Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Right on cue

After releasing his plan on immigration, Donald Trump didn’t even have time to call someone a fat loser before the chattering class was telling anyone would listen to them shout, that the plan wouldn’t work.  What part of the plan?  Building the wall?  Defunding sanctuary cities?  Deporting all illegals?  Putting more border patrol agents on the border?  Ending the anchor baby loophole in the Constitution?  All of it!  None of it makes any sense according to people who talk about what other people are talking about.

I have to say, it makes sense to me.  The reason these things have not worked in the past is because Caligula, D.C. weasels were looking for votes on one side and cheap labor on the other. Trump has correctly poked both in the eye.  So of course they are going to close ranks and say the plan is unworkable.  The plan is workable.  The only problem with the plan is the people who are supposed to work to make the plan law don’t work. 

Just because the anchor baby provision is difficult, the senile drunk, thieving, liars in Caligula say the entire plan is unworkable.   

I cannot believe that not a minute goes by where Donald Trump is not dominating the news cycle.  He’ll be dominating again today because of the new VA scandal in CA.  He’ll be out there again telling us what a horrible job John McCain is doing for veterans and how much he loves the vets.

The big problem with trying to beat Trump is that he’s right.  Immigration is the biggest threat to America.  His plan get to the heart of the problem.  McCain and the rest of the 100+ year old Caligula, D.C. crowd have f-ed the VA, IRS, DoJ, EPA and everything else they touch up beyond all recognition.  Attacking the ruling class in Caligula is popular because they are about 98% lying thieving bastards.

At some point someone is going to have to figure out how to beat Trump to the news cycle.  But no one would ever attack John McCain for being horrible for veterans.  Trump does and he gets news headlines because he’s right.

Catholics try to thread the Boy Scouts needle
BSA recently allowed homosexuals to act as adult leaders.  Lex predicted this move.  The BSA said that religious Scout troops could continue to restrict their leadership to reflect their deeply held religious beliefs.  Oh, how nice of them.

In the Aug 9th edition of Today’s Catholics the National Catholic Council on Scouting announced that Catholic sponsored BSA troops would continue to down the road to perdition with the BSA.  Lex fired off note to the leadership.

For Mr. Edward Martin and Father Michael Hanifin

I read in the August 9th issue of Today’s Catholic a quote: “Our youth don’t want to leave Scouting…Let’s continue this important journey together and pray for the future of Scouting.”  News flash:  It doesn’t matter whether they want to leave Scouting or not, Scouting has already left them.

The one thing we know about the radical homosexual movement is that they are never satisfied.  As such they will continue their assault on Scouting until it becomes untenable for anyone who maintains a Biblical reference for marriage, or Biblical reference to anything else for that matter.  There is already a proposal for a merit badge for Sexual Ethics.  Sounds innocent enough.  Is there any doubt where it will end up?  It will be a course in normalizing any and all sexual choices as co-equal, men and men OK.  Men and two men OK.  Men and boys OK.  Men who “identify” as women OK. 

Your position on the BSA reminds me of a woman in an abusive marriage.  Time after time she get slapped around, and she says, “We’ll just have to continue our important journey together and pray he doesn’t hit me again.”  She’s going to get hit again. 

How are you going to maintain a Catholic standard when the Scouts attend events outside the troop and council?  You should realize that the BSA has placed you in a totally untenable position.  The BSA’s insistence on catering to the militant homosexual agenda is going to force you to quit the BSA at some point – probably sooner than you think.  You should just get on with it by making a clean and amicable break with the BSA today and move Catholic sponsored troops to Trail Life USA.         

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