Monday, July 31, 2017

PDJT shaking things up

There’s been a shakeup at the White House.  This has the usual suspects up in arms claiming confusion at the White House and wondering why PDJT is shaking things up. 

It’s easy.  There’s a management style - Deming I think - that uses the maxim, constant change, constant improvement.  Para phrased by USMC wise guys – constant change, constant confusion. It may look like confusion to the outsider but it makes perfect sense to the manager. 

It’s like the baseball manager that make a 7 player changer in the bottom of the 8th inning. As nearly every player takes up a new position, it looks like confusion to outsider.  The play by play guy tries to explain it but has no idea what’s going through the mind of the manager making the player changes.  It all plays out as batter by batter the reasons for the changes – confusion - reveal themselves.

PDJT’s changes will all play out in time.  Pribus is out.  Kelley is in.  Opening DHS for a move for Sessions to allow for a new AG who will not recuse himself on the Russia thing and will rein in Muller, appoint a special counsel for the Dope collusion with Russians and open an investigation into all things Shrillda the Hutt, Billbo Billy Boy Clinton and their dumb as a hoe handle off spring and their money laundering “foundation.” 

That will cause the MSM, Lefty Libs (1 in the same) and Rat establishment Republicans to just about come off the rails.  Sara Huckabee Sanders and the Mooch - part of the 7 player change - will keep them in line, one with no non-sense answers to questions, the other with profanity laced tirades about what one-sided losers they are.  

Meanwhile ReRs warning about a “constitutional crisis” if Sessions or Muller is fired will be left with nothing.  Sessions wasn’t fired.  He was moved to left field.  Muller isn’t fired, he’s being overseen by an AG doing his job and being counter balanced by a Special Counsel doing a tit for tat “investigation” of Dopes and Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

When Muller indicts anyone PDJT can let be known it’s a waste of time as a full Presidential pardon will follow any indictment.  When Comey, high-level Dopes and the Clintons are faced with indictment, Dopes in congress will beg the new AG to fire Muller and the Special Counsel looking into Dope reprobates. 

Sessions was lone voice of opposition in the go along to get along Republican Party fighting Dope/ReR amnesty proposals.  Moving Sessions to DHS is a smart move for PDJT and Sessions.  PDJT might consider nominating and use a recess appointment to place a guy like Joe Degenova as new the AG.  That move – putting a no non-sense partisan in as AG – would scare the excrement out of the crooked as hell Dopes and send the Trump Derangement Syndrome crowd heading for the fainting couch. 

White House Petition
The White House Petition started Friday by Lex calling for the recall of AK Senator Lisa the liar Murkowski already has one person signed up.  Only 99,000 to go.  Thanks for the overwhelming support.  One more push ought to put it over the top.

PDJT channels Lex
It isn’t over until PDJT says its over.  That well known paraphrase from Animal House is the best way to explaine PDJT’s refusal to let the repeal and replacement of Robertscare issue go. 

Lex said a long, long time ago the first move in repealing and replacing Robertscare was to strip Congress of their healthcare subsidy.  These Caligula, D.C. ruling class weasels have exempted for the BS that foist on the rest of us.  PDJT is threatening to end that BS today. 

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