Friday, July 14, 2017

Left just gets more and more unhinged

Well let’s try this one more time this week.  Let’s hit it.

Posterchild for the unhinged Lefty Lib Lunatics (L3) suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS)
Some Dope Maine state representative, Scott Hamann, was off his meds for his severe case of TDS when he released a long tirade on his facebook page that included this gem: “Trump is a half term president, at most, especially if I ever get within 10 feet of that pussy.”  There were other colorful references to PDJT including being a rapist, a Russian agent and what cuts the deepest with PDJT, a loser.

When Hamann was finally wrestled to the ground and administered a double dose of anti-TDS, 16oz of Bourbon, Hamann released an Emily Litella apology, “Never mind.”  Here’s an interesting pull from Hamann’s non-apology, apology:  “This is not language I typically use, it does not reflect my personal values and, while misguided, it was intended to make a visceral point about the devolving political discourse in America.”

So by Hamann’s logic, to point out “devolving political discourse in America” you devolve.  Makes sense to me.   Years ago, when I was asking Lex Jr. not to stand on the living room table, I did so while standing on the living room table.  When I was yelling at the dog yesterday not to poop in the yard, I was…never mind.

I can tell you this, Hamann can expect a visit from the Secret Service who take these types of threats very seriously.  I don’t like The Empty Suit.  I’ve called him plenty of names, none flattering.  But, I cannot recall ever threatening him - or anyone else for that matter on this page. 

My best “NEVER threaten the President of the United States” story.  I worked with a guy in Illinois when we were both captains in the USMC.  The guy made some veiled private non-threat, threat to POTUS Clinton.  Somehow the non-threat, threat was shared and he received a visit from the secret service. 

It all ended well for him though.  I ran into him in Germany.  He was coming out of the gym as I was going in - to use the restroom.  We recognized each other and started a conversation.  Turns out he had been promoted to brigadier general.  As the conversation broke up I mentioned to him in passing that Mrs. Lex was retiring in a couple of weeks and he was invited. 

No further conversation occurred.  No formal written invitation or follow up call was extended.   On the day the retirement ceremony, who shows up?  Brigadier General M___ S___ with his wife.  Shocked, I said, “General what are you doing here?”  His simple answer made clear why he was a BG, “You invited me.”  That’s beautiful.

Needless to say the unannounced arrival of BG at retirement ceremony sent the protocol people into a frenzy reworking seating and opening remarks of all speakers where they always recognize all the grandees.  Thanks for the memory General S_____.   (Note:  Note I've thought better using the General's full name w/o permission.)

Or just different wings of the same bird that end up taking us to the same place?  Republicans cannot repeal Robertscare after promising for 7 ½ years that they would.  They cannot defund Planed unParenthood after campaigning that they would.  They cannot defund public radio and TV or the UN Committee for Human Rights. 

Federal spending hit an all-time high - $400billion a month.

A country 20 trillion in debt is on a path to paying for sex reassignment surgery and after care for military personnel – thanks Republicans. 

WTF – Republicans?

Why do so many NFL players end up broke after making millions?
Well they have the kind of business sense of Richard Sherman I suppose.  Sheraman, who I’ve always regarded as one of the more intelligent voices in the league, thinks the NFL ought to go on strike if they want the type of player contracts common in the NBA.   

Uh, NBA rosters are what 1/6th that of the NFL?  The NBA plays what 3 times more games?  There are plenty of structural difference in the two leagues that make player contracts what they are.  

But that’s not even the biggest problem for Sherman’s idea.  The main sticking point is the fact that the NFL is in serious decline.  The time to strike was maybe 5 years ago.  Since then, the NFL has suffered from over-exposure, rule changes that require some guy in a studio in New York, City to take 15 minutes to rule on whether or not a catch is really a catch, games that are so slow that they last all day, stadiums that can’t sell out and decline in ad revenue.

But hey, strike if you must.  I don’t watch anymore anyway. 

Monday preview
If I feel like it, on Monday I’m thinking about doing something on:  If you want to build a case for treason, fuggetabout DJT Jr., let’s start with the MSM. 

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