Tuesday, July 25, 2017

McCain plus PDJT wows the Boy Scouts

Greetings all.  Let’s hit it.

John McCain’s heroic journey
Days after brain surgery, John McCain is traveling to Caligula, D.C. to make a procedural vote to open debate on repealing and/or replacing Robertscare.  He is being hailed as a hero for making the trip.  There is something heroic about making a life-threatening trip just to cast a vote in the senate for the national good.  God’s speed John McCain.

In my mind, what would be truly heroic for McCain is to step aside and let someone else represent the state of AZ.  His health is obviously an issue.  Sadly, it’s unlikely to improve over time. 

Then there’s the whole idea of having to be physically present in the Capitol Building to cast a vote.  It’s the 21st century.  Why is being physically present in Caligula, D.C. still a requirement for making your state’s voice heard? 
Seems to me about 75% of what happens in congress can be accomplished just as easily outside the Capital.  If we want to drain the swamp, move the swamp creatures out.  Imagine the problem having representatives spread across the country would create for influence peddlers who love having all 535 representatives co-located in Caligula, D.C. where they can pretty much go door to door to spread their goodies and BS around. 

I’m beginning to think keeping representatives close to home under the influence of voters rather than in Caligula, D.C. under the influence of high paid lobbyists is going to begin to gain traction.  It might be a good legacy for John McCain if he could promote that idea. 

Boy Scouts love PDJT
PDJT stood in front of tens of thousands of Boy Scouts chanting “We love Trump” at the Boy Scout Jamboree in WV last night.  It was interesting to watch.  A campaign rally at the Boy Scout Jamboree.  It was vintage Trump.  The Scouts loved it.  That caused the Lefty Libs to display their usual hate and unhingedness* toward anyone who dares to disagree by comparing the Scouts to the Hitler Youth.

 *NOTE:  Bill Gates is alerting me that “unhingedness” is not a real word, but you know what I mean.

I’m not sure the Jamboree is the best place for a political type rally.  I sure wouldn’t have wanted to listen to The Empty Suit rail against me at the Jamboree.   But I cannot see me calling the Scouts names because of what TES had to say at a Jamboree - that he never once attended by the way.  Which proves someone’s point – was it Woody Allen - that half of life is just showing up.  PDJT showed up.  TES didn’t.  Whatever PDJT had to say was less offensive than calling his audience “Hitler Youth.”

Having spent a number of years as a Scouter, I think meetings and Jamborees ought to be politics free.  But starting every meeting with a prayer, the pledge, the Scout Law and Oath ought to be enough to get the message across.  What was amazing to me was the response from the Scouts.  They seemed to genuinely enjoy the visit and the content of the speech.  That’s the real reason why the Lefty Libs are lashing out.  The Scouts enjoyed PDJT’s visit.  Therefore, they must be the enemy.  Therefore they must be destroyed.  Therefore we have to compare them to the Hitler Youth. 

Had the Scouts booed PDJT, the Lefty Libs would be hailing them heroes.

After TES’s first election, I clearly recall an elementary school teacher leading her classroom in the chant “Barak Hussein Obama, mmm, mmm, mmm”, but there’s nothing creepy about that.  I didn’t call the kids creepy.  I called the deranged idiot teacher creepy.

PDJT should comply with the special investigator’s orders
The overpaid unbound PDJT/Russia Special Investigator Bobby Muller’s team has ordered the White House to preserve all e-mails, texts, tweets, notes et al pertaining to its Russia investigation.  PDJT should tweet back, “Roger.  We’ve got Crooked Hillary’s IT team working on it right now.  15,000 e-mails already deleted only 18,000 to go.  Destruction of I-Phones and servers next.  Is that a problem?”

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