Friday, July 28, 2017

Rat establishment Republicans chicken out – SHOCKING!

Hard to believe ReR backed out of a 7 year promise.  Let’s hit it

While at VA’s Lake Anna over the 4th of July Weekend, I witnessed a young girl standing the edge of a low bridge getting ready to jump into the water, as we’d seen scores of kids do throughout the day.  She stood there while a boat load of friends and family encouraged to take “the last step.”  We putted by watching and hoping she’d screw up her courage and jump in. 

There she was, probably after years of telling the family for the 4th or 5th time, “This year I’m going to jump off that bridge.”  Probably in previous year’s mom and dad had told her, “Not this year honey.  Maybe next year.”  In previous years she’d begged to make the jump and got mad when mom and dad said no.

This year all signals were go.  She’d been asking for years to take the plunge.  Mom and Dad wouldn’t allow it.  This year they relented.  This year she was finally going to do it.  She probably had texted all her friends, “Going out to take that long awaited leap!  So excited!”  She might have had someone taking a picture from the waiting boat.  There she was one step from glory.

The longer the drama of the girl on the bridge went on, the more obvious it became she was not going to jump.  We watched as the girl got smaller and smaller as we putted away.  Then we turned back and the girl began to get larger.  Still standing in the exact same spot.  Looking down.  Hearing the encouragement of friend and family in the recovery boat. 

At last, another woman was seen walking across bridge.  She talked to the girl for a minute.  Then the girl climbed back over the bridge’s safety rail and walked off the bridge with the other woman.

That’s a true story.  That girl is an exact metaphor for the Rat establishment Republican Party’s Robertscare repeal/replace.  She was too afraid to take a step to glory.  The big difference between the girl and ReRs is that the girl’s decision hurt no one but her own self-esteem.   

After years of tough talk about killing Robertscare, knowing that The Empty Suit would veto their effort, with a president with pen and hand to sign their efforts, the ReR Party chickened out at fixing a bill that everyone knows the current situation is untenable.

Specifically three ReRs, Collins (no surprise), Murkowski (liar) and John I think I’ll take a walk across the aisle McCain. Every reasonable moderate Demo-Dope supported the bill.  Here’s the list:

Now there will be a “bi-partisan” bill, read Demo-Dope bill.  I guess we’ll see what we will see. 

Lex set up a White House Petition asking PDJT to travel to Alaska and announce the recall effort of lying Senator Lisa Murkowski.  Sign on here:  URL:  

I’m sure the response will be overwhelming forcing PDJT to adjust his plans and travel North to Alaska – Johnny Horton 1960 – this weekend.

Powerline channels Lex (Or maybe it’s the other way around)
Lex has made the same points made in this Powerline post – though not as cogently – several times.  I think the same case can made for the Lefty Libs assault on the US military with women in combat, gays, transgenders, dwarfs, paraplegics, the blind and mentally unstable, the usual “if they can do the job they should be allowed to serve” crowd whose only goal is making the US military a second-rate force.

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