Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Empty Suit takes aim at the poor with energy policy. You'll pay the bill.

The Empty Suit channeled his inner Pope Homer in his announcement that as Supreme All-Knowing Exalted and Absolute Ruler he will direct the EPA to shut down coal fired power plants there-by making it too expensive for poor people to heat their homes.  OK not exactly.  But that will be the unintended/intended consequences of his illegal and boneheaded CO2 limits.

But no worries.  When the power rates become too expensive TES and the Dopes will, as always, have you pay for it.  Abortion is the law of the land - fine.  Well not fine, but it is what it is.  But the Dopes take it one step further and have you pay for the benefit that they use to buy votes.  They do it with abortion and birth control.  They do it with all manner welfare.  You pay and the Dopes get the votes. 

The same will happen when energy prices necessarily go through the roof.  Rather than admit that it is their BS policies wreaking havoc on energy prices they will simply pass the cost onto you.  They invoke some kind excise tax like they do with cell phones so that the Dopes can take your hard earned money and use it to buy votes.

Now even if you are like Pope Homer and have bought into the farce that is global warming cooling climate change, TES’s proposed crushing of the coal industry will have zero effect on the global climate.  OK next to zero.  EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy admitted that the steps being taken would only prevent .01 degrees Celsius of warming.  That clueless guess, like the rest of the global warm-mongering BS, is in all likelihood wrong.  But let’s pretend for the first time ever the warm-mongers are telling the truth and have gotten it right.  You’re going to turn the coal and energy industries on their heads with all of the associated human misery for .01 degrees?  YGBSM.  

No worries.  Men in the coal industry will receive 875 weeks of unemployment from the Dopes and the American taxpayer will subsidize the increased cost of heating and cooling for Dope voters who won’t get a job to off-set the increase in energy costs that THEY voted for.

What’s really, really aggravating in all of this is this video from the co-founder of Greenpeace who explains why “climate change is a sham.”  Spoiler alert.  There hasn’t been any warming in over 20 years.   

IU homosexual friendly - awesome
Weird.  If the university forced them into a dorm the university would have its azz sued off.  But if they chose to self-segregate - like blacks – well then that is totally OK.  Totally.  The troubling thing about this story to me as parent paying tuition there is that IU has a “Gender Studies” department.  WTF?  How can that be?  A club maybe, a class for true idiots possibly, but an entire academic department, YGBSM.

Tragedy of Sandra Bland
Sandra Bland is the black woman who committed suicide in her jail cell after a traffic stop in TX.  Turns out she was in jail for a couple of days before ending it all.  Now her family is outraged.  Not outraged enough to have gone down and gotten their family member out of jail on bail mind you but none-the –less outraged that non-family members showed about as much interest in Ms. Bland as her family before she passed.  I dunno maybe it is too much to expect someone other than the state to come to the aid of such people.  Or maybe I have it all wrong.  The family was holding a vigil right there in county jail while MS. Bland languished in jail.

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