Friday, June 30, 2017

First, they deserved it. Second, I don't care.

Good morning patriots.  The rest of you AntiFa, Trigglypuff, anti-American, PMSNBC losers can go to hell.  Let’s hit it.

PDJT released a couple of tweets yesterday that has the Lefty Libs, Demo-Dopes, Hollywood swells, the MSM, Rat establishment Republicans and the weak middle who like the tweets but are afraid to say so going absolutely bonkers.  Which was PDJT’s intended result.  It is absolutely diabolical how easily PDJT can send the usual suspects over the edge. 

The company line from the howlers is “this beneath the office of the President of the United States.”  This is the same crowd that no problem with Billbo Billyboy Clinton diddling the help in the Oval Office. 

As is my habit now, I tuned into the hilarity on fake news CNN and PMSNBC.  They did not disappoint.  PMSNBC actually brought in well know fake news icon Dan Rather to opine on PDJT’s tweets.  He looked old and sounded like Uncle Willy 2 years after his Alzheimer’s diagnoses.  There was thread there, you just had to search it out.  He was all about dignity of the office, lack of Republican profiles in courage – you’d think he’d stay away from the word “courage” – condemning PDJT and deep concern about the tone in Caligula, D.C. with PDJT in the Oval Office.    

You cannot blame any of what is wrong with the “tone” in Caligula, D.C. on PDJT.  The place was a cesspool long before he showed up to drain the swamp.  As far as Rat establishment Republicans lack of profiles in courage, they were heading for the tall grass 10 seconds after the tweet hit.  If they had any courage Robertscare would be gone and we‘d be enjoying the largest tax cut in history.  Dan, you ought to be happy they are a bunch of weasels.  It’s working out marvelously for your type.  As to the dignity of the office, PULEEZ!  See paragraph two. 

Fake news CNN had on four PDJT critics each try to feign more outrage than the other.  It was comical.  There was one poor guy trying to make PDJT’s case.  He did okay, but let me give it a try.  First, neither Mika nor Joe are journalist as is often reported - that PDJT is attacking journalists.  No.  He's not.  If those two are “journalists” I’m the heavy weight boxing champion of the world.  Being a heavy weight, I’m already half way there.  Joe and Mika are talk show hosts.  Hannity was regularly lampooned by The Empty Suit.  Rush Limbaugh is attacked regularly by all manner of Lefty Lib.  No one cares.  When a Lefty Lib gets slapped around a bit, the rest of the crybabies cannot be consoled.

Here’s the thing.  The lefty Libs are less upset about what PDJT said than the fact that he said anything at all instead of just lying there and taking from two dim wits the likes of Mika and Joe.  They both have said vile things about PDJT and were pretty smug about it in the process, but when the shoe is on the other foot they simply cannot take it.  Where is it written that the Republican under attack has to just stand by and get clobbered? 

I’m too lazy to look it up, but I’m pretty sure when Harry the roach Reid was lying his worthless butt off about Mitt Romney (Where were the Profiles in Courage on the Dope side then, Dan?) Lex complained about the unwillingness of the Republicans to fight back.  Well now we’ve got someone who not only fights back but hits a lot harder than his opponent.  The Rat establishment Republicans are aghast.  I’m delighted with it. 

Then there’s the whole “women’s card.”  PDJT is attacking a poor helpless woman.  So, if he were attacking a man in the same fashion it’d be okay?  What ever happened to all of that “I am woman hear me roar” BS?  Seems to me it’s now I am woman – or at least Mika - hear me whine. 

Then there’s the real question – is it true?  PDJT has pretty good record of being right on these things.  If it is, Joe and Mika are two faced weasels.  Well they are that irrespective of whether or not what PDJT tweeted is true or not.  If you don’t believe me, and why should you, believe Rush Limbaugh
My guess is that this brouhaha breaks along Lex / Mrs. Lex lines.  Lex thinks it’s hilarious and well deserved by the two PMSNBC knuckleheads.  Mrs. Lex let loose her standard lament, “Oh brother!”

We’re all going to die
Two posts under, in the “Life is risky business post,” Lex mocks the standard Dope cry – Thousands, hundreds of thousands, maybe millions, maybe hundreds of millions, probably more than a billion people will die if Republicans tinker with the failing disaster known here as Robertscare.

Here’s a very hilarious take on the same subject.  Stay for the line that come over the credit – Crossing the street is incredibly tough.  People look left and right but they never look up.

Trigger warning
It’s the 4th of July weekend!  That can only mean one thing, Lefty Libs will be in a funk until the 5th and triggered by all of the red, white and blue.  Hey Lefty Libs don’t think of it as a patriotic holiday.  Look at as an opportunity walk on, burn and otherwise desecrate old glory.  I can see them perking up already. 

I’ll see you back here on the 6th.  6th?  Because I need an extra day that’s why.

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