Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Lefty Lib led tax revolt might just work - let's hope so

There’s a lot going on.  Let’s hit it.

Lefty Lib led Tax Revolt
In the past I recall Lex advocating for taxpayers withholding a $100 of their taxes to give the middle finger to the Caligula, D.C. ruling class buttheads.  Of course advocating breaking the law to – for the most part – law abiding conservatives is a non-starter. 

Well when the left starts to advocate breaking the law to people who have no problem whatsoever breaking the law, sanctuary cities, support for illegal aliens, AntiFa violence, Back Thugs Matter violence, ignoring federal drug laws, gun running to Mexican drug cartels, weaponizing the federal government to attack political enemies, etc. etc. a lefty Lib led tax boycott - over PDJT – becomes a very real possibility. 

The two big problems I see with this type of protest for Left Libs is that 1) the few who actually work and pay taxes have probably already been boycotting the tax system for years; 2)  the ones that don’t work, and let’s just face it the welfare class is a rather large percentage of the Dope vote, have nothing to withhold anyway and 3) (I know I said two but this just crossed my mind and that’s how this page works) the largest portion of taxes are withheld by employers, so how would a Lefty Lib get that money back?

I’m not really against a taxpayer revolt against the ruling class buttheads running Caligula, D.C. no matter who the president is, because the Caligula, D.C. waste is ubiquitous no matter which party controls the lever government.  As Pat Buchanan has said, the two parties are just different wings of the same bird.   

I’m bipartisan on this issue, so good luck to the Lefty Libs tax revolt.

Don’t worry, the government is there to help
Most reasonable people agree that if you want to screw something up, get the government involved in making it “better.”  The latest one word proof of that axiom is – healthcare.  Nuf said.  If the government were put in charge of sand in Sahara, in week there’d be a shortage.  Hey, you said “Nuf said” then added the sand thing.  Yeah, just thought of it, that’s how this page works.

So the government was upset by the Sandy Hook school shooting so they made a law that people with mental disorder cannot own guns.   Sounds reasonable enough.   Who gets to decide what a “mental disorder” is?  Won’t this make people with “mental disorders” avoid treatment? 

I’m of the opinion that everyone has a “mental disorder.”  Too fat, too thin, too neat, too messy, drinks too much, won’t drink, vegans, transgenders, Bengals fans, too fastidious, too slovenly, the list can go on forever.  Who chooses which “disorders” disqualify you from exercising your 2nd amendment rights?  I guarantee you there will come a day when Demo-dopes declare faith a “mental disorder.”  If you think that farfetched, they have already pretty much declared pro-lifers off tier rockers. 

I think anyone who does not have at least one “mental disorder” is himself mentally disordered.  We call people with these one off things quirky.  When Dopes run the legal system in places like WI they declare people with differing political opinions criminals and no-knock predawn SWAT raids against them.

So here, here and here’s what happens when congress passes “common sense” gun control laws.  People with not a wit of common sense execute them.  They use the law to criminalize politics that disagree with.

Government foul ups are not restricted to gunsGrowing tomatoes is also suspicious activities for the idiot in government.

Instead of “common sense” gun restrictions, what we really need is common sense government restrictions.   Seems to me term restrictions is a good place to start.

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