Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Taking on the "blame America" crowd

Greetings to all of the well-informed.  Let’s hit it.

Further take on the G-20
Better to call it the G-0.  Zero impact (except Ivanka sitting at a table).  Zero interest (except protesters). 

Charlie Gard
I suspect this child is a gonner.  That said, when did Western Civilization cede the decision of whether or not to seek lifesaving care for your child up to the government?   I sure as heck do not want some lefty lib judge deciding if I get a lifesaving operation after he stumbles across this page.

Blaming America First
In a letter to local fish wrap, Tim Tiernon blames America for creating a large percentage of the world’s war refugees.  That’s hogwash.  No doubt Tiernon would have blamed America for the hurricane when we showed up to help in Hatti.  Believing the JG is unlikely to publish the long letter sent yesterday, Lex tilted at this windmill as well.

Re: Resettling refugees, JG letter Jul 9, 2017

I agree with Tim Tiernon’s assertion that the intent of international refugee law is to provide temporary shelter for those effected.  That’s about where our agreement on the subject ends.

Tiernon applauds Ft. Wayne for accepting 7,000 refugees.  That decision is actually a heartless one.  Here’s why.  Relocation is the least cost effective means of caring for refugees.  The average five year cost for relocating a refugee from the Middle East to the United States is $64,370.  By contrast, the UN High Commission on Refugees requests only about $1,057 annually to assist Syrian refugees in neighboring countries. For what it costs to relocate one refugee to the United States the UNHCR can assist 12 refugees in the regions.

Relocating refugees to United States is akin to coming across a dozen starving people.  You have enough money to feed all 12, but instead you pluck one lucky guy out and take him to Eddie Merlot’s for dinner leaving the rest to go hungry.  Then, after dinner, you display your moral superiority by posting a picture to Facebook and telling all of your "friends" how you saved a hungry man by treating him to a steak dinner.  Of course you do not mention the 11 others you left to go hungry.

Then there’s Tiernon’s assertion that, “The united States is responsible for creating a large percentage of the world’s war refugees…”  That assertion is just plain false.  Why would any refugee seek refuge in the country responsible for his displacement in the first place?  That makes no sense.  After the Nanking massacre, were refugees seeking refuge in Japan?

The greatest number of refugees over the last 3 years have originated from Syria.  That country is run by a lunatic dictator, Bashar Assad.  Assad has gassed and persecuted anyone who opposes him.  Assad is responsible for Syria’s refugees – NOT the United States.

Here’s an inconvenient truth, the top five ongoing wars responsible for contributing the overwhelming percentage of the world’s refugees all involve radical Islam. 

Copy to:  Thom Bauer for the file

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