Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Life is a risky business

Welcome you chosen few.  Let’s hit it.

Demo-Dopes believe that if we try to fix the failing Robertscare disaster that they saddled us with millions will die.  I’ll take my chances.  Seems to me that you are way more likely to die from a fall while working on a 4 foot ladder than to magically perish if Republicans are ever capable of pulling their collective heads out their butts and do something about Robertscare.

But Lex 22 million will go uninsured.  Yeah I suppose, but that’s a risk the majority of the 22 million are willing to accept.  Some will die.  That’s a fact.  Some will die on the highway today because we demand to drive 70 miles an hour on the freeway.  Highway deaths could nearly be eliminated if we did just two things 1) reduce the speed limit to 20 MPH 2) outlaw left hand turns. 

We don’t do it.  Are we killing 50K plus Americans every year because we want to drive 70 MPH and turn left?  I suppose if PDJT supports those activities, Dopes would claim Trump is killing 50,000 Americans every year.  No.  We chose to get in the car and go.  We accept the risk and move on.  So if Johnny 20 something wants roll the dice on healthcare, that’s his choice.

Everyday life is very risky business.  Nearly everything in our environment can or will kill us.  All the more reason to make sure everyone has insurance Lex.  If everything can kill us, we need insurance to pay the bills or we’ll all have to foot the bill.  We’re going to have to foot it anyway, so we might as well take the savings from the percentage that roll the dice and don’t need the insurance.

It’s pretty obvious that Republicans don’t have what it takes to square this problem away.  This whole problem demonstrates why government never shrinks.  Government is like two parents vying for the affection of their adolescent children.  One, the Dopes, lavish all manner of freebies onto the children to “be loved.”  The other, the Rat establishment Republicans, doesn’t have the fortitude to be the “responsible parent” and reign in the goodies giving of the other.  The family spirals into debt.   The whole while the family gets used to living a life style that they cannot afford.

 My guess is that what we’ll end up with is single payer healthcare, but only for the poor.  People with money will go to private doctors and hospitals.  Then the Dopes will try to outlaw private healthcare.

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