Monday, July 17, 2017

MSM treasonous bastards

Welcome devoted readers.  Let’s hit it.

If you want to build a case for treason, fuggetabout DJT Jr.  Let’s start with the MSM.  There is no single event or person that can be charged with the crime.  Taken as a whole over time though the evidence is clear that the MSM has been on a jihad against America, American culture and freedom.  For the last 40 years – probably longer – the MSM has been like sunlight poring through the window of a tailor’s shop in Seoul South Korea onto Danny Mayer’s dark blue suit.

Mayer bought the suit while on liberty during the yearly Bear Hunt exercise.  It was supposed to be ship to his quarters on Okinawa, Japan.  It never was.  When I was headed back to Korea a year later, Danny asked me to stop by the shop and ask about the suit.  I did.  It was hanging in the shop’s window.  As a result of a year’s worth of sun light, the left shoulder of Danny Mayer’s beautiful suit was about 4 shades lighter than the rest of the suit.*

NOTE:  On returning the suit, I thought I’d be hailed a hero.  Oddly, Danny blamed me for the damaged suit.  He said I should have demanded that the suit be remade.  He’s probably right.  The only thing I could come up with was:  A year ago you thought you’d been totally ripped off.  Well, now at least you have a pair of trousers you can wear and an excellent story with a suit jacket to prove it.  Why are you mad at me for recovering your lost suit?

Interesting side note to the note:  When I went into the shop and I asked for “Johnny”, the tailor who sold Danny the suit, the guy said, “Johnny fired.  Johnny F__K everything up.”  So I told the guy the story about Danny’s suit.  He was baffled.  Well, I happened to see a Harris Tweed suit hanging in the window that resembled the one Charlie Rourke had bought at the same time.  Charlie, a former Naval Academy lineman, was a large man and the suit hung to floor, a good 8” past everything else on the rack, which is how it caught my eye.  So I walked over, and as was the custom in Seoul tailor shops, they had embroidered Charlie’s name on the inside pocket.  It was then that I noticed a dark blue suit and wala Danny’s name was stitched on the inside pocket.

The point is, yes there’s a point to all of this, that the MSM has had the same deleterious effect on America over the last 40 years that the sun light had on Danny Mayer’s suit coat.  The coat wasn’t destroyed in day, but rather day-by-day.  If I were forced to pin point the exact day and time, I’d point to February 27, 1968, at about 6:28 pm.  that was when Wally Cronkite delivered his infamous declaration that Vietnam War was lost after the US delivered the Viet Cong a massive butt kicking during Tet.  After Tet, the Viet Cong were never able to reconstitute to an effective level and the fighting fell to almost exclusively to North Vietnamese regulars.  But there’s Wally, the most trusted man in America, telling us the war was lost while good men were still on the ground fighting – al la Harry the roach Reid.

To be fair to Wally, the affect that Tet had on the Viet Cong was probably not known until years later.  But Wally never issued an apology or even a clarification when the truth about Tet was known.  And still, there are no more Ernie Pyle’s in American journalism.  They all might as well be foreign correspondents more interested in delivering another small cut to Gulliver in the hope of bringing the giant down.  If you can cut the giant enough, he will eventually fall.

The MSM are all Joe Scarboroughs now. Joe made a big deal about leaving the Republican Party.  Joe, what took you so long?  I left years ago.  Joe left because the Party wasn’t enough like him. I left because the Party was too much like him.  Leaving the Republican Party because of PDJT is like leaving Ford because it builds Corvettes.  It doesn’t. 

PDJT is popular precisely because he isn’t a Republican or a Dope.  Both establishments as well as the MSM despise PDJT which accounts for his popularity among people who just want to make America great again.   To the Rat establishment Republicans, the Demo-Dopes and the MSM, those very words are like Joe Scarborough’s music – a horrible sound.      

Pope Benedict says Catholic Church is on the verge of capsizing
Well duh.  Like everything communists touch, it rolls downhill to ruin.  The Catholic Church is not immune to this immutable rule.  So if you put a commie at the head of the organization, what do expect?

Fox News as unwatchable as the rest
Every segment, it seems, is set up to be a shout fest.  There’s some reliably dislikable Lefty Lib interrupting and shouting over some timid half-baked “conservative” who ought to say, “STFU!” to the lefty but never does as the “conservative” cedes nearly every point to the Lefty Lib. 

Fox News’ Charles Krauthammer, Shep Smith, Chris Wallace and others are now regulars on CNN as that Very Fake News Network loops the Fox crew’s scathing critiques of DJT Jr.  Well here’s a news flash, DJT Jr. isn’t President of the United States. 

And, no, I still do not give a crapola about DJT Jr.’s meeting with the Russian lawyer,  or any story subsequently proven to be untrue about it.  To my mind the more people at the meeting the less likely it makes it that there was any collusion.  The old adage: Two people can keep a secret only if one of them is dead – comes to mind.  Who in their right mind sets up a meeting for 8 to discuss collusion with a hostile foreign power?  The Clintons have piled lie on top of lie their entire public careers and the Lefty Libs don’t give a hoot.  I’ll start caring about DJT Jr. when they start demanding that Shrillda the Hutt be prosecuted

Until then I’m devotee to old movies and cartoons which are more real than anything on TV news including Fox.

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