Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The world teeters

The world is a mess. The Arab Spring unsurprisingly has led to the rise militant Islamo-Terror-Fascists in Egypt and Libya. The ITF vow to wipe out Israel. Iran is on the brink of developing nuclear weapons. They vow to use them on Israel. The Israelis, absent leadership from their heretofore stalwart ally the United States could take matters into their own hands and set off a regional conflict that could easily become a worldwide conflagration. They may already have taken the first step. This morning, there are reports of an Iranian missile base being destroyed by an unknown explosion.

Europe is also a mess with rumors of the collapse of the Euro surfacing every other day. Our own dope has pledged “to do what we can” to easy the insability in the Euro Zone. Think about that. Isn’t that sort of like a skid row bum standing around the trash can fire saying, “I want to buy a Bugatti.” He looks at another bum and asks, “Will you help me?” The other bum replies, “Well, you know, I’ll do what I can.” We’re 15 trillion in debt. I can’t see barrowing from the Chinese to bail out Europe.

Europeans are turning to Germany to bail out the Euro Zone. Since May 8th, 1945, the Germans and much of the rest of free Europe have been able to rebuild their countries and economies unburdened by the need for a credible national defense which has been provided for them by the United States. So what to do with all of that unspent defense capital?

Back in the 70s the European eggheads all got together and decided that together they could form an economic alliance that could rival the United States. In 1991, 15 countries formed the European Union. In 1999 11 of the EU countries went all in and dumped their own currency in favor of the Euro. A little over a decade later, the thing is a mess. Greece and Italy decided that since their fiscal insanity was being backed by the Germans and French they could continue to heap more and more largess onto the key voting blocks.

Now, the Germans are getting sick of bailing out unsustainable social spending in countries, not their own. The house of cards is about to collapse. This is pretty predictable. It’s no different than the Little Red Hen who gathered, sowed, reaped and milled the wheat, baked the bread and cleaned the kitchen. All the while, the rest of the barnyard animals sat about. When the bread was cooked all wanted an equal share of the reward irrespective of their effort in gathering supplies, baking and cleaning up kitchen. And doesn’t that just about sum up OWS?

It is now the time of reckoning. But how does a country extract itself from a union that it entered into without some pretty harsh backlash? It’s like a divorce, there’s never a good time for it. Well, we’ll wait until we get through the holidays. Well, we’ll wait until we get the kids through school. Well, we’ll wait until we get our finances squared away. Germany is probably hoping for a three month window of stability when it can say, “OK well everything looks rosy. You guys take care. We’ll always be best of friends, right? See ya.” Someone always has hurt feelings and spends an inordinate amount of time trying to "get even."  Anyway, the window for Germany is probably several years away.

But hey there’s good news for the Europeans. The former head of the House Banking Committee, Barney Frank, is going to be available. That’s right, I see that Madam Frank is retiring. This piece of crap is exactly what is wrong with Washington DC. 16 years in congress for some dope who ran a male prostitution wing out his basement. I wonder, was Jerry Sandusky was a client? By insisting that the government should back home loans to people who had no means to pay the money back, he was also partly responsible for the near collapse of the American financial system! Then after nearly destroying the system, the douche bag who caused all the problems gets to write the bill that is supposedly going to fix the whole thing. That is Washington DC in a nutshell. Screw something so badly the entire nation is thrown into chaos, and then you get to write the bill that “fixes” the problem you created. It is exactly like when the dopes who destroyed the CIA and FBI ability to collect intelligence, then sat as inquisitors wondering why the CIA and FBI couldn’t uncover the 9-11 attacks. Good riddance you blubbering buffoon. But our loss could be the Euro Zone’s gain.

Some how I’m not offended by this: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/whiteface-performance-artist-stirs-race-controversy-in-harlem-you-still-a-nier/

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