Wednesday, July 12, 2017

DJT Jr. kerfuffle - Lex couldn't care less

Hallo freedom lovers.  Let’s hit it.

It’s probably impossible to explain away a meeting between DJT Jr. and a Russian lawyer thought to be a meeting to discuss Op-O research on Shrillda the Hutt provided by the Russian government.  No explanation, no matter how innocent, will sooth the ache deep inside Demo-Dopes, Rat establishment Republicans and the MSM suffering from even the mildest case of Trump Derangement Syndrome and still in a deep depression at the shock of the Hutt getting her ample butt kicked.  So why try?

Let me put this as plainly as I can.  I DO NOT CARE.  I don’t care because:

-Dopes didn’t care when Teddy Kennedy drowned a woman.
-Dopes didn’t care when Billbo Billyboy Clinton was diddling the help.
-Dopes didn’t care when their wonder kid lied about diddling the help.
-Dopes didn’t care when Gary Studs raped a congressional page.
-Dopes didn’t care when the Hutt set up private e-mail server.
-Dopes didn’t care when the Hutt lied repeatedly about the server.
-Dopes didn’t care when Dick Durbin compared US troops to the Soviets running the gulag.
-Dopes didn't care when TES traded 5 Islamo-Terror-Fascists for a traitor.
-Dopes didn't care when TES PAID the Iranians for putting them on the path to nuclear weapons.
-Dopes didn’t care when John Kerry claimed US troop were “firebombing civilians.”
-Dopes didn’t care when Ted Kennedy smeared Robert Bork
-Dopes didn’t care when they tried to smear Justice Thomas.
-Dopes didn’t care when Harry the roach Reid declared a war US troops were still in the field fighting “lost.”
-Dopes didn’t care when they stripped prayer from their convention only to reintroduce it when it polled badly.
-Dopes didn’t care when The Empty Suite colluded with Russia when he told the Russians he’d have “more flexibility after the election.”
-Dopes don’t care when conservatives are threatened by their AntiFa mob.
-Dopes don’t care when illegal aliens kill and maim US citizens.
-Dopes told me Russia was our friend during the 2012 election cycle (The 1980s called and want their foreign policy back.)
-Dopes consider a defense of Western Civilization racist.
-Dopes set the meeting up in the first place as sting for DJT.
-Dopes met with Ukrainians and Chinese for the same purposes.
-I cannot stand the Dope the Party, ReRs and the MSM.
-I cannot stand Shrillda the Hutt.
-Anything that would keep that socialist/communist out the White House short of murder or other physical harm is fine with me.    
-If the Russians had information on the Hutt that would keep her out of the White House, I’d want it released.
-Neal Gorsuch has been confirmed to the Supreme Court.
-Most of all, I don’t care because absolutely nothing came of the meeting.

Okay time to move on.  You get the point.  But Lex!  But Lex!  That’s a double standard!  Yes it is.  Another reason I don’t care.  Dopes do it all of the time. F-em.

There is good news in all of this.  The usual suspects are running at about 200 miles per hour downhill and leaning farther and farther out over the their skies.  The inevitable crash is going to be spectacular.  Dopes, MSNBC and CNN are in rare form.  TREASON!  Collusion!  Proof of a willingness to commit TREASON and/or COLLUSION!  Possibly a probable indication that perhaps something maybe significant but not proven could conceivably have occurred at some time somewhere that might prove collusion but has yet to develop or to be proven but is definitely a possibility if it could be proven which it can’t at this time which is why we need to continue the investigation.  Even though nothing came of the meeting this meeting cost the rightful President of the United States her right to occupy the Oval Office!

My guess/hope is that this will pass leaving the usual suspects writhing on the ground in agony as PDJT blithely goes on his way as if nothing has happened.

As always, the biggest problem for PDJT is not the Dopes or MSM.  It’s the rats in “his own party.”   The same congress that has yet to talk to Lo Lynch and/or Billyboy about their tarmac meeting, hasn’t talked to the intel chick who reported Sue Rice unmasked Gen Flynn, hasn’t talked to Sue Rice, now say they are considering bringing in DJT Jr. to testify.  YGBSM.  What a bunch of feckless punks.

Stopping leaks:  Why doesn’t the White House institute a policy of requiring scheduled and random lie detector tests for White House employees?   

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From the Griffin. I am still digesting fed funding of $150k to Kawerak Social Science group in bigfoot research. Fools in the highest.