Friday, June 16, 2017

PDJT should tell Golden State Warriors to go to hell then bring 50 fans to the White House

The Golden State Warriors are NBA champs.  First, isn’t the moniker “warriors” a bit triggering for today’s snowflakes, particularly those in Oakland, California?  Perhaps Golden State (GS) management should consider a name change to something less threatening like the GS boas.  Not the constrictor snake but rather the fashion feathered accessory – like NBA great Dennis Rodman wears.  Maybe the GS No Shows, because the team is reportedly not wild about visiting the White Hose as part of the spoils for winning the NBA title. 

If I were a championship anything and as a result invited to the White House by The Empty Suit, I’m not sure I’d have shown up either.  So here’s the answer to teams using the White House visit as a political statement.  Stop inviting them.  Instead, invite 50 registered Republicans from Oakland, CA (if there are 50) who happen to be avid GS fans.  Bring them into the White House, PDJT can congratulate them on their team’s accomplishment, present them all with Trump 45 GS jerseys, an NBA basketball, a framed team photo and the opportunity to have a picture taken with PDJT.

Such an approach would avoid having “BREAKING NEWS” for weeks before the visit about which players on the team are boycotting the White House visit while at the same time building a ton of good will with championship team’s home town by having 50 local fans at the White House to celebrate the championship.  PDJT could use his personal aircraft to fly the 50 to and from Caligula, D.C. with the news following the journey every step of the way.  PDJT could ask for GS to provide the props.  If they refuse, he just sweeps some spare change off the floor and pays for it himself making him look like the good guy and GS looking like stingy punks.

Why give people who have disrespected you like GS coach Steve Kerr or GS star Steph Curry have the opportunity to do it again?  Bypass the glitterati class and bring the common man who will love the opportunity in to pay tribute to the team that way.  It is a win, win, win, win.  PDJT wins by having people - everyday Americans - who will appreciate the opportunity into the White House.  The GS No Shows will win by not having to show up. The 50 fans win with a ride on Trump 1, a bag of swag and a White House visit.  The city of Oakland wins by getting the exposure from a brilliant gambit. 

Obviously orchestrating a White House visit the GS Warriors  means that I don’t have much of import on mind this morning except how to avoid the current stifling global warming – or as we call it, summer -  inflicting the boundaries of the compound today.

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