Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What's a picture is worth?

A few things need to be addressed quickly.

First the picture. Now I don’t expect Boehner to spit on Slow Joe every time their paths cross, but I do expect him to spit into his hand before they shake. I guess Boehner didn’t get the memo on Slow Joe calling members of his caucus terrorists. Boehner should have used the occasion to berate Slow Joe telling him not to call Republicans terrorists, and if he’s in the room when someone else does, he should ask them to leave. If Slow Joe can’t stand up to Maxi Waters how can he be expected to stand up to Putin if necessary?

I suppose it’s alright that these two get along. That picture just tells me, “new boss? Same as the old boss.” It says, “America, you’re screwed. We know what’s best for you.” It says, “Together we can control them.”

Next Krugman. The ferret like Mr. K wrote a despicable article for the NY Times blog on 9-11. From what I’ve read about it, it’s a pretty ugly article.

Much is being made of Mr. K calling Rudy G., GWB and others “fake heroes.” Heroes? I don’t recall anyone calling them heroes in the first place. Certainly they never referred to themselves as heroes. I think as Mr. K watches every economic model he ever believed in fail utterly, his mind becomes more and more addled. He is confusing “leadership” with heroic action.

When I think of the heroes of 9-11, it’s of the courageous guys who dashed into the burning buildings or stayed behind to help as many others as possible. It’s not of some politician showing up after the smoke has cleared. But even so, there where many courageous decisions made by the president and Rudy. Who can forget Rudy telling the Saudi prince where to shove his 10 million dollar check?

Heroic leadership made in air conditioned confines with dozens of staff will always be a bit different for me than heroic action made in a split second in the face of danger. Like the office worker who searched out and found the only open stair case and then led scores of others to it, staying on until he died; the men or flight 93 who gave America her first victory against a soulless enemy are real heroes.

But back to the point. Who said Rudy and GWB were heroes? I don’t recall anyone saying that they were. Certainly no one in the MSM. So Mr. K has constructed a nice little straw man that he then proceeded to tear up. In the process he destroyed a bit more of whatever little bit of his ever diminishing integrity remains. Remember, this is the same guy that hoped for an invasion of space aliens to jump start the economy.

The debate. I watched a bit of the Republican debate last night. Perry was pounded from all sides. ADVICE to Gov Perry: NEVER say, “At the end of the day…” again. Mitt still looked good, surprisingly even while defending Romney care. Bachmann latched onto Perry’s HPV snafu, which Perry admitted was a mistake, and went to the well on that issue about ten times too many for me. I like Santorum, but why he’s still in I can’t figure out. I don’t care for Paul and Huntsman. Cain, as always, was great. That leaves Newt. It seems to me, he always has the best command of the issues and is the most qualified guy in the field to be president. Ironically, being most qualified is also his bigest liability. If Newt can hang on until the field thins, so he can get more time in these forums, he could pull it off.

From the, It’s your fault I’m fat file. Some colossal dumb@$$ is suing White Castle because he’s too fat to fit into one of their seats. That’s like Lex suing DeWalt because my wood project didn’t turn out like I wanted or jr. suing Gibson Guitar (before the feds) because he can’t play one like Ted Nugent. Being a fat @$$ is one thing I know something about. Dieting and exercise suck worse than passing up a bowl of Pringles and a Coke at 9pm, but come on. Sadly, America awaits the outcome of this suit, which in today’s world is by no means a given. Today, some judge or jury are as likely as not to find in his favor as to say, get out here tubby and lose some weight. You are fined $10,000 for every pound you’re overweight and owe White Castle every penny of the money they have spent defending themselves from your idiocy.

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