Thursday, July 06, 2017

CNN body slams self..again

Welcome back patriots.  Let’s hit it.

I was on a 3-4 day total news blackout over the extended weekend.  On the trip back I tuned into Rush Limbaugh and learned for the first time the PDJT body slamming the CNN logo meme.  It was a total YGBSM moment.  The first rule of being effectively lampooned is to ignore the lampooning lest the lampooner discover that his efforts are having the intended affect. 

CNN not only ignored the first rule of being lampooned the “righteous indignation” of nearly all of their talent made it clear to lampooner – PDJT – that his efforts had destroyed them.  Now instead of one meme out there mocking CNN there are maybe, what, 10,000,000.  Many of them are more damaging to the target – CNN – than the original GIF that made them howl.  There’s even a contest with generous prize money on the line that is certain to up the ante on creativity and total memes in circulation. 

If you have a talent for such things, here’s the interweb address for joining the fun.  The People’s Cube has some pretty good ones for consideration here.  I particularly enjoy the one of the CNN logo speeding down the road, hitting a bump, losing control and then exploding into flame.   I wonder what the original looked like and hope that it was some unmanned vehicle, because it is totally destroyed in a split second. 

NOTE: If you chose to participate, to avoid harassment from CNN, you might consider a disclaimer at the end of your submission:  No actual CNN logos were harmed in a greater degree than CNN has done destroying their own brand in the production of this meme.  Actually the disclaimer in itself would be a pretty good meme.  If you use it I expect my share of the prize money.  

My sense is that PDJT has done/ is doing to the CNN brand what he did to crooked Hillary, lyin’ Ted, low energy Jeb, tiny Marco et al.  My guess is that the worst thing that can happen to a serious news organization is no one taking them seriously.  CNN is well down the road on that honor.

CNN is now parody of a serious news organization.  The harder CNN fights back, the more stupid they look.  They actually went after the guy who posted the original meme – or the at least the one PDJT retweeted.  They threatened the guy and – possibly illegally – extorted an apology and cease and desist promise from the target.  Nothing like people who make a living on the back of the 1st Amendment squashing other people’s 1st Amendment rights.   I hope the target of CNN’s wrath gets offers from 1,000s of top level lawyers to sue CNN’s worthless azzes off. 

It turns out that the guy CNN targeted is probably not the originator or even the guy from whose account PDJT took his retweet. He’s just a random guy CNN harassed because he had himself just retweeted the GIF.  To make matter worse, if that’s possible, CNN bragged about using the weight of their investigative journalist and the power of the network to track down the wrong guy and extort an apology from him.  They are every bit the joke of Fake News that PDJT makes them out to be. 

Hey CNN!  Just remember the childhood rejoinder to mean tweets – Sticks and stones can break my bones, but memes will never hurt me.  You are rapidly becoming a total joke.  MSNBC if you were smart you’d wise up as well.

Faux tough guys challenge PDJT to fist fight
On PMSNBC – where else - some has been named Donny Deutsch challenged PDJT to afist fight.  Get in line Donny.  I vaguely recall Slow Joe Biden making the same offer behind a barn somewhere.  There are probably a half dozen Hollywood has beens trying to regain relevance by threaten PDJT.  So to all of you, it’s easy to act like a bad azz when you know that there is absolutely no way the other guy is going to take you up on the offer.  Also, PDJT is 71.  Deutsch and the others are well junior to PDJT.  So the whole thing is roughly like me challenging AFBro to a fist fight.  He lives more than 1,000 miles away, is 10 years my senior and will get yelled at by mom & dad if he so much as touches me.  So I’m thinking I’m pretty safe.

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