Friday, July 07, 2017

PDJT setting up a PDJT Vs. MSM mid-term

Good day truth seekers.  Let’s hit it.

After the Poland speech where PDJT literally trashed Russia, you’d think the MSM would get off the Trump Russia collusion story.  You’d be wrong.  See it’s all camouflage.  PDJT and Vlad are working together to bring down the US and everyone in the press wants you to believe that.  They don’t believe that, but they want you to believe that.  

So no matter how many holes get blown in the story they continue to prop it up.  The MSM continuing to prop up this Trump Russia story is like Fredo Corleone trying to pull a Weekend at Bernie’s routine with Sonny’s body after he was shot 357 times on the causeway.  “No pop.  Really.  Sonny’s fine.  He’s just tired.  Fugettaboutit.  Have some more pasta, pop.  Sonny’s fine.  Come on Sonny stop messing around.  Pop’s worried.  Pop, let’s go for ice cream.”

Don’t count on the MSM dropping the nonsense any time soon.  They are just too invested in the charade to drop it now.  It’s like finally getting your dream car.  You pay way too much for the 1956 T-Bird.  You pour more and more money into it to get it right.  The wife and your friends know that you got used in the deal, but you cannot admit it after pouring so much time and money into your dream.  So you commit to just one more fix, then another, then another, then…and on and on.

The MSM has committed to the Trump Russia collusion story.  As result they are now “all in” to the point that they ignore real news to push fake news story after fake news story that serve to prop up their deteriorating sand castle that is the Trump Russia collusion story as the tide rises and washes it away.  To admit that they got used at this point would be like the SNL Emily Lattela tag line “never mind” after getting everyone worked into a lather for a year and half because they're idiots.

So what PDJT has done is something no Republican has ever done in my lifetime – punched back – hard.  Now, faced with this unexpected turn, the MSM is left dumbfounded.  “WTF!  He can’t do that!  He can’t mock us!  This is an outrage!  PDJT is supposed to just stand there and take it a la George Bush!  Telling the truth about us is just unfair!  We’ve had a 50 year run at carrying the water for Demo-Dope Party without so much as word from a Republican!  Why is this guy allowed to slap us around like Carlo slapping around Carmela Corleone*.”

*Yeah two Godfather references.  You just have to wonder what was in it for Carlo to think he could screw the Corleones and get away with it.  As my old basketball coach used to say when you made a bad pass, "How dumb are you, son?"  It had to be more than money.  The Corleones had money, and dead guys don’t spend much cash. So I suspect they told him, “When you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness.”   So he would have had that going for him when Clemenza garroted him on the way to the airport.  That’s a Caddy Shack - Godfather combo reference.

Now, where the heck were we?  Don’t know.  I’ll just pick it up somewhere, because this post has clearly degenerated into some kind of jazz jam session.  PDJT is killing CNN*.  CNN is about as popular with Americans as Fredo was with Michael after Michael found out it was Fredo who set up the failed hit on him. 

*  "Killing CNN" is just a figure of speech CNN! Don’t DOX me bro.

So PDJT is setting up the 2018 mid-term as a match between him/Republicans and the MSM.  This is a pretty smart move.  The ONLY thing less popular than incompetent, feckless, self-serving Rat establishment Republicans right now is the MSM.  So my advice to ReRs is, as always, ride the Trump tiger if you want to survive.   

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