Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Recall Rat establishment Republicans

Greetings masses.  Let’s hit it.

As any of the 2-3 regular readers of this page know, Lex hasn’t been a big fan of any of the repeal and replace bills that seem to leave most of Robertscare in place and spend hundreds of millions of our tax dollars (the mob calls it a bribe) to coral a couple of recalcitrant senators.  My thinking has always been when you have a halfhearted work force you just have to get started getting the job done.  Bit by bit progress is made.  If you work hard enough and long enough at the task, eventually you reach an acceptable result.

Apparently there are more than a couple of Rat establishment Republicans who fear that very model and refuse to even start the process of unwinding Robertscare.

Who knew the Republican controlled senate was rife with lying, two-faced, BS Republican azzweasels?  Uh, well, everyone.  Okay repealing and replacing Robertscare was harder than the people with brains thought.  Having taken a dozen or more votes to do the deed when they were certain The Empty Suit would veto their efforts, now given PDJT’s vow to sing the bill, the lying, two-faced, BS Republican azzweasels are headed to the sewer grate to hide out with their butt buddies in the Demo-Dope Party where they are always the most comfortable.

Liars and cowards is not strong enough condemnation for these few, these precious few lying scumbags.  They are despicable, low-life weaklings akin to the guy that picks a bar fight with a biker gang then ducks out the backdoor as the trouble starts to let his “buddies” take the azz whippin’.

So repeal and replace is off the table.

On to a repeal alone vote.  Since the brave, brave ReRs voted this through a year or two ago, it should sail through, right?  Wrong.  The same weaklings are now pulling a John François Kerry.  They voted for the bill before they voted against it.  The weaklings should consider how that worked out for François who is now a washed up, has been, gold digging, fake war hero, lying politician.

If you believe the MSM, and why should you, there are currently four ReRs that say they will not even support a repeal alone bill with a two year window to “fix” Robertscare.  They are Rob Portman (ReR – OH), the reliably full of BS Susan Collins (ReR – ME), Lisa Murkowski (ReR – AK) and Shelly Capito (ReR – WV). 

Okay fine.  If I were the Ronna Romney-McDaniel, I’d pick a last name.  Then I’d call the four in and promise every one of them a primary challenge.  Then I’d promise each one of them a recall challenge.  I’d promise each one of them this is their last term.  There are 4-5 winnable seats coming up in mid-term election.  Better to have 3-4 known quantity azzbag Demo-Dopes than 3-4 lying, two-faced, BS Republican azzweasels.   I’d remind Capito PDJT won WV with 64% of the vote.  She’s done.

My guess is that if the four survive and Dopes take control of the senate more than one will pull an Arlen Spector and a la Benedict Arnold switch sides.

Fox News idiocy
I was forced to have FNC on in the background last night.  There were the usual suspects, Charles Krauthammer, Shep Smith, Brit Hume etc., all #NEVERTRUMPERS, calling the ReR betrayal on Robertscare a death blow. 

I’m not in that camp.  The continuing death spiral of Robertscare is 100% on the Demo-Dopes, and I think, if Republican vow to follow the Demo-Dope lead and do nothing it will collapse under its own weight.  That will achieve the end result - the death of Robertscare.

When faced with a problem, doing nothing is always the first option. The Republicans ought to take it, and beat Demo-Dopes like a drum with it.  It’s theirs.  They passed it sans even one Republican vote.  Dopes offer not so much as one vote to start the fix. 

On that note, is anyone else tired of hearing about what moderate and reasonable guy Joe Manchin is?  I’m am.  The guy is 100% a Chuckles the clown Schumer water carrier.

Flash mob of 500 teens throw bottles taunt officers in Philly
Yup, profiled it.

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The Griffin said...

It is now the will of most citizens versus the will of the Wash DC swells. The citizens have the momentum. The Griffin.