Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Quick shots

Another day friends.  Let hit it.

PDJT should go on the road 2 days a week
Loved the sound bites of PDJT in OH last night.  He needs to do this a couple of days a week.  Go to Alaska and put some heat on Murkowski.  Mention to the crowd that they can “recall” politicians who lie to them for seven years.  Tell them how easy that would be.  All of the Dopes would support a recall as an opportunity.  Better to have truthful anti-American Dope than lying “pro” American wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

He should start the mid-Term right now by rallying in states with vulnerable Dope senators.  A couple of pick-ups would make Murkowski as inconsequential as a liar ought to be. 

Robertscare vote
The senate took an unbelievable 50-50 vote open debate on the failing Robertscare disaster.  50-50?  Everyone knows the current situation is untenable.  Why 50-50?  Because a liar like Lisa Murkowski and a “reasonable” guy like Joe Manchin would rather carry water for Chuckles the clown Schumer than do the right thing.

These people should be ashamed of themselves.  Sadly shame is something completely absent in Caligula, D.C.

Jeff Sessions
Okay.  Okay.  Okay, I’ve got it.  PDJT is disappointed with AG Sessions.  I don’t need another word about it.  PDJT reminds of Meatchicken Coach Jim Harbaugh after the double overtime loss to The OSU last year.  During the post-game interview, Harbaugh was disappointed.  Then he was very disappointed.   Then he was bitterly disappointed.  He wasn’t disappointed that his team couldn’t beat the Buckeyes or his unsportsman like conduct penalty that aided the Buckeyes.  He was disappointed that the officials made a few calls that didn’t go Meatchicken’s way.  There’s an old woodworking adage that goes, “It’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools.”  The sporting corollary to that adage is, it’s a poor coach who blames the refs. 

So we were talking about…what?  Oh yeah, leave Jeff Sessions alone.  Jeff Sessions is the current state of play. I agree he quit recused himself too soon and too easily.  It’s done. 

For now, Sessions is still the best option PDJT has for AG.  If Sessions quits or is fired, PDJT will be left with Sessions’ deputy.  That is not a good option.  Further, the likelihood of Chuckles the clown Schumer fast tracking Sessions’ replacement is about as likely as Chuckles avoiding a TV camera. 

My advice to PDJT:  Have lunch with Sessions.  Tell him you’re disappointed.  Then go out to the Rose Garden and tell the press Sessions is the man for the foreseeable future, and then not another word.

Lex goes Vogue

It’s time for a another shallow post.  I contrast the photos of FLOTUS with her predecessor not to be cruel to Moochel.  Few women would want to have to compete in photo ops with a super model.  The reason Lex “goes there” this morning is to point out that MSM hypocrisy isn’t confined to PDJT.

I recall a fawning press talking about Moochel’s fantastic arms and how fit she was, although they were asked to avoid photographing “Ms. Fit” below the waist as that angle would demonstrate that Ms. Fit is – hmm how to put this – Ms. Fit is just a tiny bit thick through the backside and thighs.   

No.  Make that, hell no, I do not care.  I’ve been on weight control for the last 20 years.  I understand.  Besides we’re Americans.  We appreciate the curvy, full-figured Daisy Duke look.  But why does the MSM have to lie about how wonderful the Mooch is in all things?  Let's face it, the Mooch has the fashion sense of a circus clown.

Meanwhile not so much as a word about the elegant and beautiful Melania.  They won’t even take the beauty and the beast approach of Melania and PPDJT to demean the POTUS.

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