Monday, November 07, 2011

The end of the Cain lynching

Lemmesee, there were unspecified charges of sexual harassment, strangely “not of a sexual nature”, made by anonyms sources against Herman Cain. The MSM response was that Herman Cain needed to answer the charges. First off, what charges? Does anyone to this day know what the charges are? Anyhoo, Cain did answer the charges. He said he never sexually harassed anyone in his life. Charge answered, right? Wrong.

Not good enough. The woman was bound by a confidentiality agreement, so I guess it was up to Cain to speak for her and then defend himself. Cain’s answer was he never sexually harassed anyone in his life. Not good enough. After all these are serious charges. So the gal’s lawyer asked that his client be released from the confidentiality agreement. She was. She still refuses to talk.

So there is nothing left but for the MSM loons to go after Cain. His response is that he never sexually harassed anyone in his life. Damn him!

Now much is being made of the way Cain handled the non-scandal. Sure he survived the week, but his response to a scandal he’d known about for 12 years was somehow troubling. After all, is stating over and over that you never sexually harassed anyone in your life really even a strategy against charges of sexual harassment?

Now the media are certain that Cain just got lucky. Sort of like wasting two trump cards on tricks that your partner already had and somehow still winning the hand. If he can’t handle this, he’s just not skilled enough to win the nomination, is the new mantra.

Well here’s what they might be missing. Maybe if you just tell the truth, you don’t need a “strategy.” Maybe the truth is some sort of super trump card that cancels everything else out. Maybe the fact that he says he never sexually harassed anyone in his life, absent any proof that did, is still good enough for fair minded people.

In one way, I’m sort of glad this came out this early. It sort of inoculates Cain and even other candidates from this type of unsupported character assignation by the media. The human detritus that makes up 99% of the MSM are PO’d that this didn’t work. You can see them sitting around the “news desks” and editorial tables all across America asking each other WTF (win the future)? We had him. We made the charges. And all he had was that he never sexually harassed anyone in his life. Now after 1,000s of stories, he’s a hero, bringing in tens of thousands of dollars every day, and we’re looking like hatchet men for the Demo-Dope party. Damn it!

But like a little kid who wants to stop at McDonald’s, he doesn’t stop asking just because dad said no; then, hell no; then, be quiet; then, if you ask again, we’re never ever going to McDonald’s as long as I live. After investing so much, they just can’t let it go.

Last bit on this. The MSM who broke and perpetuated this story with out so much as single shred of evidence are what most of us hate about these jackasses. Hey they had the allegation. No, they didn’t. To have an allegation it would seem to me, that before you try destroy a person’s presidential campaign, you would have to put a name and face to that allegation.

If that crap can count as journalism, then I have half a dozen anonyms drug dealers who say, because the P-BO never had a job in life, he paid for his crack cocaine habit with oral sex. Well how else would he afford the drug habit he admits? Now he has to spend the next week answering the charge. Funny thing is he can’t say, “I never had a drug habit in my life.” He’ll need a strategy to handle these charges.

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