Thursday, August 20, 2015

Women in the Army Rangers, suuuuuure they met all of the standards...that they could

The Army Rangers are going to graduate two women this week.  Color me skeptical that the women met the same standards as men.  Like the Shrilldabeast swearing that no classified material crossed her server, the wannabe generals will swear standards were not compromised.  Even if that is true what does it say about the standards for that "elite" fighting force?

We all know how it works.  If three pull ups are the min and Suzy can only do one, the leadership looks the other way and tells everyone Suzy did three.  Then the leadership decides being able to complete three pull ups isn’t even that big a deal and deletes the requirement altogether. 

“Why?  Because pull ups aren’t a good indicator of upper body strength?”

“No.  They are an excellent indication of upper body strength.”

“Well, why then?”

“Simple, the pull ups have to go away because women do not have the upper body strength to do them.”

“So isn’t that an indication that women do not have the upper body strength to be Rangers?”

“No.  Not at all.  It’s an indication that pull ups are a sexist exercise that have no place in today’s PC military.”

I do not think ISIS will be as PC as the Pentagon wannbe gens.  None of this will end until a unit is wiped out somewhere.  But congrats to the new Ranger gals.

Lefty Lib science
It’s mid Aug and the temperature is not going to hit 80 degrees for the next couple of days here in Ft. Wayne, IN.  Don’t worry warm-mongers.  Car thermometers of autos parked on the blacktop at the Kroger at noon will still read in the upper 90s and what more proof do you really need that the planet is turning into a cinder right under our feet.

This is how stupid these people are.  This dope congressman (but really are there any other kind?)actually thinks his car thermometer is an accurate way to determine the ambient temperature.  I always wondered why the thermometer in my car parked in the garage would read 43 degrees in the winter when I started it when I knew it was much, much colder out.  Then magically the outside temp reading would drop while I drove up the lane.   It's crazy.  I cannot figure it out.

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