Friday, November 18, 2011

Time to re-occupy the basement

Mom!  I guess I'll be coming home now.  Can I get my room back?  Did you clean it?

Well it would seem the dim wits who at first embraced the movement of misfits, anarchists, socialists and fascists called Occupy Wall Street have tired of stepping around piles of human waste left on the sidewalks by their heretofore imagined political allies. Even if their cause were just, few Americans would approve of crapping on and in everything in sight to make the point. We see that kind of behavior at the zoo. We choose not to embrace it on our city streets.

So the movement that once had favor in polls is now a political liability. So, savvy pols who read the polls and who were once buddies with and insisted the movement was model of free speech in America, are now using front end loaders and cops in riot gear to put a piece of figurative duck tape over the movement’s mouth.

It was never so much what was being said in the squallier of the OWS camps that so alarmed people. Americans are so used to hearing lunatic, undecipherable, un-American crap that we have formed an entire political party around those spewing it. It’s called the Democratic Party or on this page the Demo-Dope party. Although, saying you were going to fire bomb Macy’s, or wished that there were 911 more 9-11s seems a bit over the top even for the Dopes.

I think it was the scatter logical aims of the group along with the rapes, assaults, damage to private property and even the financial impact on cities and business that finally had the lame brained pols answering the wake up call. Michael Bloomberg is the perfect case in point. Stay as long as you like he insisted at first. Then as the OWS camp began to look and smell like a third world land fill, he said, let us in to clean it up for you. Sort of like mom cleaning a teenager’s room, after insisting for weeks it was up to jr. to get the job done. She finally gives in when the room becomes a threat to the family’s health and the smell can no longer be masked by a closed door and half a bottle of air freshener. In the case of NYC, the teenager gave mom the finger and told her to f%$k off. Bloomberg was OK with the rebuff.

Then the polls shifted and the American people had had enough. So Bloomberg did what any good pol standing upon a moral foundation of shifting sand would do, he called in the cops. He told the OWS morons it was for their own good. Sort of like mom calling dad in to get jr. by the ear, drag him on to the front lawn and hose him off all the while insisting, this is hurting me more than you son.

It is all the mayors’ of these cities fault that this crap (literally) piled up and went on for so long. Had they just enforced the city’s laws from day one, all of the rape and squallier could have been avoided, not to mention millions in clean up costs and police overtime required to monitor the morons. You can bet if a Boy Scout troop had tried to set up on city property without a permit and paying the appropriate fee, they’d be yanked out of there at sundown. But they’d never do that to begin with. So the mayor doesn’t have to worry. It’s only a Lib crowd that complains about the lawlessness of Wall St. or the man, or the war, or free education, free drugs, free housing, free food, free electricity, environmentally conscious crowd that creates it own environmental toxic waste hazard that it calls a “camp” that is allowed themselves to be lawless.  The mayors were OK with it until it became a political liability.

I’m pretty sure King Douche and his side kick Queen Grand Fran had nice words for the OWS crowd in the beginning. I have not heard much from them lately. They certainly should have some of the blame for the mess that their Demo-Dope base has created placed on their narrow boney shoulders - his indistinguishable from hers.

So now the crowds are being dispersed sent to reoccupy mom’s basement or a city jail cell. They will re-emerge in the spring when the weather warms, because these are true fair weather patriots. I wonder if the cities learned anything from this mess?

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