to be a pretty reliable P-BO voting block and even more important to the P-BO a reliable donor base. So now they are reversing field and opposing the Palestinian’s move for statehood. It’s too late. Embarrassingly, not even a personal appeal from the chief Arab butt kisser and stoop and bow machine can beg or bargain Palestinian leader Abbas out of his plans.

So now the US is in the unenviable position of having to veto in the UN Security Council that which a novice president seemed to embrace and encourage a year earlier. That veto will go on the already long list of grievances Islamo-Terror-Fascist use to blow up school children and pizza parlors. No doubt, in the year 2780, some @$$bag ITF will be flying his Millennium Falcon into the World Space Station because the US vetoed Palestinian statehood in the UN 779 years earlier.

In an earlier time, the US would have gone to Abbas and said, “Look you do what you need to do. But if we don’t like what you do, there will not be one dime in aide from the US less food and medicine, which will arrive in the much less fungible form of actual food and actual medicine. No money. None. Nadda.” Then to Banki Moon, the US UN Ambassador would say, “Look you do whatever you have to do. But if we don’t like what you do, we’re out. No more money for UN Commissions on Human Rights run by North Korea. No money for UN Commissions on Starvation run by Ethiopia. No money for UN Commission on Climate Change run by China. Gone. Over. Kaput.”

And… someone ought to tell Abbas that with statehood comes great responsibility. There’s trash that needs collected, electricity that needs to be provided and security that MUST exist on an international border. Heretofore Hamas could lob missiles onto Israel and the Palestinians could say, “Those crazy Hamas guys. What can you do with those kids?” Once statehood is granted, Israel can expect a Palestinian state to control its border. If it doesn’t, Israel can retaliate against the state and its leadership.

Bottom line: This is an embarrassment to the P-BO. The US will have to veto this effort which will undo all of the Arab butt kissing the administration has done to this point. It could lead to a spike in oil prices and violence.

But in the end, Israel will need to clobber the Palestinians, Hamas, Syria and Hezbollah really good at least one more time anyway.

Last, why are we still wasting money in the UN?

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