Tuesday, September 06, 2011

No "Labor" in Labor Day for 14.1% in Detroit

So if you’re the P-BO where might you go to make a Labor Day speech? Texas which has been a job creating machine? No. To SC to tell those potential Boeing laborers why the NLRB is suing Boeing to stop the jobs from coming in? No. What better place to show for a Labor Day speech than where no one much is working, Detroit.

Just after Demo-Dope gov. Jenny Granholm signed into law the largest tax hike in MI history, MI unemployment jumped from 6.8% to over 15 %. Currently the unemployment in MI is at 10.9%. In Detroit, unemployment is at 14.1%. In 2010 over 50% of those unemployed had been so for more than 26 weeks. Wanna bet that the 2010 26 is 78 in 2011?

And who better to rev up the crowd ahead of the P-BO than a Teamster thug icon Jimmy Hoffa? While introducing the P-BO, Hoffa, referring to the crowd, told the P-BO, “this is your army. We are ready to march. Let's take these son of bitches out this.” When the P-BO took the stage after Hoffa, he didn’t remind the union thug of the new civility he has called for. Instead he said he was "proud" of Jimmy Hoffa and other labor leaders. I guess that would include the union thugs who trashed the WI state capitol.

Hoffa’s a worthless union creep. Fine. We get it. If he wants to round up his army of unemployed union thugs and go around the country causing trouble and defacing public landmarks, go for it. Union membership falls every year. It’s below 12% of the total workforce. Were it not for states and companies forcing union membership the number would fall below 5%. So follow your thug instincts Jimmy.

There’s an election next Nov and I think it’s in the nation’s interest to see you, Trumka, Stern and the rest of the union “leadership” doing what you do best, causing trouble and destruction that the tax payer has to put right when you move on to the next moronic cause. The lower your membership dives, the louder and more destructive you should become. And by all means go after a group of Americans who call themselves Tea Partiers. They wear funny hats. They dress in red white and blue. They clean up after their rallies. They have never caused one bit of trouble, except for the pols at town halls when they ask a question and demand an honest answer. They are a good easy target. They won’t cause any trouble for you…until Election Day

So, sure we get it. Union thugs are destructive leeches sucking productivity out of the American work place. But what about the P-BO? This royal walking talking piece of excrement, allows his @$$clown VP to call us terrorists. He allows Maxi Waters to tell us to go to hell. He allows Fredrica Wilson to call us the enemy and has even said so himself. He allows Andre Carson to say that we want to see blacks hanging from trees. Now he says he’s proud of Hoffa for calling us “son of bitches.”

NOTE TO HOFFA: Your union affiliate English teacher probably didn’t teach about plurals. Unless you were referring to a single person who was the product of many bitches, the correct phrase would be “sons of bitches.”

Do you recall the good Joe Wilson? He was the guy who spoke the truth from the house gallery when he famously shouted at the P-BO, “You lie.” He was excoriated by the press, by the Demo-Dopes, and yes by the Republicans for his outburst. He apologized. On the other hand, everyone it seems who has a policy disagreement with the clueless half-wit in the White House has to be a racist. The left and prominent Demo-Dopes can say whatever they want about us without so much as a peep from $h!t for brains liar in chief or even one of his minions.  There is never an apology.

You have to give the Demo-Dopes credit. When one there group steps out of line, they close ranks and insist nothings wrong. When one Republican challenges the P-BO on anything, you can count on him being referred to as an unhinged racist by the MSM and Demo-Dopes. Then, almost like clockwork, you can count on some Republican to chip in. “Well my good friend from FL shouldn’t have said that the P-BO’s policies are bankrupting the county. We don’t need that kind of over heated rhetoric.”

That’s why I’ve not given ten cents to the Republican Party in 10 years now.

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