Friday, June 02, 2017

PDJT channels Lex

I watched PDJT’s speech pulling America out the unenforceable non-binding Paris climate accord that he promised to leave during the campaign.  It was marvelous.  The speech was a bit longer than Lex had suggested in the post under, but the sentiment was exactly the same.

The speech was widely panned by nearly everyone, including Rat establishment Republicans like Charles Krauthammer on FNC’s Special Report.  It was too provocative, too simple minded, unnecessarily pointed in some places, too jingoistic in others blah, blah, blah…   These people will never understand that PDJT is not talking to them.  He is talking to the American people who out number elite effete know-nothing snobs 10,000 to 1.

In that respect the speech was a home run.  He laid out in simple easily understood terms why the Paris accord was a load crapola for the American worker and tax payer.  He reminded us the country was 20 TRILLION DOLLARS in debt; that we shouldn’t be giving the UN ten cents to throw away on global cooling-warming-change-disruption or just outright steal; that we were none the less asked to subsidize Chinese and Indian coal production and use for the next 20 years; that we are to be held to unrealistic CO2 emission goals; that those goals will create undo economic harm to US; that the Chinese and Indians have no such goals in the foreseeable future; that PDJT is President of the United States NOT Paris; that the US has done more to reduce CO2 without Paris than any other country; etc.; etc.; etc.

I tuned into FNC before the speech and heard Shepard Smith and Chris Wallace lament the fact that America was pulling out of the accord.  It was hilarious.  The fun continued when I tuned into CNN later at night.  MSNBC was disappointing.  Instead of exploding over PDJT’s sound America first decision to scrap Paris they were talking about – drum roll please – Russia.  With their never ending dire BREAKING NEWS chyron under, they had on a former State Department official who claimed that he had heard from an anonymous State Department person that an unidentified White House representative had contacted unidentified State Department personnel to investigate the process for the White House to unilaterally lift US sanctions on Russia. Huh?  YGBSM!  That’s news?  Let me know when PDJT actually unilaterally lifts the sanctions.  The rest is total BS.

The Lefty Lib’s talking points were out before PDJT showed up to deliver his speech.  The one I kept hearing over and over again is that the Chinese are beating us in producing renewable energy – wind and solar.  Okay.  Fine.  Give me an unlimited supply of free prison labor and I could probably get my grass cut faster and cheaper than my neighbors.  And besides what does Paris have to do with it?  Can the USA still pursue renewables absent the Paris Accords?  Why yes, I believe we can.  So what is the point?

The next recurring argument that popped up time and again yesterday is that the jobs being saved by withdrawal are “old, obsolete” jobs.  Because the jobs they were talking about weren’t theirs, snobs like Shep Smith and Chris Wallace assured us that coal jobs are old and obsolete.  When they made the point for about 1,000th time I recalled Shrillda the Hutt’s conversation with the WV coal miner that pretty much cost her any chance of ever carrying that state.  Coal jobs may be old, but they are still good jobs.  Obsolete?  Shep, Chris, what the hell do you suppose is powering all of those “emission free” electric cars?  That’s right boys.  They are largely charged with power generated by coal burning power plants.

Then the dumb azzes pointed out that China is pursuing clean nuclear power.  Okay.  Great.  PDJT should immediately file to build 20 new emissions free nuclear power plants and watch the exact same dumb azzes whining about coal explode about nuclear.

PDJT is a national treasure.  Never has one man been so capable of driving the Lefty Libs into a constant state of hysteria.  It is a wonderful thing to behold.  Beautiful. My election night schadenfreude has not diminished one bit. 

Climate deniers
As seen somewhere on the Interweb yesterday: I’ll take climate change seriously when people who take climate change seriously act like they take climate change seriously.  Example: There is e-mail proof that Shrillda the Hutt preferred to fly separate airplanes to the same location to avoid riding on the same aircraft as Moochele Empty Suit.  Apparently they hate each other.  Both have good reasons.  So while the old, old, old excuse a minute hag lectures us on climate change she jumps on a separate aircraft to avoid the Mooch. 

I'm pretty sure every time I get onto an airplane there people on board with whom I disagree.  I just sit down and shut up hoping to arrive without a fight or some practitioner of the "religion peace" blowing the whole damned thing up.

It reminds me of a conversation during vacation.  We shared a table with two college professors from Kansas U.  I avoided politics.  Mrs. Lex weighed in.  She condemned the Notre Dame students who walked out on VP Pence.  The woman, in true Lefty Lib fashion, claimed that she "had friends" in IN that told her that Pence wasn’t the best governor for IN.  Not wanting to get into argument, I made the point that elections usually boil down to a binary choice, and perfection is never on the ballot.  Pence won two terms in political walks.  So…  They suddenly had to go.

I’ll take dumb azz weaklings for $800 Alex

He-man Ken Jennnings challenges 11 year old boy to Twitter fight.  I'd love to see this guy try to start and run a chainsaw.
100 time Jeopardy winner Ken Jennings, who once impressed his mother by managing to lift a roll Charmin toilet paper over his head at the tender age of 18, took on 11 year old Baron Trump over Kathy Griffen’s dopey photo.  Apparently Barron was upset by the photo of his father’s severed head being held aloft by an ugly woman.  We're not 100% sure what set young Trump off more, the notion of his father's severed head or the shear hideous ugliness of the person holding the head.  Tough guy Ken Jennings rolled in on twitter to mock the president’s young son.  You da’ man Ken.  Very few real men would go after an 11 year old boy, but you courageously weighed in where others would not go.  I'm sure mom’s never been prouder. 

While we’re on the subject of dumb azzes
For her part, Kathy Griffin is now claiming that the Trump family is bullying her.  She’s having must see TV today by holding a TV news conference to make her case that she is now the victim of stupid decisions of her own making.  See.  PDJT has this Hollywood D, E or F lister in a snit over her own poor decision.  It’s hilarious.

Is anyone else of the opinion that the free speech argument is a dopey one?  As far as I know no one has said that the talentless pile of equine excrement cannot engage in gross behavior.  I do not believe that pointing out that her gross behavior is gross behavior is a violation of her free speech.  If anything, she is the one trying to shut down free speech by whining about the reaction to her own BS behavior.   Griffin’s argument goes something like, “Because no one agrees with me, my free speech rights are being violated.”  That’s not how any of this works Kathy.  Drive on. Keep it up.  Please.

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